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10/10 A blueprint for success in the fitness industry
By Michael Dolan / New York, NY, USA

Many trainers enter their field with a desire to help others. But few trainers begin with a long term strategy for a successful business. That's what makes Rolando Garcia's new book a must read for everyone in the fitness field. Knowing the basics of fitness and kinesiology is a given. But knowing what motivates a client to accept your advice and make significant lasting change in their own lifestyles may be even more important.

In working with some of New York's most successful, career-oriented men and women, Garcia has tested his strategies with clients that may very well be the most resistance to change and has succeeded in helping them achieve their physical goals. So if he's given you a blueprint to business success as a fitness professional, why wouldn't you want to use it?

10/10 I Wish I'd Had This 15 Years Ago
By Mark Love / Omaha, Nebraska, USA

I've been a trainer for a little more than 15 years, and in that time I've made a lot of mistakes. I've figured out some things, got some good advice along the way (and sometimes, I wasn't too stubborn to accept it), and grew. Over time, I'd taught myself to try and roll with the punches more, to accept disappointments better.

Then, I read Intrinsic Excellence, and this sentence: "If you accept losing and failure as acceptable, you are not ready to be a professional." That got my attention. As I read the rest of the book, I realized that Rolando Garcia's solutions to the problems I'd faced were much, much better than mine, and much better than most of the advice I'd been given along the way.

I went back into my Kindle version of the book to see how many highlights and notes I'd made in my first reading; I stopped counting at 150 (there were many, many more). I'm working on using the lessons I've learned from Intrinsic Excellence, and in a very short time, it has made a difference in the way I carry myself and interact with others—so much so that people have noticed a difference in my personal life, as well.

There's gold on every page of this book. If you're just getting started, I envy you. If you've been in the game a long time, there's plenty for you, too.

10/10 Master Course in the Business of Personal Training
By Robert Hytner / New York, New York, USA

Rolando Garcia has written a business textbook for the fitness industry that will become a must read for anyone serious about making PT a long-term career. Too often aspiring trainers make the mistake believing that what made them successful as an athlete will also propel them to success in the PT business. Rolando teaches us that this is indeed a business with many variables to understand and manage. His carefully constructed 4 competencies method is brilliant in its simplicity. Following his guidelines you will gain new insights into growing and sustaining your PT business. A bookshelf "must have" for anyone in the Fitness business.

10/10 Thank you for helping my business
By Paul Britt / Rockwall, Texas, United States

Rolando has written the textbook on success as trainer. Actually, this is a great book on success in business. I initially was going to do a quick read and write a review. However, that did not occur because it was what I needed to hear.
Rolando has broken down success into four quadrants. As many trainers, I was stuck in Quadrant 1, technical skills. I have more certifications than I really need and have sought out more and more, to make myself more marketable. I have done okay in Quadrant 2 and have done fairly well with customer care. My failings are in Sales and Business development and Strategy.

Rolando sets out a path that is easy to follow to reach your goals, be they in personal training, business or another field. This is a book and information that will cross over to any profession, just glad that it is directed at mine.
Starting today, I have changed my priorities/plan of my business. I will be moving from one of mediocre success to one of greatness because of the skills and information contained in Intrinsic Excellence.

I highly recommend this book to anyone that wants to surpass their current position and truly reach their potential in their field.

10/10 A Must-Read Book for Business Owners
By Shari Wagner / Denver, CO, United States

I have worked with a few different business coaches, including a well-known company that specializes in the fitness business. I knew within the first 50 pages or so that this book would be different. Rolando's 4 Competencies Method clearly and directly explains all the facets of owning a business. He presents a scaleable model of how to implement this into your own business, and he gives each of the 4 Competencies it's time and due. I love how he sprinkled in actual stories of experiences that explained a concept he was teaching.

I found it to be very thought-provoking in regards to how I run my business and in ways I could improve or just change things to a better system. I also loved how Rolando views things from the positive side of things rather than the negative side of things. For example, analyzing your strengths rather than analyzing your failures.

I think this book is a must-read for all business owners. I also think the insights and principles in this book could be equally valuable and applicable to other types of service based businesses, not just personal trainers.

10/10 A must-read for every trainer!
By Grace Kavadlo / New York, New York, USA

There's a lot that goes into the personal training profession beyond just teaching clients how to exercise. If you are serious about building a successful business, then I highly recommend that you read Rolando Garcia III's book, Intrinsic Excellence. Rolando discusses the 4C method that can truly help define and create a successful personal training business. Whether you're looking to break into the fitness industry or are a seasoned trainer looking to expand their business, this book has the information to help you do so. Very well written with wonderful anecdotes to accompany the wealth of knowledge and advice presented by someone with years of experience teaching trainers how to maximize their potential.

9/10 Intrinsic Excellence review
By Karen Davoren / Fair Haven, Vermont, United States

I found this book to be worth reading. I picked up some great information. The personal training fees they charge in the book reflect a higher class of living. All in all, I definitely enjoyed the read and gathered some really great tips on training and customer service.

10/10 Great lessons on personal training on life
By Daniel Roth / York, Pa, USA

This book is not only for those doing personal training but for anyone with a customer facing business . Along with profound business advice there is advice that can be applied to life in general. Reminding us to focus on the big picture and not let little ?speed bumps? get us down. When our vision is on the end result, small diversions are easily overcome. ?It teaches us to believe in ourselves again, in what is possible, in what has always been within our reach, to embolden ourselves to harness our rightful ability to live the lives we are meant to live.? In the end our job is ?to be part of helping someone believe in themselves that they become capable of living their lives with courage and dignity, is what makes what we do respectable, noble and in the final reckoning, worthwhile.?

10/10 Great book for trainers
By Brice Remaley / Houston, TX, USA

It is difficult to find books aimed at helping those in the fitness industry improve their business. Most books that I have found discuss new exercises or training strategies rather than offer guidance on improving customer service and basic skills necessary for running a successful business.

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