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10/10 A MUST HAVE!
By Lee Montgomery, CSCS / Newark, OH, USA

Compelling research and useful quick tips and programs to reestablish isometrics back at the forefront of meaningful training. Isometrics can serve every goal you can train for: pack on muscle, drop fat, or build pure's all here! This book excites me to return isometrics to a mainstay of my own training. The best part is, there is plenty here to work with whether you own an isochain or not. But I can also certainly see the value in acquiring one. Hands down, The Ultimate Isometrics Manual is an essential addition to my training shelf!

10/10 Wow
By Ian Hill / Arcata, CA, USA

I don't work in the industry, but I got a degree in kinesiology and I am obsessed with biomechanics and exercise physiology. I immediately saw the almost limitless potential of the Isochain back when I first read about it on Dragondoor's website and right away I became an advocate. I have been looking forward to reading this manual for months, and it is everything I hoped it would be. It has everything: it's full of practical information that's immediately applicable in the real world (even before you get your hands on an Isochain), it has the scientific theory to back everything up so you know why and how the exercises work, it covers the history of isometric training, it has great pictures, and it also acts as the user's manual for the actual device, explaining the various features. It is truly an encyclopedia of isometric exercise, and perhaps best of all, it gives you all the information you need to confidently adapt and expand exercises and routines to suit your needs. I don't usually write reviews, and I don't think I've been as impressed by something since I first read Convict Conditioning. Thank you Coach Wade, John Du Cane, and everyone else who had a part in this project. I can't wait to get my Isochain!

10/10 Again another outstanding book by Dragon Door.
By Stefan Milne / Arbroath, Angus, Scotland

This has been a particular Holy Grail for me as I have spent many years collating information from a great many resources pertaining to Isometric Strength and Conditioning.

When I was in my teens I studied as much as I could to regain my strength after a year long bout with Glandular Fever. The inevitable ME/CFS that followed then further reduced me to a mere shaky, weak teenager. I began experimenting with Bruce Lee's isometric exercises and holds using just what I could gleen from the photos in his books. I purchased my first Bull Worker and trained with Dynamic Tension and static holds. I found my strength grew. As I became older and learned to weld, I made my own version of the old school "chain and bar" similar to the IsoChain without the electronics. Again, I found my strength grew. I began studying Physical Culture from the early 1900's and started incorporating in my classes and to family members, as by then I had sufficient strength to teach my beloved martial arts. Even my much loved bed-bound family member was taught how to use isometrics to fight off the wasting away of muscle. In 2006, I became an RKC Instructor during a visit to Philadelphia and on my return I concentrated on helping others to regain their strength, rehabilitation and prehabilitation. 'The Ultimate Isometrics Manual' is the book I wished I had over 35 years ago. It is the one-stop-shop regarding Isometric Strength and Conditioning. Not only does it provide modern scientific research and background into the how and why Isometrics works but it provides sample plans, detailed instruction on how to deploy this knowledge making yourself strong and develop almost bulletproof tendon strength. This is the modern book of the old school, almost forgotten, training that can provide results in a relatively short period of time.This I can vouch for.

Although the book does refer to the use of the IsoChain, the amazing fact is the book is not written as a promotional tool for the IsoChain. There are chapters purely on body weight and Static Contraction training. There are references to the greats in the field of Static Contraction such as Mike Mentzer, Bruce Lee, Bob Hoffman, Charles Atlas and Maxalding to name but a few. The suggested training protocols can and will suit anyone from any walk of life in their endeavour to grow strong or turn the clock back and regain some lost musculature. The truth is in the title, in my opinion this definitely is the "Ultimate Isometrics Manual." Once you have this there is no need to look anywhere else for Isometric exercise as you will only find watered down barely comprehensible knowledge or techniques.

Being based in Scotland, United Kingdom is my only reason why I do not yet have the IsoChain. However, I endeavour to purchase one in the very near future for the benefit of myself, my family and my students. Thank you again Dragon Door... Stefan Milne PhD RKC MMA-CSCC

10/10 Strong motivation after a lifetime of isos !
By John McKean / Glenshaw, PA, USA

During the early 1960s, as I began a long career in competitive weightliftting, powerlifting, and All-Round lifting, Bob Hoffman started preaching isometric exercise as extreme strength training. It made sense then, and it continues to be powerful advice in this age.Through the extensive pages of The Ultimate Isometric Manual I was able to relive the rich history ,VERY compelling scientific research, and many of the IC strategies that I have so joyously experienced throughout the years. Dedication to these principles have yielded for me many National lifting titles, 9 IAWA world championship victories, and hundreds of National and World All-Round records.

I well recall one summer at college, working on my Master's degree in education, where I trained with nothing but a chain, as advocated throughout the new Ultimate manual. Returning to my lifting gym after such intense, limited training I was able to succeed with my all time best squat of 600 pounds (as a middleweight)! This work and much sweat within a power rack for various positioned ,limit holds supplied power that a small boned, natural hard-gainer," genetic blunder" like myself had no right to acquire !

In these hectic modern times, many of us hardcore iron men and women, have returned to home gyms. Nothing I've read makes anywhere near as much sense for garage (or even living room!) training as does the wonderful material and inspiring photos of " Ultimate Isometrics"!

10/10 The Best Isometrics Manual Ever!
By Matt Schifferle / Littleton, Colorado, United States

I simply cannot recommend the UIM highly enough. This is manual should be required reading not just by exercise enthusiasts and athletes, but anyone who's serious about reaching their full potential as quickly as possible.

10/10 Stupendous!
By Peri P / OC, CA, United States

Perfect marriage of motivation, theory and practice. The case for isometrics exquisitely made. This is followed by an exhaustive, encyclopedic collection of equipment/no equipment exercises. It's clearly written and logically presented.

Whether you are using an Isochain or no tech isometrics (or both), it is hard to see what can beat this approach for cost effectiveness, portability, time efficiency, joint health, and of course strength. Kettlebells may be great but not so much for a road trip.

This is capped by a collection of isometric programs that should suit just about anyone?s goals and keep them going for years.

10/10 A combination of Ancient Wisdom and modern science
By Matt Barkevich / Belle Isle, Florida, us

When you combine Ancient Wisdom and back it up with data, results and modern science, you have yourself a compelling book. The Ultimate Isometrics Manual (UIM) should be read by trainers, physical therapists, and anyone who wants to workout smarter, faster, and without injuring themselves.
There are interesting stories that detail the powerful results of using isometrics. My favorite story was about a frog's leg that was put in a splint for 6 weeks and the ensuing results. I told this story at a recent party and the attendees were surprised and amazed.

10/10 Fantastic ISO Manual!!
By George Newman / Arvada, CO, USA

This book truly covers everything in the ISO space. Theory, how to optimize your workouts and many options for doing ISO workouts, with and without the Isochain or any other equipment!. Includes warm up and cool down options too. I've used 1" climbing webbing for ISO's before. While waiting for my Isochain to arrive, put the webbing with the ground plate and bar from an X3 Bar set and had a grand time! The webbing has just enough give that it feels more satisfying than something with zero elasticity. Played around with quite a few of the ISO ideas in the book. Get the book!

10/10 The UIM is an amazing tool !
By Jim Barsul / Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, USA

Paul "Coach" Wade has blown me away!! This is a true encyclopedia for all things Isometric which I think will stand as a reference guide for everyone who practices isometrics at any level from beginner to expert. If you want to do isometrics correctly, you need this book!

10/10 Long anticipated encyclopedia of knowledge!
By Monte Young / Galveston,, Texas, United States

The first day Dragon Door sent notice unveiling the ISO Chain I was sold on the possibilities and made the investment. While waiting for final development and delivery I kept hoping the manual would be available sooner. Now I have a copy and it contains a judicious amount of information: full of history, application, and multiple programs for different goals.
I've read most of it, and will thoroughly study the entire book, ready to hit the ground running when my ISOCHAIN arrives.
The strength gains promised will absolutely be achieved! Strongmen of the past are proof!

10/10 A new must have book in every training library
By Robert Pazurek / Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Reading the book I realized how much I underestimated isometrics training in both a fitness and a health context.
While I knew isometric exercises and included them in my training from time to time, I didn't even get close to utilizing it to the amount it can and should be used.
With the isochain I'm now really psyched to not only boost my own progress, but more importantly to be able to integrate isometric training in a measurable way in the training with my clients.
In that area health is of a bigger concern than progress. I'm still baffled by the proven benefits and can think of so many ways now to help my clients thanks to the book. Especially when it comes to the untrained, a customer group quite easily repelled by a demanding strength workout, isometric training is a power house. Now I know the right arguments to convince them to try the training, the exercises to hand to them and the tools to measure their progress to keep them interested in the long run. All while injecting a ton of health benefits into their body through isometric strength training.
It also is super accessible to groups like obese people and elderly, because a strong foundation can be build with minimum prerequisites.

I have practiced lots of different stuff throughout my life and I know a holistic training will always be a composition of more than just (isometric) strength training, but I've not been this excited to add something new to my portfolio for a long long time.

Also the book is fun to read and easy to understand with a basic background in training theory.

10/10 Explained in the way You'll get the idea!
By Jean (Cyborggainz) Fallacara / Montreal, QC, Canada

While it's true that muscles respond best to concentric and eccentric contractions, another effective way to elicit a hypertrophy response (one that also builds muscles) is isometric training.
Too Many people erroneously believe that isometric training techniques don't build muscles because there's not enough movement or because it doesn't make them feel sore right after. Thanks Paul Wades for putting this together in a understandable way.
Like isometric training, this book, when correctly applied could dramatically improve your quality of life and help you meet your fitness goals.
Jean Fallacara AKA Cyborggainz, Author of Neuroscience Calisthenics

10/10 Outstanding!
By Rick Cody / Mesa, Az, United States

A must have. The price for this gem does not cover all the valuable and useful training information provided.

10/10 WOW great manual!
By Gary Miller / Underwood, Iowa, USA

Fantastic - Have learned a great deal and can't wait to get my ISOCHAIN. Perfect research book - Great job Coach Wade.

10/10 Build
By Chad Krause / Allentown, PA, USA

I thought the manual was really well thought out. Easy to read. The information that it provides seems to be very scientific on regards to isometric exercises and the benefits it will provide. Also, the routines are outstanding and explain how each you can give you different advantages if you apply them. Overall a joy to read. Can't wait to try the product.

10/10 A wonderful resource
By Matt Powell / Kalamazoo, MI, United States

This manual provides a width and depth of knowledge and research on isometrics not found elsewhere.

10/10 Highly recommended!
By John Augustin / McKeesport, Pennsylvania, United States

I purchased the ebook about a week ago. For the price, this book is a steal! Packed with many pages of info. Probably the most informative and detailed book on isometric training out there. I highly recommend it!

10/10 A great guide to isometrics
By Steve P / keystone heights, FL, United States

I've done isometrics for a long time but never learned how to do them appropriately. Yes this is the manual for the iso chain but it's so much more. This guide teaches you the correct way to do isometrics and how to set up a program. I'm a believer, I even preordered a iso chain yesterday.

10/10 Best of all
By Mark E / Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

This is an excellent manual that gives in-depth information and instructions about this type of exercise! The Isochain product sounds like a very good product when available. I'm using the Bullworker system now and works very well with the instructions in this manual. Get this ebook. Well worth the price and time to read!!

10/10 Must read!!!
By Paul Gordon / Selden, New York, United States

This book is jus a great example of all the great knowledge coach paul wade has and delivers. I own all his books and re read all them all the time finding new ways to get better. If your're looking for a great book to use for your training this is it

10/10 Amazing work!
By Marco Cassiano / Leon, Leon, Spain

This book is really a one of a kind. Very well written and backed by solid scientific research.
I am very anxious to the arrival of my ISOCHAIN.

As a pratictioner of brazilian jiu jitsu, I came to the conclusion of the effectivnesse of isometric work, as I noticed that in times when I was not working out with weights, and only practicing the martial art, I continued gaining considerable strength and size, doing a sport wich exerts tremendous forces but mainly isometric. And also in about 24-48 hours period I am ready to train again, something that with weightlifting was nearly impossible.

I believe that isometrics is a neglected part of training and is very efficient in building strenght an muscle.

As for the book, I highly recommend it to any fitness enthusiast.

10/10 Will integrate into my routine
By Kevin Potin / Le Mans, Sarthe, France

This book is really Wouaaw, exceptional, passionate to the end, it provides all the knowledge required in isometric training. Part 1 really presents the benefits of isometrics to us, especially in terms of health. The presentation of the Isochain is really Simple, it makes me want to buy it. Don't worry Paul Wade, i'm saving some Money to buy it. I was afraid to be limited on isometry, but in fact not at all, on the contrary, with isometry, de can do everything, and all this while being on good shape, even protecting us from injuries. Interested in strength, hypertrophy, endurance, you Will Always have something to your liking. An exclusive workout or mix it up with a Dynamic workout, you Can Do it. The only thing isometry Can Do for you improve your training. Thanks to the whole team

9/10 Encyclopedia of Isometrics
By s f / Tampa, Florida, USA

A detailed encyclopedic text of isometrics including the history, science and a multitude of exercise examples of this very underated modality. For anyone wanting to learn more about iso's, I would highly recommend this product.

10/10 Typical Paul Wade, excellent
By leo steving / LATROBE, PA, United States

i have only read bits & pieces of the e-book because i am not that good on a pc, but what i have read is excellent & cannot wait for the print version when it arrives. i have started to use the equipment-free drills awaiting the delivery of my isochain.

9/10 Very Informative , even for a guy age 67
By Jack McCarty / Louisvill, KY, US

I am 67 years old and I still love to go to the gym. I lift weights twice a week and attend exercise classes twice a week. I bought this ebook because I thought that isometrics might be better for me than traditional lifting of weights. The book provided me a broad overview of how to incorporate this form of strength fitness into my routine.

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