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Martial Power
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Martial Power
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By Michael Edwards Gainesville, FL USA

Fight training is so appealing because of the all-around conditioning involved. Martial Power gives one that conditioning - from relaxation for flexibility and speed to muscle tension and power breathing for strength, these DVD's cover much of the best of Pavel's other works. One could…
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Martial Power

"In The Real World…One False Move, One Weak Strike, One Slow Response — And You're Dead Meat!"

By Pavel

DVD Hard-Hitting Combat Secrets from the Russian Special Ops
Martial Power (DVD) - $97.77
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Remember that nasty scene in Saving Private Ryan when the German "out-muscles" the G.I.—and stabs him through the heart?

It made me sick.

Because, it didn't have to be that way

The G.I. didn't have to lack the strength and power to save his life!

Sure, it was a movie, but you and I both know: it happens.

Guys dying or horribly injured—because they were too darn weak or slow to save themselves.

And almost always, the shocking truth is they could have lived—if only they had the right training!

(And you could be next—if you haven't kept up with the latest advances in strength technology.)

Trouble was, the Private Ryan grunt had a "Dumb Body."

A "dumb body" hasn't discovered the secrets of how to supercharge its strength—and leap from average to dominant beast.

A "dumb body" lacks the crucial skills and knowledge it needs to properly protect itself.

It's a weaker-then-need-be, screamingly vulnerable body.

Yes, a "dumb body" is dead-meat-waiting-to-happen.

Owning a dumb body is like owning outdated software. Close to useless. Only worse, cos with your own body you're talking serious or TERMINAL hurt.

And in competition or in conflict, a dumb body spells danger for you and danger for your buddies. You're a walking liability.

Well, what if there was such a thing as a "Smart Body?"

smart body—programmed with state-of-the-art neuro-software guaranteed to rocket your power, strength and speed far beyond its original capability?

And what if you could get hold of these neuro-software secrets yourself and:


Can you imagine? The same day you learn them—secrets that make you immediately 30% stronger and faster.

Imagine the implications…

With that new extra tactical edge, now you could:

  • Devastate your opponent in hand-to-hand combat with brutally strong and penetrative strikes.
  • Scale walls with the athleticism of a Hong Kong stuntman.
  • Toss 280-pound badasses around like broken dolls.
  • Leap over obstacles with laughable ease. 

    Well, what's the story here?

How could this really be possible? Such massive gains, in so little time?

And why are the U.S. Marines, US Department of Energy nuclear security teams, SWAT and other elite groups learning these secrets from a RUSSIAN?

Hey—because when it came to the race for physical excellence-Cold War Americans and Russians had way different goals.

American geek-heads emphasized research into aerobic metabolism—research that hadnext-to-no-impact on strength and power gains!

But the Soviets voted to perfect the neuro-technology of "The Smart Body" —to create monstrously strong athletes and fighting men. And they succeeded! (We screamed "steroids!"—and the Reds just cackled in their sleeves…and kept the truth to themselves.)

Why The U.S. Elite Have Rushed to Snatch 
Defecting Russian Strength Secrets

When the Wall came tumbling down, a window snapped open—it got slammed shut again, fast enough.

Some major Soviet BRAINS came hurdling through that window—many of them clutching bundles of secret Soviet know-how.

Enter master strength trainer, Pavel Tsatsouline.

The Soviets had groomed PAVEL as an elite expert for their crack Spetsnaz spec ops units. But the Evil Empire fell—and Pavel scooted from the Dark Side with hidden contraband—the priceless Soviet secrets of super-strength.

No surprise then, when elite U.S. units started beating a fast path to Pavel's closed-door training camps.

(While Pavel's a lead writer for Muscle Media magazine and the author of numerous bestselling fitness books, his "tactical fitness" trainings had been strictly limited to law enforcement and military.)

Then the cover got blown…

Somebody leaked it to Rolling Stone Magazine (!)—and the next we knew they'd voted Pavel "Hot Trainer of the Year 2001" for his work with the U.S. Marines.

The cat was out of the bag! (The original "cat" was the "cat-o-nine-tails"—which Brits used to flay slackers within an inch of their lives—kinda fitting, huh?)

"If I were to recommend one Physical Training program to develop a Marine's overall strength and fighting capacity, it would be one prescribed by Pavel Tsatsouline." 

—Lieutenant Colonel George H. Bristol, USMC, 3rd Force Recon Battalion Commander, Founding Director, Marine Corps Martial Arts Program

So…the "closed-door" gig was pried open…

Pavel and the authorities grudgingly let us drop a camera crew into one of their secret-saturated, "tactical strength and accelerated close-quarter combat skill acquisition" courses.

Yow! And not only did they let the camera crew escape with their film intact, they agreed to let us make the tapes public.

In one fell swoop, we walked away with Pavel's complete program to:

"Instantly enhance your strength, your striking power and your technique…in any situation…regardless of the fighting style you practice."

In detail, this is what you get when you order Pavel's amazing Martial Power…Hard-Hitting Combat Secrets from the Russian Special Ops:

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Volume One: Recharge! Russian Mobility Drills for Instant Combat Readiness

"Pavel cuts to the chase, you get results quickly in respect to strength and flexibility. Excellent for martial artists, grapplers and boxers."
Thomas Martone, Pompano Beach, FL. Deputy Sheriff, Broward County Florida 

"Pavel's seminar has provided me with more techniques, tools and ideas than any other I have ever received. That includes the Navy, Marine Corps, and Massachusetts State Police schools that I have attended. The training I received has truly kept me safe this past summer. Thank you."
Kurt V, Trooper, Massachusetts State Police

Go! Go! Go!

Combat readiness begins the instant your eyes snap open in the morning.

How fast can you accelerate? 0 to 60 in five seconds? Or are you more like an old horse ready for the glue factory?

Be honest! Losing or winning is determined right here! Without the information on this first tape, you could already be dead in the water.

Discover the drills Pavel used to upgrade his elite Soviet Special Ops into immediate powerhouses—even with only two hours sleep the night before.

Grab Step One of Pavel's Master Plan for a Smart Body Upgrade (remember: a "Dumb Body" is a Dead-Meat-Waiting-to-Happen) and:

  • Discover how to prime yourself to jam full blast all day, any time—no further prep required.

  • Sleep-deprived? Discover how to shake out the cobwebs and be fighting fit, raring to go.

  • Have the capability to immediately explode into action—overcoming any level of previous fatigue.

  • Develop a well-oiled, tigrish speed—for a blazingly quick response to any attack.

  • Be "hyper-alert" and "instantly ready."

  • Be smooth and mobile in every joint of your body.

  • Reduce or even completely eliminate joint pain—so you can go longer and harder with less discomfort.

  • Skip a day of training? Never mind—learn the secrets to an automatic internal reflex, to always, instantly crank up to high performance.

  • Develop "quick recoil" in all your joints for greater physical resilience and safety.

  • Discover the Tactical Squat—for extra inches of protection behind shield or wall.

  • Learn a special drill to open up and loosen the hips for dramatically faster kicking.

  • Discover the little-known secret of the Rolling Bridge for developing a steely, stronger, safer neck.

Volume Two: Tension! "Instant Power" Techniques for Killer Kicks and Strikes

"Never a better compressed training experience. This is also possibly the best training, period, that I've ever had. Superior examples of making us trainers, applying power - the total package. We are better men."
Alan E Fearns, Altus, OK. Master Sergeant, US Air Force 

"I have had a variety of training in 15 some odd years of state and federal law enforcement. This is practical, "real world" information that will enhance your tactical performance and help safeguard your body"
DEA Special Agent (Name Withheld), November 2002

What's the difference between an elite athlete and a run-of-the-mill jock?

Recent studies prove:

The elite athlete can shift from full tension to full relaxation up to nine times faster than the average Joe.

Now, these athletes are just goofing around with play-balls. But think about what this means for you in combat!

Imagine if you had the combat skills equivalent of an elite athlete—while your opponent is still "little league!"

Ready to kick-in Step Two of Pavel's Master Plan for a Smart Body Upgrade?

This time it's all about control.

Control of tension and relaxation.

Are you in control? Are you truly the Master of your own body?

Get this stuff down—and you'll own the ultimate survival skill.

We call Pavel's step two the "Instant Mastery of Tension" step.

Wild animals have got it aced, already. But most of us humanoid specimens have a helluva lot a catching up to do.

Fortunately, with Pavel's secret Soviet neuro-technology you can get caught up in a New York minute.

Get to be a ravening predator today, not in some hoped-for distant future that never comes.

And it doesn't matter what martial art you already know…

Martial Power doesn't replace the skills you have already built—but augments and greatly enhances them.

These secret principles of extreme strength generation are style-independent. You can apply them with amazing results whatever your chosen fighting form.

Experience the astonishing instant difference in your power…unbelievable!

Your strikes will no longer scatter or bounce off. You'll penetrate, penetrate, penetrate. Break on through to the other side.

(And when someone makes the mistake of landing a strike on your upgraded, reinforced bod, they'll most likely break their hand or foot.)

Just some of what you get in Volume Two:

  • Discover the correct application of focus, tension and specialized breathing for a massive injection of power into every move you make.

  • Generate more power by using your whole body as a single sledgehammer entity.

  • Use the magic of "irradiation" to enormously amplify the power in your body.

  • Use Pavel's secret on these specific muscles—and watch your power in any upper body exertion explode.

  • Push ups—how to get more results with less effort, while making it easier on injured shoulders.

  • How to deliver a head-splitting Hammer Fist.

  • A surprising hand technique—practiced before you hit—which translates into greater impact and greater striking power.

  • The secret to timing your tension…when it really works to add power and force—and when it absolutely doesn't.

  • The true benefit of push ups for punching—it's not what you think.

  • How elbow strikes can improve your punches.

  • The fatal flaw that makes most front kicks a pathetic joke—but practice this one vital drill and your front kick becomes an unstoppable force.

  • The Roundhouse Kick—go from tapping on the surface to jaw-smashing havoc.

  • The secret of "Guerilla Strikes"—deliver a fatal strike with no notice—and no prisoners.

  • Training how not to over-commit…the over-committed man is a vulnerable man, and a vulnerable man can be a dead man.

  • Zeroing in: how to guide your force with laser accuracy—for the ultimate in targeted destruction.

Volume Three: Tilt, Squeeze and Crush! Instant Breakthroughs for Unstoppable Force

"Pavel's workshop was the epitome of strength and physical training, opening new opportunities for self-development."
James T. Kniestedt, Director of Corporate Security, Cydsa, Mexico 

"I have experienced strength training which surpasses all my collective training in the past, in a few short days. It is unfortunate this type of training was not available to me years ago."
Charles A Fair, US Army Signal, Information Systems & Airborne Infantry

From Volume Two you absorbed and mastered two gigantically rewarding principles of power generation. You learned to apply them with devastating efficiency.

Now, here comes the magic add-on for yet greater increases in power. (Tell your enemies: "Life's not fair and that's okay.")

Privately, we'll call it Step Three of Pavel's Master Plan for a Smart
Body Upgrade.

Pavel calls it "The Power Tilt. " Master this magic add-on and watch in amazement as thepower just pours out from your core muscles and into your arms and hands. Feel the force surging within you!

Experience the Power Tilt difference for your Push Ups:

"I felt like a plank—tight all the way through…far stronger."

Experience the Power Tilt difference for your Pull Ups:

"You fly right up, like you were jerked up on a bungee cord, like you got pulled up rather than pulled yourself up."

Experience the Power Tilt difference for your Strikes:

"Suddenly it felt like I was lashing my opponent with a whip…awesome!"

Experience the Power Tilt difference for your Kicks:

"Yow! I knocked him reeling back…before I could barely budge him!"

Simple: the more you employ this magic add-on…the more you jack open the faucet to unlimited power.

Okay, your opponent's already whining about no-fair. Let's make it even less fair!

Yes, we're not playing by the rules ("gentlemen" die young). We're looking to wring every damn drop of winner's advantage out of the combat towel.

As you pile on the patented Pavel combat secrets, you'll be raising unfairness to an art form.

Kick a man when he's down? How about using a jackhammer on him? Or a steamroller?

You get the picture.

Enter "The Scissor Squeeze"—another cunning, diabolical secret for amplifying your already ungodly new power levels. (Step Four of Pavel's Master Plan for a Smart Body Upgrade.)

Our stealth camera crew caught every detail, as Pavel's trainees reached even greater heights of physical prowess using this potent Scissor Squeeze. It's uncanny! It's as if Pavel had handed them an extra battery pack!

Watch these hardened operatives rear up and beat their personal bests in push ups, pull ups, dips, kicks, you name it. Gotta love it!

And watch what happens to their grip strength!

Did someone scream "bone-crushing?"

Say hello to the dawn of intelligent brawn! (Brawn 'n brains—now, there's a novel concept.)

By the end of just this third tape you should have "seen the light."

Your combat efficiency has already soared.

In terms of effective power, you've gone from spluttering on two cylinders to blasting on all four (by the end of tape four you'll have a V6!)

In terms of personal safety, it's like jumping from broken seatbelts to adding airbags, side and front.

Time to thank the stars for your unbelievable luck (and real world savvy!) in securing this goldmine of secrets.

Can you imagine living without them now?

You'll wonder how you made it this far without them. Many of you who've tasted real combat, know you darn near didn't—and not just once.

Scary thought!

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Volume Four: Chain, Screw and Hammer! The "Whole Body" Secrets of Instant Power

"One of the most outstanding courses I have ever attended in my military career."
Scott Baxter, Team Leader, Naval Station Everett, First Responder Unit 

"The workshop compares to nothing I've ever done. The way my body reacted after the training per body part has extremely improved my body speed. I will definitely incorporate this into my training program."
Tim Holcomb, US Navy, First Responder Team Member, NAVSTA Security

Want to harness the power of the whirlwind…and make it your slave?

Want to be a tornado-of-one…and blow away all before you?

The engage Step Five of Pavel's Master Plan for a Smart Body Upgrade.

There has been no greater and more closely-guarded secret in the world of elite martial arts than this:

How to generate instant whirlwind power
and use it to annihilate your enemy

Nothing comes close.

Know this one skill—and your opponents will gape in disbelief at how easily you turn them into dancing beach balls.

Know this one skill and the power just explodes.

You're fluid and seemingly everywhere.

Impossible to grab, catch or predict—and lethal when you lash out.

Before, you were just plodding the tracks.

Now, you're an express train to victory.

And you're so much better protected. You're closer and more contained, yet incredibly quick.

(By the way, you know what kills me about all of this? Pavel's secrets are all based on solid, unassailable, commonsense physics! Basic, eternal principles for getting it done the right way, every time. Pavel's secrets apply across the board to all fighting styles, everywhere. Yet amazingly, only a handful of fighters worldwide posses these winning secrets.)

I tell you, you're going to be humbled by your own prowess. The new power comes so easy, it feels like you're cheating. Well:

"Cheating Never Felt So Good, So Right, So 
Deserving Before!"

  • Discover the Corkscrew-and unleash your unstoppable spiraling power.

  • Discover little-known ways to use tension to protect your injured joints—and still kick righteous butt.

  • How the proper use of spiraling can reward you with a rock-like stability.

  • Why spiraling works like threading in a rifle—for heavier, more powerful lifts and strikes.

  • How spiraling helps you magically recruit new muscle groups—for even greater lifting gains.

  • Make this one slight adjustment and experience a massive difference in your power.

  • Discover how to increase performance while enhancing safety—and avoid being a has-been hero with the body of a human car-wreck.

  • How the corkscrew ramps up your squat and helps you break though your current plateau.

Recruit more muscles—and add more firepower!

Use a bayonet? Pavel's corkscrew technique ensures deeper, more certain penetration. (As we speak, Pavel's technique is being implemented into the USMC's bayonet training.) All too often you see the blade just slipping off to the side—a chance for your enemy to slip you off permanently, just when you thought you had him!

Not so, when you know how to apply the corkscrew. The blade just skewers in. You win!

How to Create an Impregnable "Body-Chain"
—For Stunning Strength and Nasty, Nasty Bashing Power

You've heard the old cliché: a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Does that ever apply to combat!

One weak link in your body-chain could spell death, severe injury or pathetic ineffectiveness.

>Step Six of Pavel's Master Plan for a Smart Body Upgrade gives you the solution: "Chaining."

You can have all of Pavel's other five steps well in place, but with a weak link, your force generation is always compromised.

And, if nothing else, your weak link is going to be taking it in the shorts, day-in, day-out.

Sooner or later you'll be a junk-heap discard…with crippled knees, arthritic elbows and blown-out shoulders.


  • How to hit with maximum impact yet minimum risk to your own body.

  • How to find and fix your own weakest link(s).

  • How to keep your body coiled and compact—stray limbs and loose bodywork's an invitation to disaster.

  • Yet another secret for making your push ups stronger still.

  • What it feels like to be totally "connected"—your whole body behind your strike—for killer hits.

  • A vital body area no one, but no one thinks to tighten—and yet it's a crucial link the experts always use to gain a greater, surer, safer edge. (You'll be amazed at what this does for you.)

  • How to use chaining for greater power and safety in your kicks.

  • How and where to beat up on your training partner—a little-known secret for advanced chaining capability.

  • How to employ "muscle memory" after "partner-beat up sessions" for maximum tactical training advantage.

  • The funny little muscle you have to fully contract, for really effective punching (and pull ups.)

  • The muscles that are always pathetically uninvolved in pull ups—yet use them and you've every chance to squeeze out another two reps—or to make it over the wall when you thought you'd had it.

  • How to reduce the overall stress on your body—for a longer-lasting combat career.

  • The typical muscle that is loose on everyone—and sabotages your push ups.

Volume Five: Brace, Load and Pull! Instant Strength for Massive Payloads

"Great training. Have never experienced a workout like this before."
Mark A Bradford, Albuquerque, NM. Federal Agent, US Dept of Energy Office of Transportation Safeguards 

"Great course. Pavel's course is perfect for SWAT Operators."
Darrion Holiwell, King County Sheriff TAC-30, SWAT

Step Seven of Pavel's Master Plan for a Smart Body Upgrade is a two-for-the-price-of-one deal:

You discover the crucial skill of adding shock-absorption to your joints—for safer and more athletic humping of heavy loads-AND you discover how to deliver more striking-bang, while simultaneously reducing your chance of injury.

Welcome to the secret of "Bracing."


  • The real secret to jolt-proofing your joints.

  • How to successfully diminish the discomfort of an aching joint.

  • How to eliminate pain at the point of impact, when striking,

  • How to protect yourself from pain, but deliver more pain to the target.

  • How to specifically protect your wrist when punching.

  • How to generate maximum "short power", in close quarter combat.

  • How and why bracing makes you so considerably stronger—and impossible to take down.

  • How the skill of bracing makes your martial arts way-easy instead of wickedly hurtful.

  • Three new ways to add power and safety to your squat.

Boom! The power just smokes!

With bracing, watch all your drills ratchet up to a new performance peak (starting to sound familiar?):

When you brace for Pull Ups:

See the spring-loaded mutant fly up!

When you brace for Short Strikes:

Surf's up! The waves of power will pound your opponent to pieces.

When you brace for Heavy Weights:

"What weight?"

When you brace for Push Ups:

Hey, you get the picture by now…

As a final wallop on this tape, Pavel throws you Step Eight of his Master Plan for a Smart Body Upgrade:

Insiders call it "The Fine Art of Pulling."

Do you have trouble banging out double-figure reps of one-arm push ups?

Not any more, when you master the fine art of pulling.

The One-Arm Push Up is an awesome, special drill for tactical supremacy—because it trains you to maneuver in an unstable environment. The One-Arm Push Up forces you to use your core—big time.

Let Pavel show you why your one-arm push ups are so lame (chances are, your form is terrible also—most folks are simply not legit with this drill. Finally find out how to do it right.)

And then he'll fix you.

You'll see one grizzled operative on this tape immediately adding 4 inches to his depth in one-arm push ups!

Ah, then one of my favorites:

The Dive Bomber Push Up

Of course there's a secret to perfect dive bombers, what'd you think?

Generous as ever, Pavel special-delivers the secret, naturally.

Or how about One-Arm Dive Bomber Push Ups?

Consider yourself a stud? Okay, take on Pavel's tips for the one-arm version of the dive bomber. Should be a breeze for you, my friend.

Oh, having some trouble?

Pavel demonstrates some great ways to master this studly drill.

Volume Six: Wedge for Power! To Gain Instant Domination with Foot and Fist

"Excellent total body workout. Especially applicable to sports injured bodies. I feel that it will significantly improve my tactical and general physical abilities."
DEA Special Agent (Name Withheld), November 2002

Forget those ridiculous movie fights.

When you kick or punch in a fight, you need to penetrate through and at least two feet to the other side of your opponent—in drive, force and intention.

Right now, are you able to drill your guy with this kind of absolute penetration? Can you come out the other side of him, as it were?

Or do your punches and kicks kinda bounce, slide or—at best—give the guy a survivable tap?

If you land a strike, is it the only blow you need to make—because your guy is coughing up teeth on the floor?

Or is he laughing at your patty-cake antics and getting ready to slam your sorry ass into another dimension?

If you can habitually end a fight with one blow, you may not need the secrets revealed on this tape. Otherwise, watch on.

Time to get down with "The Wedge"—Step Nine of Pavel's Master Plan for a Smart Body Upgrade.

You got it, this is a very, very important power-generating principle. And the beauty of this particular principle is that it helps your body finds its own path, its own groove for the technique. You naturally develop what makes sense, what'll really work just for you, even with no prior martial arts experience.

Yes, even an MA newbie can quickly develop clean, unspoiled, uncluttered and deadly techniques with Pavel's amazing Wedge shortcut.


  • How to minimize your movement while maximizing your power.

  • How to drive—no—bounce your foe across the floor.

  • How to avoid over-committing while you use the wedge for a devastating front kick.

  • Six special tips for wedge-optimized strikes.

  • The mistake you make with your roundhouse kick and how to cure it with the wedge (you'll go from useless flick to head-smashing power.)

  • Three special tips for a looser, higher, more effective side kick.

  • How to wedge for a spinning back kick that does true damage (not just a clever-looking but ineffective stunt.)

Added Bonus for Instructors

Are you an instructor yourself and do you want your trainees to learn faster and more effectively?

Are you ever frustrated by slow learners, guys with zippo body memory—and other "challenged" types?

As an added bonus here, Pavel explains his goldmine technique for consistently whipping his victims into higher levels of fighting capability, faster than anyone on the planet.

Personally, for you, it's the greatest, quickest way to improve your own performance and improve your skills. Apply what Pavel reveals here—and save hours and hours of unnecessary repetition and demonstration.

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Windows Media Player


Volume Seven: Push! Secrets for Instant Success with the Handstand Push Up

"Once the basic exercises and skills are mastered the ability to develop your own tailored exercise program is easy. The fact that you need minimal equipment to perform the exercise is a major benefit."
FBI Agent (Name Withheld), November 2002

The classic Handstand Push Up has always separated the men from the boys.

With the Smart Body Upgrades you now own, you'll find the Handstand Push Up a breeze.

Your manhood will no longer be suspect…

This tape shows why it's no accident Pavel has become the most sought-after trainer in the United States, when real performance results are what matter.

Pavel shows you exactly how to take advantage of your Smart Body technology to smoke this bad boy like a stroll in the park. (When training gets this good, it's easy to get angry at all the wasted time and effort you suffered through before. Call it a conspiracy of badness, the cult of misinformation, whatever, it hurts to think you were a victim of all that clowning around. Calm down. Now, you've got your hands on the goods and nobody can mess with you again…ever.)


  • How to recruit your thighs for greater strength.

  • A common, strength-sapping error you have to correct for optimal performance.

  • Why you need to begin with the handstand or headstand.

  • Two more subtle tips with big results.

  • How to fly up perfectly every time—and stay up.

  • How and why to avoid "the banana"—slack, curved and ready to be mushed.

  • The weakest link for the Handstand Push Up and how to fix it.

  • Correct breathing style for best outcome.

  • How to always correctly align your body for better balance and staying power.

  • Using a modified (harder) Dive Bomber to work into the Handstand Push Up.

  • Incorporating the Wall Push Up to ramp into the full deal.

  • What to do and use if you have very inflexible wrists.

And for the achievers amongst you, here's how to add some excitement and extra hardness:

  • How to master the Handstand Push Up on your fists—for stronger wrists (helps with your shooting too.)

  • How to master the Handstand Push Up from a relaxed position—to boost your "no wind-up" strength.

  • How to master the Handstand Push Up emphasizing one arm—now this is brutal!—keeps you real honest physically—one weak link and you are down.

  • Master the Handstand with Wall Shuffle—this has to be seen to be believed, great for extra waist strength and heck, now you can dance upside down.

Volume Eight: Pressure! Power Breathing Secrets for Instant Strength

"Outstanding training, a way to provide viable strength training without expensive equipment."
Col. Edmond A Behling, USAF(Ret.), Fitness Director, US Department of Energy, Transportation Safeguards Training Center

You're a corpse…without your breath.

But you're not much better than a living corpse, if you don't know the secrets of "Power Breathing."

Most folks are walking around half-dead and way weaker than they should be—because their breathing is so screwed up.

And, unfortunately, that applies to a ton of people who should know better: martial artists, athletes and military.

When you're not employing secrets like Power Breathing, you're just "getting by"—a second-class citizen in your own body…a shallow husk of what you could and should be.

Step Ten of Pavel's Master Plan for a Smart Body Upgrade is like jumping from an acoustic to an electric guitar. Like jumping from a four cylinder to a V6…

Step Ten gives you a HUGE increase in power and strength.

Absorb every second of this tape. Build an altar for it. Suck every last secret off the screen. This is serious high-voltage information that will put you way ahead of the pack.

Pavel's specialized breathing techniques:

"dramatically increase your power, your striking power, your power in the gym and your power in any other
tactical situation."

Oh, and Pavel's specialized breathing techniques:

"very dramatically protect your back—
and dramatically protect your other joints."

Discover the keys, NOW, to exploding your strength levels to even greater heights:

  • How to instantly reverse years of bad habits and focus your breath where it really belongs.

  • The crucial muscle contraction that massively increases your breath-power.

  • The simple but little-known mouth technique for developing fire hose pressure with your breath.

  • How "shoe-crushing'—yes, you heard me right, "shoe-crushing"—gives you yet another edge in developing the fighter's breath of power.

  • How to combine a special "mind-trick" with power breathing, to instantly increase your grip strength by 20%.

  • How to manipulate pressure to amplify your strength.

  • The magical link between your brain, stomach and muscles—understand this and you have the keys to the kingdom.

  • How to effectively strengthen your core muscles with power breathing.

  • How to employ the Power Breathing Crunch to further intensify your strength—with and without a partner.

  • How power breathing helps you catch you opponent unawares by "hiding your intent," not telegraphing your strikes.

Power's Up!

Great, but you're a greedy mother and you want to wring even more power out of your system! Is there more to give, more to get?

Absolutely! In the service biz, deep-pocket Pavel would be known as the "heavy tipper."

Unlike all those selfish "masters" who hoard their "secrets" for fear of losing their competitive edge, Pavel's on a mission to give you everything you need to become a lethal hitter.

So, welcome to the "Second Focus" technique.

The "Second Focus" really puts you over the top in terms of ferocious striking power.

(Plus, it helps you withstand incoming strikes with greater-than-ever-resilience.)

Time to pull out that old disclaimer:

"This is for information purposes only.
You have now developed the capability of issuing deadly force."

In the case of multiple assailants or other extended-fight scenarios, a specialized use of the Second Focus enables you to never totally run out of air (very dangerous) and ensures there is power behind every strike (multiple strikes are meaningless without the force to back them up)—see this tape for full details.

"I'm generating more power,
but my body is working so much more efficiently.
If I had to throw more strikes,
I didn't feel winded, didn't feel like my heart was affected."

Why is the Second Focus so dangerous?

Simply, it hands you a detonator. Every strike becomes quicker, more explosive—it blasts out from you with a depraved destructiveness.

Have you noticed how these incredible power principles invariably reward you with a double whammy?

How the power principles not only put your striking into over-drive but also toughen-up your "battle armor"?

To survive you've got be able to "take it" as hard as you dish it out.

The more you practice Power Breathing, the more impregnable you become. The hardest hitter will just bounce off of you, hurting only themselves. Hah!

By now, you've already mastered the power principle of Bracing, for long-distance hefting of massive loads.

Mix in Power Breathing with Bracing and your heavy lifting instantly soars to superstar status.


  • How to master Power Breathing with the Deadlift—you just spring up—and your back is totally protected.

  • What forgotten muscles to flex for immediate and startling extra gains in the Deadlift.

  • Why you don't need a belt for heavy lifting—when you posses the secret of the "virtual belt."

  • How to add ease and many more miles to your Fireman's Carry.

  • How to power breathe for the One-Armed Push Up—Boom! He smoked right up! 

One final secret key helps you wring all possible advantage from your Power Breathing:

Pavel calls it: "Matching the Breath with the Force."

Speaking of fire fighting:

Imagine the most powerful fire hose blasting at full volume. Your steely fire dudes are struggling to direct the writhing monster to where it's needed.

They're hanging on for dear life.

Now imagine if those firemen handed over that same buckin' hose to…an eight-year old kid.

Forget about it!

Misuse of power would be an understatement!

That damn hose would be thrashing the neighborhood like a python on CRANK.

Same thing can happen to you, my friend—with your power breathing applications—if you don't master "Matching the Breath with the Force."

Stop! Rewind! To properly and safely develop this crucial fighting skill, spend extra time NOW studying this section of the tape.

In conflict, there are two kinds of combatants: "The Hoser" and "The Hosee." You know what you want to be. Don't you? Get with the program. Study up.

Volume Nine: Pistol! Instant Success with the One-Legged Squat

"Pavel is the real deal and his training is all that it claims to be…If you are lucky enough to attend one of his training classes don't pass it up. He will turn your ideas about strength training upside down."
Eugene Allen, Pierce County, WA Sheriff's Department SWAT Team

If the Handstand Push Up is your class-act strength feat for the upper body, then:

The One-Legged Squat (aka "Pistol") is your # 1 discriminator for super-male leg strength.

Eye-popping and brutalistic, this thigh-busting screamer is the exercise to love and fear.

There's a reason the Pistol is a hands-down favorite with so many elite units.

In any conflict, without a good set a wheels, you're history. But in Spec Ops and other hellacious endeavors, a mere "good set a wheels" isn't gonna hack it. You need legs an NFL running back would kill for. You need dynamic tree trunks. You need power-pistons that don't know how to quit.

The Pistol delivers this big time:

  • Steel cable strength
  • Explosive kicking power
  • Hardcore endurance
  • Full-range lower body flexibility

Your legs are your ticket. Coach or First Class? Don't even ask!


  • The one all-too-common mistake that can spell failure for your pistols—and what to do instead.

  • New to pistols?—two ways to help yourself get off to a fast start.

  • Flexibility problems?—solve it with this special tip.

  • Two nasty variations: the Airborne Lunge with and without elevation.

  • How to manipulate your inner and outer muscles for stronger Pistols.

  • The Pistol's badass, wrong-side-of-the-tracks, evil cousin, "The Rocking Pistol."—now you can really put the "hard" into rocking!

  • Rocking Pistol got you running?—how to ramp up with a partner or with the box squat.

  • How to add terror to your Pistol with hand weights. 

Bottom line: Pistols guarantee you the leg-edge in any tactical situation.

Maximum Rep Push Ups—How to Beat Your Personal Best

Would you like to instantly add twelve reps to your personal best in push ups?

These are very typical numbers when you incorporate Pavel's power principles into your tactical training. In this next part of the tape you'll see assorted hard men routinely bust their best under Pavel's expert direction. To give you an idea of these techniques' effectiveness, USMC Force Recon team leaders, elite of the elite of the US armed forces, added ten to fifteen reps to their pushup maxes in just two days with Pavel!

If going the extra two miles is an order and failure's not an option, then you'd better be all-eyes as Pavel schools you in these finer points of physical super-performance.

You're in Soviet territory now!

Welcome to: Push ups for endurance. (If you don't make it, you're a dead man!)

  • Discover how to recruit every possible Smart Body power generation technique simultaneously to massively exceed your current limitations.

  • Discover the winning combination of breath, force and tension for banging out that extra dirty dozen.

  • Know how to pace yourself from easy to very, very ugly—and survive to own the bragging rights.

Oh, and by the way, you won't be doing those ridiculous, wimpoid, pretend push ups we see so many flakos masquerading with. No, you're in Soviet territory now, my friend! It's chest-hit-the-deck and elbow-lockout-time on this go around.

A weak, sagging neck has secretly sabotaged many a good man in his quest for push up heaven (or hell.)…discover two great tips—one with a partner, one without—to guarantee a neck-of-steel.

Volume Ten: Like a Rock! The Secrets of Instant Ab Strength

"The most complete, comprehensive, and practical course I have taken."
Jonathan W. Barba, Fitness Coordinator, Colorado State Patrol

There's a lot of guff being talked out there 'bout the importance of your Core. Core this, Core that.

Hey, but sometimes guff is based in solid reality. It's just the goofy window dressing that puts you off.

Never more true than with ABS.

A man without abs is a joke. (They shouldn't be allowed in public, is my feeling—certainly not on the beach. What happened to law and order in this country, anyway?)

But a warrior without iron-clad abs is worse than a sick joke. He's a walking contradiction, a disgrace to the profession and a security hazard of the first magnitude. A weasel who is betraying the FIRST LAW OF STRENGTH.

Never trust a man with a weak belly—ever.

Your core is your citadel, your fortress, your generator, your power source, your protector.

Unfortunately, there's as much bull in the practice of ab exercises, as there is guff in the talking.

Most ab exercises are an incredible waste of time and energy—and often injury-inducing to boot (the normal "crunch" is an infamous example.)

Fortunately, Pavel has written THE BOOK on ultimate abs training.

In this tape, Pavel distils his Soviet abs-wisdom into battle-prep essentials.

Discover the crash course in ultimate fighting abs:

  • The Partner Raised-Legs Ab Technique—evil punishment for your neglected obliques.

  • The Partner-Aided Power Breathing Crunch—another fantastic side-strengthener and all-important for tactical security.

  • The truly cruel, unusual and very special Janda Sit Up—the greatest contribution to tactical ab strength ever invented.

  • The funky negative version of the Janda—for those who worship righteous pain.

"Russian Zen"—Only Winners Need Apply: Pavel's Magic Formula for Striking Harder, Faster and More Often —With Less Effort

Would you like to know the secret behind Mohammed Ali's success?

Are you frustrated because it seems the harder you try, the less real power you have—and the quicker you get tired?

Have you noticed how certain elite fighters (like Ali) seem almost to be playing when they beat up on their hapless opponents? The harder they hit, the less effort it seems they're exerting?

There's a very, very special secret behind this uncanny, paradoxical skill.

Ever the generous "big-tipper", Pavel reveals, at this point, the exact practice employed by champions to achieve this magical fighting advantage.

(Actually, the magic formula Pavel reveals here is also a magic success formula for life in general.)

When you need to hoard the gas—yet create an ongoing firestorm that obliterates your enemy—this'll do it for you.

How to Establish Your Optimal Practice Schedule

You have all the tools now, you have all the upgrades.

That's great, but if the tools rust in the shed or the software sits on the shelf, so what?

The final key is practice. When, how often, how much?

On the last part of this tape Pavel reveals his patented, super-simple, yet maximally-effective formula for optimizing your combat strength, while minimizing injury:


  • Pavel's top choices for tactical exercises to strengthen the whole body—and how many you really need for peak performance.

  • The optimal number of sets, reps and minutes of rest—for best results.

  • How much weight to use—if you want to keep blasting out greater strength gains.

  • How often to train in any one week—and how often in any one day…the answer will surprise you!

  • Why "fresh is best"—always—for optimal strength training.

  • Why "working out" is the worst thing you can do for your strength training—and the real solution.

  • How to adopt the crucial "strength-as-a-skill" mindset for quicker, more solid results.

  • What exercises to avoid or minimize—this advice alone could keep you away from the surgeon's knife (or life as a rehab retard.)

  • The single most important muscle to develop for injury-protection.

  • How to protect yourself from injury when doing flutter kicks.

Brother, you are now set!

Own "Martial Power" and you possess a radically different approach to strength training—guaranteed to enormously improve your chances of staying alive and staying on top in combat.

Pavel's extremely simple, straightforward system brings immediate results, whatever your current combat style. 

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Bonus Tape # One: Elongate! Special Tips for an Instant Extra Stretch

Our savvy guerilla film crew snuck around in the bushes outside, while Pavel tortured his operatives with some extra techniques for bullet-proof abs, like the Hanging Leg Raise.

The crew also grabbed some extra stretching secrets, before they were discovered and booted off the compound.

Fortunately for you and me, Pavel consented to let me include these "extra stolen secrets" as a bonus. As a way of recognizing you for having the smarts to purchase the Martial Power video set, in the first place. (Told you he was a big tipper.)


  • How to get an extra stretch out of the hip flexors with the Hanging Leg Raise.

  • Two little-known tips for greater strength and zero pain with the Hanging Leg Raise.

  • The whys and wherefores of "partner-assisted armpit chopping." (Yes, you heard me right: partner-assisted armpit chopping.)

  • How to use a water bottle under the chin to give you yet another unfair advantage with the Hanging Leg Raise.

  • An awesome stretch for opening the hips—using two partners and a heavy-duty belt—that's all I'll tell you.

  • The secrets to opening up the lower back, breastbone and hips with the Leg Up Stretch.

  • How to get a fabulous spinal elongation with the Hanging Stretch.

  • How to reduce stress in the knees when performing the Leg Up Stretch with Hip Rotation.

Bonus Tape # Two: Fast Start! Quick Review of Instant Mobility and Power Drill Programs

You've gleaned everything imaginable from Pavel's amazing Martial Power program. Your strength, speed and power levels are at all-time highs. Your combat effectiveness is almost scary.

But wouldn't it be great if you could go to one place and get a quick review of many of Pavel's best principles and drills?

Better yet, how about getting to spy on the finer points of Pavel's patented training method?

At one point in the course, Pavel had his operatives review key principles and drills. Redundant footage? No way! What an opportunity, rather, to further enhance your training.

This second bonus tape is a teacher/coach/trainer's godsend—as well as an invaluable gift for any serious "student of the game."


  • How to vastly improve your students' learning speed through "targeted peer review."

  • How to tailor a training program to match your client-profiles.

  • Extra tips for optimizing your Morning Recharge program.

  • The final finer points of optimal Power Generation.

  • Extra tips for stronger Chaining.

A summary of what you get with Pavel's Martial 
Power Program:

Volume One: Recharge! Russian Mobility Drills for Instant Combat Readiness 
33 minutes

Volume Two: Tension! "Instant Power" Techniques for Killer Kicks and Strikes
46 minutes

Volume Three: Tilt, Squeeze & Crush! Instant Breakthroughs for Unstoppable Force 41 minutes

Volume Four: Chain, Screw & Hammer! The "Whole Body" Secrets of Instant Power 47 minutes

Volume Five: Brace, Load and Pull! Instant Strength for Massive Payloads
44 minutes

Volume Six: Wedge for Power! To Gain Instant Domination with Foot and Fist
27 minutes

Volume Seven: Push! Secrets for Instant Success with the Handstand Push Up
30 minutes

Volume Eight: Pressure! Power Breathing Secrets for Instant Strength
42 minutes

Volume Nine: Pistol! Instant Success with the One-Legged Squat
43 minutes

Volume Ten: Like a Rock! The Secrets of Instant Ab Strength
47 minutes

Bonus Tape # One: Elongate! Special Tips for an Instant Extra Stretch
19 minutes

Bonus Tape # Two: Fast Start! Review of Instant Mobility & Power Drill Programs 23 minutes

The Opportunity of a Lifetime

Pavel's Soviet combat secrets revealed on these videos have NEVER been available to civilians—ONLY to qualified law enforcement and military.

This is a "life-or-death" program designed to take our nation's protectors to a whole new level of combat readiness and expertise. Half a century of secret Soviet research and battle-tested techniques packed into two incredibly intensive, supercharged days.

Until now, this amazing system has been placed firmly out of reach for all but the elite few. (And even these elite specialists or their units have to pay a premium to attend.)

So, to have access to the information on any one volume of this set is simply beyond belief.

We debated long and hard about the right value to place on Pavel's Martial Power video set. Pricing the priceless is never easy!

Most of my friends-in-the-know would gladly pay two, three, even five or more thousand dollars for the information on these tapes. (Heck, over the years I've personally myself spentthousands and thousands on tape sets that promised the earth and delivered maybe one-hundredth of the real estate you get from Pavel. I bet many of you know exactly what I am talking about—and whom I'm talking about!)

You could spend years—decades—of your life showing up night after night at martial arts schools, training your butt off with so-called high level Masters, and still be blown away be what you'd learn from Pavel in half a day, let alone two. I know I was.

I figured a fair price then would be around $1,200.00—way below the real value, way less than it would cost you in airfare, hotels and tuition to attend an actual training, if they let you in—but affordable for the serious, dedicated professional and martial artist.

But Pavel dug his heels in, reverted to his old Communist ways, and insisted that we make Martial Power affordable to anyone serious about supercharging their fighting capability.

Result: for a limited time, you can get the entire Martial Power ten-video set, plus the two bonus videos for only $277.00.

Frankly, I don't know how long we'll be prepared to stick with this bargain-basement price. If I was you, I wouldn't wait to find out!

And—Of Course—You Purchase with No Risk—We Guarantee Your MARTIAL POWER Results 100% for One Full Year!

Yes, we guarantee your results 100%! Pavel's amazing "Martial Power" video set comes with an unconditional, one year 100% money back guarantee.

Try the techniques in this video set for up to one full year and if you are not absolutely delighted with your rapid and constant improvements in strength, speed and fighting power, we insist you return the set for a full, immediate and courteous refund. (Although secretly, we will be staggered and kinda disbelieving if anyone ever takes us up on this offer.)

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Read Reviews For: Martial Power (DVD)
8.67 out of 10 (9 reviews)
Rated 10/10 Very Complete Package
By Michael Edwards / Gainesville, FL USA

Fight training is so appealing because of the all-around conditioning involved. Martial Power gives one that conditioning - from relaxation for flexibility and speed to muscle tension and power breathing for strength, these DVD's cover much of the best of Pavel's other works. One could keep themselves busy indefinitely with just these DVD's, but most, I'm sure, will find themselves eager to acquire everything this superb teacher has to offer.

Rated 10/10 A Must Have!!!
By Shane Flaglor / Chatham, Ontario Canada

This DVD set is a must have if you are in the Military, Special Ops, Tactical Response Unit, or a front line Police Officer. If you put your life on the line, the techniques in this DVD set, will help you get home "safe". The techniques in this Program, when practised, will make you stronger, faster, for longer! And if you are a Martial Artist, these techniques will, without a doubt, make you better! In my opinion, Pavel Tsatsouline is one of the most knowledgable, honest, and captivating fitness MASTER's of our time. Thank-you Pavel!

Rated 10/10 Excellent!!!
By John / North Bergen, NJ

Using the chain, scissor, and other tension techniques shown in this video by Pavel, I was suddenly able to press the 88lb kettlebell for 5 sets of 2 rung ladders whereas before I could barely press it once. Also, If you are into martial arts and want to improve your striking power then this series is a must. I cannot be more emphatic on that. The tension techniques that he breaks down, applies to different movements, and explains can apply to literally any functional movement whether it be in power lifting or martial arts striking. I highly recommend it!!

Rated 9/10 Added Bonus
By Kash Morrow / Kerrville, TX, United States

I bought the Martial Power DVD's to help me improve my striking power and because I'm a fan of Pavel's work. He delivers with these as well. An added bonus for me was being able to implement several of the techniques that Pavel teaches to hep improve my daughters volleyball game. My youngest daughter was having a problem with her overhand serve. She has worked this summer on creating high tension at the point of impact with the ball. That along with chaining and staying loose until impact has made a huge difference in her power and delivery. My oldest daughter, who started off the summer with a good serve, is now deadly. Her power and precision put her far above her peers. Overall, a great set of DVD's with numerous martial arts and sport applications.

Rated 10/10 Another hard-hitting success from Pavel and Dragondoor
By Gustavo Castilhos / Sao Paulo, Brazil

As always, Pavel transmits information with most clarity at highest standards. This is a great insight into what the human body can achieve with the right information and the perfect guidance. Once again, thank you all at Dragondoor for sharing this and to make the impossible possible... again.


Rated 7/10 Very helpful, BUT...
By Stefan Z. / Chicgo, Il. USA

I found the chapter on stretching most useful. The instructions were clear and to the point, but the camera work could have been better. All in all, I'm pleased with the product.

Rated 6/10 Dissapointed
By C.B. -MMA, Kendo, Kung Fu, Ju Juitsu / Bayside, Queens NY USA

I've always been happy with Pavel's products but this was a shame.
The techniques were great and very useful to work into your routines.
It will teach you alot of power forming moves and improve you all around, the problem is trying to watch the DVD's.
Half of the footage taken for these instructional DVD's were of the floor or the wall, occationally a foot or two. The run time of these DVD's could have been cut in half, but there was alot of nonsence.
I do not think that this footage was ever intended to be used as an at home instructional. It seems like it was raw film of a seminar that he gave.
Again the information found is pricless but the DVD's are stressfull to view.

Rated 6/10 So-so
By Federico Hong / San Jos Costa RIca

Maybe its because ive trained with a Cuban (who in turn studied with Russians) for a while now but there isnt a whole lot that i didnt already know. Then again, most people i know dont have an idea about the importance of some of the stuff Pavel mentions here. I think one of the biggest psychological dissapointments is that part of the marketing was based on people who were already really big and strong becoming even better. No disrespect to the attendees that appear on the DVD but i would hardly consider them elite atheltes or law enforcers.

Rated 10/10 Really Like It
By Jimmy Ramirez / Kingsville, TX, USA

Hi All,

Some of the camera work is really horrible in these videos. On the other hand, I don't know about all the other responsibilities the camera person had to deal with. I found it somewhat frustrating to not be able to see what Pavel or the workshop's attendees were doing during explanations. The camera work could have been planned better.

I found Pavel's teachings of muscular tension, initially, to be counter intuitive. It used to be my thought that you only need to involve those muscles that are needed to get the job done. Otherwise you tire yourself out too soon. No wonder I always found PT tests challengintg! Now I know better.

Pavel's command of English is wonderful. His explanations were easy for me to understand.

I also found the group of workshop attendees to be interesting. They were not all tactical operators. For the most part they looked like evveryday guys. Some really fit and some not. Elite operators have need for Pavel's teachings and so does everyone else. Life is a marathon.

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