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Master RKC Phil Ross Kettlebell Workout Library
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Master RKC Phil Ross Kettlebell Workout Library
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10 out of 10 (2 reviews)
Love love it
Rated 10/10
By Julie SmithMiamisburg, Ohio, USA

Dear Phil, I appreciate your knowledge and have been in awe of your technique. I am a RKC and have clients. I love bringing new skills to them. Your 6 minutes of hell is awesome! This has been a beneficial investment for me. Thank you, Julie Smith RKC Miamisburg …
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The Kettlebell Workout Library

By Phil Ross

24 hours of video. 104 workouts. 140-page manual.

The Kettlebell Workout Library is a culmination of more than 6 years of kettlebell-based workouts designed by Martial Arts and Kettlebell Master Phil Ross. Kettlebell, bodyweight, plyometric, dynamic tension, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance are all addressed. Lose weight and dramatically increase your strength with the S.W.A.T. (Strength, Weight and Athletic Training) system.

There are 104 workouts and a manual included in this training package. Develop formidable strength and unmatched conditioning with this challenging series of workouts. Quadruple your options by varying the density, intensity and volume of each workout. Designed by a master practitioner to keep you strong and fit for a lifetime.

Master Phil Ross has dedicated his life to training and developing programs to help athletes, fitness enthusiasts, personal trainers, coaches, law enforcement, military personnel, executives, surgeons and special needs clients to reach their goals, improve their performance and their lives. This video library is a result of more than 35 years of experience in fitness, sport and combat arts.

The Kettlebell Workout Library (DVD) - $149.00
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Praise for the Kettlebell Workout Library


"I met Coach Phil in 2014 at the Boston RKC. His coaching style will instantly have you hooked by motivating you with his knowledge and enthusiasm.

As a personal trainer and facility owner, it is important that I am regularly updating my programs and challenging clients with new workouts, warm ups and drills. I use the Kettlebell Workout Library for program planning for my clients' and my own personal workouts. The manual is just as useful as the videos with pages of workouts and descriptive full color pictures that can be easily stored in a gym bag for a quick reference.

Whether you're a fitness professional or looking for a new program to get you in great shape, you can't go wrong with The Kettlebell King and the Kettlebell Workout Library!"—Gina Pizzino-Varrone, RKC, Owner of Dynamic Fitness & Nutrition

"The Kettlebell Workout Library has become so much more than a top notch workout; it continues to teach me how to be a better kettlebell instructor. It's like taking a continuing education course every time I play them. Phil is the BEST of the BEST! I can't say enough about this quality, class act man!! Rock on Master Phil!!!"—Michelle Hillman, RKC

"The Kettlebell Workout Library is fantastic, and very well done. Everyone that trains with kettlebells currently, or wants to train with kettlebells, should buy this now!"—Joe Rubino, North American Boxing & Kickboxing Champion

"What Phil has put together here is unquestionably a masterclass in functional strength and conditioning...the experts will all tell you that Phil is "the man" in his field, and if you want to take your skills and athleticism to the next level, you just can't afford to be without this material!"—Paul Wade, author of the Convict Conditioning series

"I have taken classes with Phil Ross for many years at his studio. I have always found him to be extremely knowledgeable about kettlebells and his enthusiasm is extremely motivating. About a year ago I was sent on an extended work assignment (several months) in Hong Kong. When I arrived in Hong Kong I found that I did not have any good options to continue my kettlebell workouts. On my own, I found that I kept repeating very similar workouts. I bought The Kettlebell Workout Library and have found it to be an invaluable tool that gave me a wide variety of workouts right at my fingertips. I used it throughout the remainder of my stay in Hong Kong, and since my return have found it to be a great resource to provide me with home workouts when I cannot make it to the gym. The Kettlebell Workout Library would be a valuable asset for any kettlebell instructor. I highly recommend The Kettlebell Workout Library to all kettlebell enthusiasts!"—Mark Walsh, RKC

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10 out of 10 (2 reviews)
Rated 10/10 Love love it
By Julie Smith / Miamisburg, Ohio, USA

Dear Phil, I appreciate your knowledge and have been in awe of your technique. I am a RKC and have clients. I love bringing new skills to them. Your 6 minutes of hell is awesome! This has been a beneficial investment for me. Thank you, Julie Smith RKC Miamisburg Ohio

Rated 10/10 Amazing!
By Brad Sorabella / Watertown, MA, USA

The Kettlebell Workout Library covers it all, Kettlebell, Bodyweight, mobility and flexibility! There is no way you could posibly get bored, there are plenty of work outs to keep you challenged. I also like to implement particular movements in my own routines. There are also a ton of warm-ups you can keep in your rotation. The DVDs are clear and professionally demonstrated to make sure your technique is on point. I highly recommend this to anyone that is interested to adding variety to there workouts.

Thanks Phil!

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