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10/10 Just When You Thought It Couldn't Get Any Better!
By Brenda Marciniszyn / Delaware

WOW! Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, Kickass Keith comes along with a more Extreme workout. You see a difference in him, which is VERY pleasing to the eye! Makes you want to keep working out just to see him! This is a tough program, but I love it, love it, love it. I had back surgery 3 years ago and had pain even after the surgery. I never thought I'd be "normal" again. And with arthritis, it was a long recovery. I found a kettlebell one day and bought it out of curiosity and have been swinging one every since! Then I found DragonDoor and Keith Weber and my life will never be the same! I have no back pain, no more leg pain, not much neck pain anymore, no more tingling down my arms. I think kettlebells have maybe fixed that disc in my neck! I owe this to Kettlebells, Pavel's style and discipline and Keith's techniques. I can't thank you enough. When is Extreme 3 coming out?!! My Rating: 15+

9/10 I'm an ex-boxer and this dvd knocks me out.
By Gabe Ramos / Tallahassee, FL, United States

I am an ex-boxer and the workouts on this dvd are the closest activity to fighting I have come in contact with. The cardiovascular and strength training all in one is just amazing. Weight lifting was always too boring for me although it did work when I implemented it. I just did it because i had to. It wasn't until I heard about kettlebells from fighters that I decided to give it a try. This will replace traditional weightlifting for me.

After four months of KB training I have noticed increased muscle mass and definition in my legs and abs most notably. My arms and shoulders have benefited as well. As for my back, I don't have eyes in the back of my head but I have experienced more soreness in my back than anywhere else! I have lost 10 pounds in three months. Keep in mind I still have a boxer's physique so I didn't have much to lose, but I know I have gained some muscle. At the moment my diet is geared towards fat loss, I'm trying to get shredded again.

If I was still fighting I'm confident this would help my conditioning immensely.

My wife also trains with this video. She has lost 11 pounds in 4 months and went from barely lifting 5 pounds over her head to lifting 15 pounds no problem. She is very petite and had virtually no awareness of her natural athletic ability She has gained a lot of muscle and strength and I am just elated at her improvement. Keep in mind she is not bulky in the slightest. She is still very small (113 lbs.).

The video itself is amazing. BUT BUY THIS VIDEO AFTER YOU HAVE WORKED WITH "ENTER THE KETTLEBELL" OR GOT PROPER TRAINING. This video has very limited instruction and Keith takes off on these workouts. Make sure you warm up before you get started! If you don't you can hurt yourself.

There are ten routines on this dvd. The first routine is a good warmup but it isn't my style. I have done every other routine except the Squat Series. Our favorites are The Flow, Cardiovascular, Lunge Series, and The Grind. We love the ab workouts also. The slow and sustained contractions he implements in the ab workouts are better than any exercise I did while boxing. I love that he is no B.S. it's just butt kicking exercise.

I didn't like that the video was taped at a lower quality. I have an HD tv and this is taped at a 480 resolution I believe. It doesn't fill my screen. I wish Keith would wait just a few seconds longer before starting a workout. I press play and have to throw the remote and get in postion quickly before he starts. He would also be very wise to add one chapter that gives a quick instruction on proper form for many of these moves. Also the background music is wack but I understand he doesn't have much to work with. We just put on Pandora at this point and keep an eye on the reps.

All in all this dvd is a no brainer. It isn't perfect but its the best dvd I have ever had. Get it.

10/10 The Best Video I have ever had
By Kirk Thrasher / Birmingham, Alabama

This is an incredible video. Keith is a great instructor in fantasitc shape that motivates you to push yourself. But, be warned, this video can be a humbling experience and make you realize you are not as fit as you thought. But that is a good experience that makes you motivated to grow and improve. Now, because of this video I am now on my way to becomming tuly fit. This video has no fluff...just hard work using the best KB exercises that give you the most bang for your buck laid out in very challenging and motivating workouts. Additionally, I like the fact that this video is real and it is on the beach, even with people walking by in the background, without any edits. Keith walks the walk in this video and seeing that it is even a struggle for him, motivates me to try harder to keep up. If you want a video that has fluff and is edited, go get a Richard Simmons' video.

10/10 Yes, it's even better the second time around!
By Alisa A. Brzek, RKC II / Las Vegas, NV

Keith's first DVD was very good but the second one is even better! The workouts are a killer but fun and very simple to follow. Don't think that easy to follow means easy to do -- this video is like most things in RKC (evil and very effective). The video is broken down into chapters that cover legs, cardio or even "the flow" that gives you several basics in one work-out. Keith also starts the video with a interesting warm up that's different from anything I've seen. I like Keith's easy going demeanor. He makes me laugh even when he's not trying to be funny and keeps me motivated!

9/10 Better than the first time.
By Lara C. / Boston, MA USA

I loved Extreme Kettlebell Cardio 1, but I can't get enough of 2. I rush home from work, turn on the dvd and challenge myself to keep up with Keith. I hope there is an EKC3 someday.

10/10 Extreme 2 Delivers on Promise
By Max Robertson / Elk Grove, CA

I own Extreme 1 and was thrilled when Extreme 2 was available. I am new to Kettlebells (Jan 1st of 2010); however I have been extremely pleased with the results I have had in this short period of time.

The videos are chopped into roughly 7 minute segments and are well narrated and move along at a great pace. CUrrently I choose 2 segment a night and finish with one ab segment (2 available).

I truly get a great cardio and strength workout every evening. My biggest problem right now is simply taking care of my hands (too many snatches!!)

I have turned on 2 of my buddies to the Extreme 1 & 2, which they have both purchased these DVD's as well and love them.

Between the 2, you will have an infinite number of workouts that you can mix and match.

You will not be sorry with your purchase either.

8/10 Goldilocks has Landed
By Darlene / Va Beach, VA USA

I didn't get Extreme 1 but this is my 4th kettlebell DVD and I finally feel like I have my money's worth, and I can buckle down, quit searching, and just keep doing it. So many workouts. Fast paced. Good demos. Keeps counting out loud like a trainer should so you can focus. Love that it is filmed on the beaches, some of my favorite other DVDs are, too. Great price and I got it on sale.

10/10 Thanks for helping an old triathlete "over the hump"
By L. E Koch / Marietta, Ga

I've been training with KB for about a year now...and what great results!!!!. I got the "extreme KB cardio workout 1" and loved it. Had to get the second one. The division of the video is great. Each chapter can be used alone or as a series. Great work out!!! I especally like to inclusion of the "five rights" warm up. The squat and lunge series KILLER. Great gains have come from this. As far as the upper body name it and this work out will fix or improve it.

8/10 Excellent routines for KB enthusiast
By Bill H. / Cary, NC

Provides some excellent routines for Kettlebell enthusiast. Average about 12-15 minutes but very good workout.

10/10 More Extreme than 1!
By Howard Grubbs / Blowing Rock, NC,USA

I've used Extreme 1 and fear it will wear out! When the second in the series came out, I jumped on it. I think it is the BEST mix of cardio/strength DVDs on the market, bar none

10/10 The Best workouts Yet!
By Cody Clark / Muncie, IN, USA

This DVD really is just as good as Extreme 1. I didn't think Keith could come up with more grueling workouts than on the on the first DVD but, he did it. Easily the best workout and challenging workout I have performed. Highly recommended.

10/10 Extreme and fun somehow!
By Lance / South Africa

Keith has a gift for taking you to the edge and beyond with style and fun! The perfect work out DVD for a high level of all round conditioning. Extreme 3 please Keith - how about throwing in some fun double kettlebell workouts!

8/10 I Prefer Extreme 1
By Anita / Vestavia Hills, AL USA

I was REALLY looking forward to Extreme 2, because I am addicted to Keith's first DVD. This one does not disappoint much; however, I was surprised that there is no "play all" feature on this DVD like there is on Extreme 1. (I am a little annoyed that the DVD goes back to the complete menu after you finish each of the workouts.) Also, the "Ladder" series has mistakes--he misses a number of reps on the left side (my left, his right) and no one seemed to notice this during filming. (I took the time to right down the exercises, so I can modify appropriately when I want to follow him.) I like the fact that he included a warm-up with this DVD, but I don't care for the "spinning" move. Additionally, the yoga moves seem out of place within the warm-up; I usually do these after a kettlebell workout. Since I LOVE his first video so much, I have to give this one at least an 8. His effort is pure and it is completely unlike any other DVDs that I own.

9/10 These Routines WILL Smoke you!!
By Joseph / Tennessee

I have done many workout videos in the last several years and this series is by far my favorite. I love the no-nonsense approach that Keith Weber takes in these videos. No chest-beating, meat-headed gym rat "motivation ranting" or overly dramatic production. Just one guy, one kettlebell, an awesome vista and intense workout. I have seen awesome results in my abs from following his core routine 1 and going by his suggestions in the video. I would recommend that one take it easy when first starting these workouts. I was a little overzealous when I first got the video and I started doing about 5 chapters a day right off the bat and I overworked my shoulder to the point that I've had to take a rest for about a week due to the soreness and discomfort. There's alot of pressing and shoulder work in these routines so take it easy and build up to it. Watch your conditioning levels shoot through the roof and your fat percentage fall through the floor!!

10/10 Uncanny Effectiveness
By John Jamison / Woodbridge, VA

After purchasing the first Extreme Cardio Workout DVD I knew I had to get the second. The workouts presented on the second DVD take KB workouts to the next level and will leave you smoked and begging for more! Can't wait for a third! If you want to mix up your routines I highly recommend the workouts presented in this series.

4/10 Come on DD!!!
By JC / Va

This video looks and sounds like it was made with a cheap camcorder. Add that to the free use of a beach with tourists walking by....really? His routines would be "ok" if I could get past the cheesy way they put this together. One of the routines has people walking within a few feet of him. Come on, guys!! It would have been better if it was done in a studio, I could at least take it more seriously. Spinning in a circle 21 times as part of a warm up????

I love KB's as a strength and conditioning tool, I've been a fan since '01. But all of these books/DVD's have the same stuff, but with a different name, and priced way to high! I try one out about every other year (like an idiot) and have yet to find anything that makes me go "WOW!!". I'm just hoping that I learn this time and not waste my money anymore.

Keep it simple....swings/snatches, windmills, cp's!

10/10 Love the numerous workouts!!
By Dixon Payne / Orange Park, USA

Between Extreme 1 & 2 there is no way that anyone cannot use these videos . Great variety so you cannot get bored with the workouts and you can work all body parts. thanks to keith and pavel I won't be buying too many more work videos for a while.

10/10 new to kettlebells 51
By peggy v v / green bay, wi, usa

love love love this dvd. have seen amazing changes in my body. well worth the $$!!

8/10 Like the title says....
By Paul Justis / Edmond, OK, U. S.

Extreme it is!!! I considered myself to be in good kettlebell shape...until I attempted this!! The way he warms you up, then gets things going in the "Flow", it's a great way to get your lungs ready for the all out assault on your body!! I do have an issue with the regimen, though. As someone who suffers from worn out knees, to say this DVD is "squat heavy" is an UNDERSTATEMENT!! So those of us with weak knees can't do this DVD too many times. I would also have liked to see another version of the "Upper Body Blast" from the first DVD. That said, this remains one of the toughest tests I've endured. Worth theoney!

5/10 Impressive though not so instructional
By Rob M / Charlotte, USA

It is an impressive workout. Broken into fairly manageable segments. It is light on instructional aspects and identifying and reenforcing key points to focus on.

7/10 Good hardcore workout
By angus martindale / pittsburgh, usa

This is a great, hard hitting video. It's a nice continuation of the first video, however I was disappointed with a couple of things. Keith was very enthusiastic in the first video and I found it very inspiring and motivating. I didn't feel the same enthusiasm in this video. Secondly I felt that the editing was a little poor. It's hard not to rate it against the first video, which is amazing, but this is still a remarkable workout. Highly recommend this video!

10/10 Extreme Cardio 2
By Glenn Litzau / Yelm, Washington

I have had Extreme Cardio 1 for a couple of years and Loved it. Recently I wanted to up the intensity level. Extreme Cardio2 more than delivered. I really liked the Yoga warmup. I use this at work and I have very little room to use, the intensity leaves me gasping everytime. Outstanding job Keith keep up the good work.

10/10 GREAT!
By Thomas Clark / Muncie, IN, USA

This combined with Keith's first DVD is top notch and unbelivabely tough these two combined have help gotten me in the best shape I have ever been in.

7/10 Great workout, poorly edited
By Donna Hoke / Buffalo, NY, USA

I enjoy the format of this workout very much and anticipate getting a lot of use out of it. But for the high price, I thought that even if the filming was high-tech, it could have least been edited to be free of mistakes. In the 5-4-3-2-1 round, Keith sometimes skips exercises on one side or the other. In other, he does squat kicks and kicks with the same leg on both sides. Those are mistakes that could easily have been corrected; that's just sloppy.

3/10 Awesome workout from the worst video producer ever
By James B. / Albuquerque, NM, USA

One look at this guy and obviously he knows what he is doing when it comes to fitness, so nothing against him.

However, as a video producer, he couldn't be worse. This is literally a home video, shot on the cheapest of video cameras. Complete garbage video, sound and music quality. He literally did not edit this video, just cut together a few clips of himself working out.

He accidentally misses sets in just about every workout, for a "professional" DVD that you pay for, I'd expect a little better quality, attention to detail and editing.

The workout is amazing, but the flow if terrible, he has no rhythm or cadence so trying to keep time with him is very clunky and jerky.

Sometimes you'll hit play and he'll spend way too long explaining a simple workout. Other times, you hit play and he is literally already doing the workout with zero explanation of the movement, so keep the remote close.

Most frustrating of all, he often stops in the middle of a set to explain the workout. That's fine the first time you watch the DVD, but once you've got the hang of things it completely messes up your workout flow.

I hate to bash Keith, because he clearly knows a lot about fitness and this is a great workout, but the quality of this video is absolute garbage. Save yourself the frustration.

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