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Secrets of Core Training: "The Backside"
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Secrets of Core Training: "The Backside"
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9 out of 10 (5 reviews)
Rated 10/10
By rkega Riverside, CA

The tips are very simple and easy to put into practice. I loved the detail and explanation behinde everything that was done.I would recommend it for athelets and non athelets …
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Secrets of Core Training: "The Backside"

By Gray Cook, RKC and Brett Jones, Senior RKC

DVD, 82 minutes

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Secrets of Core Training: "The Backside" (DVD) - $39.95
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You've heard that the core is your power center…

And you've heard that a strong core is essential for high-level athletic achievement…

And you're training your core religiously…

But are you ignoring (like most folk) a crucial protocol that spells the difference between mediocrity and massive success?

Are You Making These FATAL (yet Horribly Common) MISTAKES When Training Your Core — STUCK Being Weaker, More Vulnerable, Less Stable and LESS EFFECTIVE AS AN ATHLETE?

Discover the PROVEN PROTOCOL of fail-safe steps that guarantee you a GENUINELY STRONG, STABLE CORE—for a FAR more powerful and effective athletic performance

"THE CORE" is more than your abdominals! Your back and glutes (your hips) are part of your "CORE." May sound obvious when you hear it, but the fact is—when it comes to that mystic core—most folk are obsessed with isolated abs training. And foolishly neglect the correct training of the back musculature and glutes.

Secrets of Core Training: "The Backside" gives you the scientific solution for fixing that weakness from the ground up.

Now, it's one thing to teach, say, the correct form for doing the all-important deadlift. But what if the lifter has a lurking, unidentified imbalance that creates dysfunctional compensations and injuries-waiting-to-happen?

The special brilliance of Brett Jones and Gray Cook's approach is that they make sure you know how to identify the imbalances that could secretly sabotage your lifting.

Only then, once you have the correct movement patterns in place, can you develop the full strength you deserve. Cook and Jones show you how—step-by-careful-step. Just follow the road map and you can't go wrong…

Discover screening techniques and corrective movements that progress you through 3 graduated levels of exercise to develop mobility in the hips, core activation, spine stability, and the total body's overall strength.

As one of the nation's most renowned physical therapists, as Reebok's first master coach, as a consultant to numerous professional teams and as an author of the landmark title Athletic Body in Balance, Gray Cook has immense theoretical and practical wisdom about what it takes to identify and correct these imbalances and blocks in the body.

In this highly accessible DVD Gray Cook teams with premier strength trainer and author Brett Jones to ensure your core training is as effective as you could possibly ever want it.


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9 out of 10 (5 reviews)
Rated 10/10 GREAT TIPS!
By rkega / Riverside, CA

The tips are very simple and easy to put into practice. I loved the detail and explanation behinde everything that was done.I would recommend it for athelets and non athelets

Rated 10/10 It just keeps getting better
By Jeff O'Connor, RKC Team Leader / Talala, Ok

It seems impossible, but Gray and Brett have topped "Secrets of the Shoulder". It's full of fantastic information, layed out in an easy to follow manner. No matter what your background, you will learn from this DVD.

Rated 10/10 Excellent, helpful DVD
By / Bay Area, CA USA

I got this DVD as a suggestion because of back pain related with the deadlift. I am working through the progressions now. It is excellent and really has given me a clear set of instructions to tackle my core stability issues. Looking forward to a new PR in the Deadlift in the next few months.

Rated 5/10 Not really secrets
By experienced lifter / Jecob, Polski

This is dishonest, a lot of old info labelleed as secrets..

Rated 10/10 Great Information for the serious "Kettlebeller".
By / Reading, Pa. USA

The information on the dvd was great. However, I was looking for a dvd with routines that I can practice and master. So I returned the dvd to you with instructions to trade this dvd for another dvd that has what I am looking for. Thank you.

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9 out of 10 (5 reviews)