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10/10 Just what I was looking for!
By Bege / Marshallville, GA

I can't say enough about this workout DVD. First, the format of the DVD itself is extremely "user friendly". It is designed in a way that enables the user to create dozens of different workouts, as well as following the routines that are already put together. Second, why has the kettlebell been such a secret all these years? I am a 50-year old female, and I've been relatively fit most of my adult life. I have to admit though, that I had become more and more frustrated with my own body; it seemed every kind of workout I did caused joint problems and weakness. I'm into my third week of using the kettlebell and it is phenomenal. (I don't use that word lightly). One example: for years, walking down stairs has been very uncomfortable for my knees. I realized two days ago, walking down the stairs in my house, my knees no longer hurt. My balance is better, my core strength has increased, and my overall sense of well-being is at a level I haven't experienced in a long time. Andrea and her staff have created the perfect workout video; no cutesy "at-a-girls", no distracting music, just the perfect amount of instruction and heavy breathing! The breathing that can be heard, all joking aside, is extremely helpful in guiding the user's breathing techniques. If you are looking for something to take you to a new level of fitness and sense of well-being, I highly recommend this DVD.

10/10 Awesome!
By Walt Settlemyre / Austin, TX, US

I ordered this DVD for my girl trying to get her into Kettlebells. She's already pretty fit, but she's a runner and has started doing tough mudder races which demand a lot of upper body strength. I purchased this DVD and a 15lb kettle for her. We watched together, and what's awesome about this DVD is it explains the basics of RKC and technique and then HAMMERS you after! Very well done because it is all done in a woman's point of view and is very straight forward with No fluff, just solid training! I did one of the workouts with her and I'll be honest, it was very challenging and I've been training kettles for about year now! Awesome DVD and money very well spent! My girl loves it!

10/10 Excellent
By Stacey Bastin / Tasmania, Australia

This was my introduction to the world of kettlebells and I absolutely love it! I ordered it after borrowing a friends copy to try.
I normally love some loud music playing when I work out, however, I really like the fact that on the DVD you can easily hear the breathing patterns to be followed.
The exercises are grouped really well and I generally do 3 of the workouts a day plus my usual cardio workout. I am by no means a fitness freak- I love working out but I also love to eat! And by adding this DVD to my daily routine, I am gaining more definition and still being able to eat what I enjoy.
I highly recommend this DVD and I have no intention of purchasing one from another trainer as this is comprehensive, challenging and a fresh change from the fitness models normally used on DVDs! ;)
Love it!

10/10 Terrific no fluff workout
By Deana Salpietro / Melbourne, Australia

I am a 69 y.o. fitness instructor. Been in the business for nearly 50 years. This is the best no fluff workout ever - it's as hard and as fast (or slow) as you want to make it, and suitable for all levels of fitness. The Kettlebell Boomer workout is also terrific. I would have liked one 'real' person on the screen instead of 3 Godess's!

10/10 Get This Now!!!
By Jaime Hamilton / Pittsburgh, PA, USA

This workout DVD is a must have for your kettlebell training!!! It's simplistic and customizable which will help you focus on your workout without all the fluff you don't need. I love how you can create your own workouts and focus on a specific area, which is great if your trying to build or reduce certain spots. The instruction is spot on and the variety of the workouts will keep your workout fresh.

10/10 The Kettlebell Goddess Workout is the Best!
By Robin McGill / Tampa, FL USA

This is one of the best DVD's that I have ever purchased. It is so complete with workouts and instructions. The variety is terrific. I really enjoyed Andrea in "From Russia with Tough Love", but this is the best. Nicole and Kristann are a wonderful compliment to her and very much inspire me to keep working to get better. I tried to just watch the video without picking up the kettlebells, but I couldn't. I had to jump right into a workout. I am glad I did. First the warm up was one of the most thorough that I have ever had. Then the exercises really hit the mark. I had such a pump in my lower body and an overall rush all over. Then the nice cool down made me feel like I really accomplished something. I plan to keep on doing the workouts. Thanks for the Kettlebell Goddess Workout. Please keep up the good work!

9/10 This is my 2nd copy
By Don Malec / Akron, USA

I bought this DVD about a year ago. My wifed loved it because it was geared toward women. She especially likes the variety of workouts. Unfortunately, I lent it to my boss and never got it back. I had to order this copy before my wife noticed it was missing.

I am a kettlebell instructor and use some of Andrea's workouts in my classes.

10/10 The Goddess Workout is Phenomanal!
By Simone S / Southern Illinois, USA

I still feel kind of wet behind the ears when it comes to kettlebells, but I am totally hooked.. I never had very much interest in weights, treadmills or machines in the gyms but still managed to fall for every excercise craze that swept the gym.. Step Aerobics, Taebo, Zumba.. I do it all and loved it, but never lost a pound and I still resembled a 4 month pregnant Brittney Spears..

A few months ago I bought the "Hello Kitty " version of the kettlebell and a Jillian Michaels DVD.. It quickly became my favorite but I wanted to know more about those kettlebells and ended up @ dragondoor to learn more about perfecting my form and more details about the moves. So far I ordered Tough love & The Goddess work out and I love how both DVD's complement each other.

The Kettlebell Goddess Workout is a phenomanal excersice DVD. It has so many different options to choose from. You can tailor your work out to your needs or follow along with the Godess workout of your choice.. This format will prevent you from getting bored. Andrea, Nicole and Kristann are all so enviably flawless in the demonstrations of the moves, and the different angles and styles are a big help to improve your own form. What I also like very much is that you can hear the women breath and so you adjust your own breathing pattern to theirs.. With all the boom boom pow music in aerobic classes you don't pay very much attention to your breathing and thanks to Andrea I realized how the right way of breating can make you so much stronger.

I have now graduated to a shiny 20 pound all black kettlebell and I can feel the difference. I am so much stronger in my legs and have so much more strength upper body strenght . I haven't lost my jeans yet, but have a lot less jiggle on my troubled hips, belly and thighs..

Thanks Andrea,..

10/10 Andrea thank you so much
By Michele / Terre Haute, IN

First off this is the second dvd that i have used since starting the awesome KB journey with, the first one was a short 26 minute workout with music and pretty scenery. It was a great dvd to start out with but after 2 months of using it and seeing results, but the 10 exercises got to be pretty boring. I came back to dragon door and found Andrea's dvd and read the reviews and decided to give it a shot and picked up From Russia with tough love. I started swinging KB's in March and started faithfully the Goddess dvd in the middle of May. Oh my goodness, the results are awesome. Let me say I was 45years old, and totally out of shape when I first picked up the KB in the spring. Now in the fall 48 pounds lighter with tone and definition in my legs that i have never had, and the middle age chicken flab under the arms is almost gone, and loving each and every workout. I make sure I find the time to get in some part of the Goddess dvd everyday. Andrea you challenge me everyday, you inspire me everyday and have helped with the increased health and fitness I am gaining. I would never have dreamed a year ago in as little as 30 minutes or less a day 4 to 5 days a week I would have gotten these results. WoW girl, you go. Thank you so much for creating this DVD!!!! I tell everyone about it and have challenged my teenage nephews to come workout with me if they have the "iron will" to keep up with me. Again, thank you.

10/10 WOW
By Christine Staunch, RKC / Bayonne, NJ

I ordered this DVD before I attended the RKC in September and wow has it given me a new perspective on training. It adds a new excitement on working with KB's. All three ladies show different views of each exercise which helps you better understand them. The atmosphere of the DVD creates a relaxing yet motivating theme. I love that there are different workouts given to help add variety to your training. This DVD is a definite must for men and women, beginners and advanced KBer's.

9/10 Awesome video!
By Linda Del / Wayne, PA

This video is challenging, exhilirating and definitely worth purchasing. The proper positions and form are carefully explained and demonstrated, the warmup and stretches are great, and the fact that you can mix and match the exercises for your own personal workout is wonderful. I look forward to doing my kettlebell workout each day and feel fantastic when I'm done. After just 3 weeks, I've moved up to a heavier kettlebell, and have lost inches around my waist and hips. All hail the Goddess (workout)!

10/10 It is challenging and heart-pounding.
By Kathleen Gallagher / Channahon, IL USA

I am a recent kettlebell user and was bored with the current DVD I was using. I was excited to find the Kettlebell Goddess Workout DVD as a new option. The workouts are challenging and heartpounding! I have been working with the cardio and fat burning routines that were suggested on the CD/PDF portion of the DVD. I am looking forward to finding the Goddess within as I try to master all the workouts. It was definately worth the money! Thank you Andrea Du Cane and Dragon Door!

10/10 Best dvd I have purchaced in a long time. Bring on some more.
By karen elliott / ACT Australia

This is a fantastic tool for me as a trainer and personaly I love the work outs.

Haveing the choice to follow Andeas work outs or mixing them up is ideal as i get to do something different every day.

Andrea and the girls put a bit of a feminine touch to some really tough drills, my clients love the variety and so do I

Thank you.

9/10 Great workout
By Ian Bock / Dayton, OH, United States

This DVD provides multiple great workouts for whatever goal or mood you are trying to fulfill. Good production, attention to safety and technique, and a burn my wife and I have certainly felt. Only lost the 10th point because it's oddly quiet. No music, rep counting, or background noise. Threw us off at first, but does nothing to diminish the workout. Would definitely recommend.

By Carol / Murfreesboro, TN

I am new to kettlebells, and I come from a background of follow-along workouts. This DVD not only lets you customize your kettlebell workouts by choosing among the segments, it also contains six follow-along workouts. They all kick my behind quite well. The three instructors show perfect form, and the workouts are amazing. What amazes me about kettlebell work is how you can accomplish so much in so little time. This DVD is the mainstay of my newfound love of kettlebell training!! Please make another one just like it!!

10/10 Now I am a Kettlebell Goddess!
By Karen Porter / Sydney, Australia

What a fantastic DVD. Full of information, great instruction and easy to master routines. Andrea DuCane certainly is inspirational and full of knowledge as to how to get your body into perfect shape with her kettlebell exercises. I feel energised and have lost body fat which I am so happy about. Awesome DVD and well worth adding to your exercise regime.



10/10 This DVD has it all!
By diana elswick / St. Augustine, florida, USA

This is one of those lucky hits, where you buy something and it turns out to be everything you wanted and more! This has workouts already put together for you along with warm-up and cool-down, or pick the parts you want to make your own workout. It is even set up so you can do one set everyday and have variety for a week or more. It's all in there! So instead of accumulating 5 or 6 so-so DVD's, simply get the one you need all around, on one DVD. No clutter, no hassle, just simple. Best I have found, and I have looked! Thankyou!!!

10/10 Feel like a goddess after the workout 10+
By Mumtaz Walli-Ware / Burnsville, MN USA

I've been using this DVD for about a year and have yet to get bored! For me, finding time to exercise is a big challenge, but with this DVD I can squeeze in an effective workout anytime - even while dinner is cooking! The warm up exercises are great - I do them throughout my day to ease neck/shoulder tension. I have some favorite drills that I've memorized and can do while watching my favorite TV show. And there is always something new in the DVD that I can try. Oh, and the weight loss....within about 3 weeks of using this DVD, I was down to my target weight and had in fact, to reduce the frequency of exercising because the weight loss was so dramatic. I highly recommend this DVD to anyone looking for a fun and quick way to get a very effective workout.

8/10 Where's the music???
By Kim / Sykesville, MD USA

The workout is great. However, the lack of music is a real downer. I have to play my own music while working out so the beat of the music also motivates me. Otherwise, the exercises are challenging.

10/10 Using kettlebells is an exercise of the mind
By Tony Mazzara / Boca Raton, FL

I thought I knew what I was doing, but I was wrong. I have put my heavy K=bells to the side while I practice all the moves I learned on the DVD empty handed.

I have viewed the DVD three times so far. I think that I will re-view it several more times before I start adding weights. There are lots of really useful techniques included in the instructions.

I am a seventy year old man and I have been engaged in weight-training, using traditional weights, for fifty-five years.

The K-bell system does a good job of loosening up tight joints.

3/10 This was a boring video......
By Meg / PA, USA

This was an extremely boring video. I have been taking aerobics for years and maybe kettlebell workouts aren't for me.. I do think their are great ideas and moves with the kettlebells, but you need to put some of this to MUSIC. There is no motivation to keep going. The instructors were very boring. You have to keep talking! Counting, switch sides... etc. I would not have spent $35.00 on this video for something so boring.

10/10 Incredible results
By Bege / Marshallville, GA

I can't say enough about this workout DVD. First, the format of the DVD itself is extremely "user friendly". It is designed in a way that enables the user to create dozens of different workouts, as well as follow the routines that are already put together. Second, why has the kettlebell been such a secret all these years? I am a 50-year old female, and I've been relatively fit most of my adult life. I have to admit though, that I had become more and more frustrated with my own body; it seemed every kind of workout I did caused joint problems and weakness. I'm into my third week of using the kettlebell and it is phenomenal. (I don't use that word lightly). One example: for years, walking down stairs has been very uncomfortable for my knees. I realized two days ago, walking down the stairs in my house, my knees no longer hurt. My balance is better, my core strength has increased, and my overall sense of well-being is at a level I haven't experienced in a long time. Andrea and her staff have created the perfect workout video; no cutesy "at-a-girls", no distracting music, just the perfect amount of instruction and heavy breathing! The breathing that can be heard, all joking aside, is extremely helpful in guiding the user's breathing techniques. If you are looking for something to take you to a new level of fitness and sense of well-being, I highly recommend this DVD.

10/10 Great structure but could use some music in the background
By Jack / Philadelphia PA

I bought this DVD for my wife to introduce her to KB's. As advertised and expected it's an excellent source of KB knowledge but... it could really use some music in the background. Aside from that I've found it informative and with the addition of an ipod it becomes a great couples workout.

10/10 Awesome!
By Sgt. Sanchez US Army / West Chester, PA

Just an all around excellent workout. Good timing and choreography! All ages and levels can work with this.

10/10 Good for the Guys as Well!
By Dee De Moulin / San Diego, CA

I bought this DVD for my wife, to get her on board with a challenging kettlebell fitness routine. Trying it out myself, I was actually quite impressed with a lot of it. The speed for the cardio section even proved to be quite a challenge for me! Since the instruction is a little limited, I would recommend buying 'Enter the Kettlebell' with it. And keep your eyes on the screen, since she doesn't keep the count with you. There's no soundtrack, but if you need music, get a radio.

10/10 Love the work out
By Lis Chong / Placentia, United States

I have only been using the Goddess Workout for three weeks now and I love it. Granted at the moment I can't get the entire workout but I love that I have somewhere to work up too. My husband even joins me and we work out together. I feel like I get a thorough workout but I can break when I need too and pause the video whenever. Though the only thing I have noticed so far is during the Athena workout when you reach the one legged deadlifts (which is one of my favorite exercises) they say its 4 reps x 3 sets but right after it says set 2 they move onto they next exercise without finishing the deadlifts so I have to pause it and finish. Besides that I love this exercise video as it is different from a standard weight lifting exercise that I find fun and enjoyable. I find these exercises to be hard but comfortable. The best part to me is that I feel much better after this workout then my old weight lifting workout as I prefer a more well rounded style of exercise.

10/10 Finally!!!
By Ulrika / Detroit, MI USA

I am so excited about this DVD! I have been training with KB's for three years now off and on, and I have to admit that my motivation has been running low in the past year, and this is just what i needed! Someone to push me, something simple, something sturctured. I have been waiting for a DVD like this for a looong time and now it is finally here! What I like best with it is how it is laid out. It is a complete foolproof way to get your butt kicked a different way each and every day! I love it. And the PDF that came with the DVD shows different ways to schedule your workout or combine different excercises and it gives me absolutely no excuse not to swing that bell! Andrea, great job!

10/10 Outstanding DVD!
By Martha E. / Tennessee

This is definitely the best work-along kettlebell DVD I own (and I have several). The pre-programmed workouts are excellent. Most instructors would have stopped there, but not Andrea. The A/B/C programs and the ability to select individual drills within those programs make the DVD even more versatile and more valuable. But she didn't stop there, either--the bonus drills are the icing on the kettlebell cake. In addition, two or three options for performing many of the drills are shown. The instruction and form pointers are outstanding throughout. I'll be using this DVD for a long time, and I'll be using the workout design principles and suggestions in the accompanying PDF to make my other work-along DVDs more effective and more enjoyable.

10/10 The Complete Package - Astonishing
By Karen R. Queen / Tampa, Florida United States

I recieved the DVD a couple of days ago.If I could I would give this DVD a 20 instead of a 10.Most DVD's only give you a stripped down verzion of a workout. This marvelous DVD gives you not only 1 workout,like most DVD's.It gives you An infinite amount of them,and they include a warm-up portion and a cool-down routine that is out of this world.These workouts will work you out even if you use a light kettlebell.The instructions are clear cut,and concise for all to understand.Guys will love this DVD as well.

10/10 Hard Core Workout!
By Mary / Saratoga, CA USA

Andrea Du Cane provides some tough workouts on The Kettlebell Goddess DVD. This DVD is not for beginners, but it is a great way for someone familiar with basic kettlebell exercises to get a great challenging workout. Each of the goddess workouts are great no-frills, no-nonsense, kick-butt exercise routines. I really enjoy the relax into stretch segment at the end of each workout.

By the way, this DVD is not just for women! My boyfriend loves it as much as I do (though he did complain about not being able to keep up with women wearing pink shirts).

5/10 Not enough
By Julie Bavender / Columbus, OH

Too much stretching & cool down not enough work out. Haven't done them all yet, bad not impressed. Wanted to sweat.

3/10 So BORING!!
By Kelly Williams / Boston, USA

This kettlebell DVD is the most boring I have ever tried! I am a fan of Insanity and needed a change so I thought after reading other reviews of the Godess Workout that I would give it a try. The instructor does not say anthing during most of the workouts! Not a word! No directions during the workout, no reminders of the form you should have, and NO music!! Besides "Let's begin with ..." that is it! Although I am not a fan of Jillian Michaels, her workout is much better.

8/10 Kettlebell Goddess DVD Review
By Amy R / Boerne, TX, USA

The content and instruction of the DVD is good, but working out along with it is neither exciting or motivating. It would be nice to have someone counting in the background at least to know when to stop/change/switch etc.

5/10 Where's The Beat?
By D Sharp / Kimball, USA

Although it is definitely an effective video, I found it lacking in that there is no music to help keep me motivated. Also, it falls short on coaching throughout the routines. In my opinion, a trainer/instructor should be constantly reminding me about breathing techniques, form and posture, etc.

6/10 just ok
By lynn blen / Albany, NY, USA

pretty boring - the moves are standard and effective - but presentation is boring.

9/10 Kettle Bell Goddess is Awesome
By Sharon Rusbatch / Christchurch, New Zealand

This DVD is a fantastic workout. I would have liked a little more detail in the technique of some of the moves as a little brief. But have managed the DVD well and can say that it is a whole body workout. Who needs a gym when you have a kettle bell workout and healthy eating.

Ordering was easy and delivery was fast.

By Mary Henry / Vidalia, USA

I have not used it enough yet to get the desired benefits, but I'm working on it. The DVD is user friendly and not too complicated to master. I hope you will contact me after three or four months. I hope to have gained strength overall and to have shaped my midsection. I'm using ten and twenty pound kettle bells, but mostly the ten pound at this point.

3/10 Not what I was looking for.
By Linda Hahn / Plymouth, USA

I was very disappointed in this DVD. The sound is very staticy and it's in black and white. There is also no music in the background so very boring -- I had to play my own tunes from a different source. The workouts are good, but not too interesting.

10/10 One tough workout
By Deanna Rizzo / Buffalo, NY, USA

Don't let the word "goddess" fool you....this is one tough workout! It is a well organized, user friendly won't be disappointed.

3/10 Very Disappointing
By JoAnn Stephens / Long Island, USA

I have at least 20 workout DVD's because I like to mix things up. I have 2 other kettkebell dvd's and was looking for something really challenging and different. This DVD got so many good reviews so I spent the $36.00 ( which is more than I have EVER spent on a workout DVD). I found the warm ups to be ridiculously long and boring and the workouts are nothing exceptional. These are basic moves that are using kettlebells instead of dumbells. The instructor is really uninspiring and I could barely get through it not because of the level of difficulty but because of loss of interest. I cannot believe how much this DVD costs compared to comparable ones. I would ask for a refund if I could.

5/10 goddess workout
By jen g / lebanon, USA

Some of the workouts are short, so I end up doing 2 of them a lot. I do wish they would count the sets out loud or provide more instruction verbally. I feel I am constantly trying to look at the screen to make sure I am keeping up with the reps or switching when supposed to. It is a very quiet workout. A little hard to become motivated. All the ladies are in full make up to. Some of the moves are very unsafe. This defiantly was not made in the USA as they would never have you standing on a bench and leaning over to do kettle ball swings!!!!

8/10 Awesome dvd
By Abbey Bernie / Katikati, New Zealand

Being new to kettlebells, I have found this dvd excellent. Its varied workouts and drills are from beginner to advanced and the option to be able to mix and match to ensure I dont get bored is a massive plus!

10/10 Great Women Workout plus Lifting!
By sara dingess / ashland, OR, usa

Just got the workout and already in love with it! I had been doing another beginner kettle bell workout and already went through it twice, so I need the next level of at home training and found this. Love the theme for women and it is definitely hard core circuit/cardio plus lifting techniques. My goal is to eventually lift/compete but since I am at the beginner stage, this workout will definitely build me up and condition me to take it to the next level!

8/10 Be Prepared - No music
By Christy / Savannah, GA

Very functional workout. It is harder than it looks. There is a lot of variety available. The only negative is that there is no music. I find it hard to workout with no music at all.

10/10 The Exquisite Pain...
By Nikki - Personal Trainer/Massage Therapist / Sydney, AUSTRALIA

I love this dvd, it has taken my kettlebell training to a new, previously unattainable level. To con a phrase, "Pain is weakness leaving the body"....after completing the 'Goddess' workouts there will be no weakness left to leave the body, only the exquisite pain that can only be felt after a proper bell thrashing.

9/10 Great Workout Series
By BurnNfly / San Carlos, CA USA

Extremely informative DVD, with great workouts, and customizing potentials. We only wish there were more "verbal" reminders on form while working out with the DVD. Many of the exercises require looking at the Kettlebell, and it can be difficult to workout and watch the Poses at the same time.

Other than that...we love it!

10/10 Not just for females!
By Chris / Hudson, WI

I bought this video for my wife and she loves it. I thought I could do this video really easy so I joined her one day with a 45# kettlebell. I found out that this video is not just for females.

8/10 Excellent video layout
By Sandi O'Shaughnessy / Kauai, Hawaii

This video is unique because it allows you to customize the workouts based on the sets you wish to do. There are 3 variations to each exersize so you can chose the one that fits your fitness level that day. The only thing I don't like about this video is that there isn't any music. I would have preferred to at least have a music option available. Andrea gives good instruction, but she isn't counting off the reps, giving encouragement, or tips, so why not add a few tunes to keep it interesting?

I like the stretch at the end of each workout.

10/10 True Excellence in Training!
By JoAnne S / Minneapolis, MN USA

I've had the KB Goddess Workout for two weeks and I'm not yet through it all! I am impressed and grateful for this offering. Andrea is so clear and thorough - and kind! - through all of her instruction. I appreciate the variety in, and the toughness of, each workout. I'm awakening muscles that have been sleeping for sometime. I'm a newcomer to KBs, although I have used Pavel's From Russia With Tough Love, which is also excellent. With the Goddess Workout, it all feels accessible, that even if I can't do it (all of the sets or a new form) today, I'll be able to do it tomorrow - or SOON. So the training is empowering and hopeful. All of the women in the video are beautiful and able trainers, so thank you to them, and especially to Andrea, who embodies Kettlebell Goddess and training excellence.

My next goal - to train with Andrea in person.

P.S. I wanted to get this video for some time, but didn't. DON'T WAIT! For health, for fitness, for fun - you deserve this!

10/10 Phew!

This is not a DVD for beginners as it offers only a simple review of various moves. For those who have the basics down pretty well this DVD offers routines that cook your butt! That has always been a complaint with beginners. "Now that I feel comfortable doing these moves how do I put it together to achieve what I want and not get bored?" This DVD puts it together. My only suggestion would be to add a guy or two to the lineup and rename it, "The KB Immortal Workout."

10/10 great dvd
By marcus / colorado springs

this is a great kick but sweat drippin workout men and ladies will enjoy it!

10/10 superior workout with precise instruction.
By Elly / Chicago, Illinois

the Goddess workout really makes you feel stronger right away. There is no messing around with Andrea. She is a great instructor. She speaks to you like she is right there. She also give proper instruction with lots of versitility. I love it.

2/10 It's OK, but very slow moving
By Jianean / Texas

I didn't really enjoy this workout too much. There is no music on the background that you an listen too, and it's very slow moving too me. If I had known this in the beginning I wouldn't have purchased this dvd. I guess it's good for people who may be just beginning, but for more experienced kettlebell workers definityly need something more higher impact. For a beginner I would recommend it, but not at these price it's a little pricey for something not so good.

10/10 What A Kettlebell Workout Indeed!
By Angela Washington / Columbus,Ohio

I just love "The Kettlebell Goddess Workout"! It is so easy to workout to this DVD! It contains Great Instruction, Classic Kettlebell Movements,Fresh and Exciting Drills to workout different area's of your body and Andrea Du Cane is just truly a great teacher! I highly recommend this DVD to anyone who wants to learn the basic's or to learn new movements that are sure to make you sweat!

10/10 greatest workout ever!!!
By annabel / malaysia

i started the goddess workouts and a week i noticed a difference in my body, particularly the hips and legs. they just shrinked so fast i couldnt believe it was my legs!! my arm,s are starting to show some definition too and i dont even do this workout everyday, and i;m not dieting! i dont mind having no music, i think andrea is trying to teach us how to breathe properly and the music would just distract us from learning proper breathing. but buying the kettlebell and this dvd is the best choice i have ever made, all the other exercise machines can go down the drain!
girls, if you havent bought this dvd yet, you're missin out

10/10 Lots of Choices
By DJN / Manasquan, New Jersey USA

The depth and content of this DVD are amazing. There are so many workouts to choose from. You have the flexibility to choose long or short workouts, to focus on cardio, strength, upper body, lower body or to mix and match workouts. Andrea did a great job designing this DVD.

9/10 Kettlebell Goddess Workout
By JC / Knoxville, TN

This DVD offers the great flexibility of allowing you to choose from specific goal oriented workouts or creating your own workout by choosing from several exercises. You won't get bored quickly with this one! I like that Andrea gives different variations of ways to execute some of the exercises(I am fairly new to KB). There is no music and she is not very talkative, almost to a fault. There are a few times when I wish she would vocally count down or say it is time to change sides so I wouldn't have to keep up with it myself by counting or keeping my eyes on the tv. Not enough of an issue to keep me from loving this DVD though.

9/10 Goddess DVD
By A.Sheriff / Crane,TX USA

I am enjoying the follow-along workouts on the DVD. I would have preferred them set to music rather than the "loud" silence. But other than that I'm very pleased.

10/10 Kicks butt! I'm ordering a 3rd copy!
By Tom Shippy / Gillette, WY USA

That's how my girls in Phoenix and Hawaii describe this video! They were impressed with Andrea's physique, demonstrations, and her manner. I'm placing an order for a 3rd copy of the KB Goddess workout and will probably eventually order a 4th....I've got 4 girls! They've tried a lot of different workouts over the years: gym (free wts., machines), personal trainers, etc. and this one kicks major butt! (Personally, I've done every kind of workout imaginable for over 50 years, even owned a fitness center at one time in my life, and they assure me that I'll love this one when I next fly to Phoenix!)

10/10 Great dvd, for women AND men!
By JonFrost / Naples, Florida

I ordered this dvd for a lady friend of mine, but I have to say I think I will be using it, too! It's a great follow along program, but also allows the option to create your own program. I really like the fact that a mobility warm up and cool down stretching program are added. Lots of great exercises and workouts, this one is not just for ladies!! It's great to see a dvd produced by a woman. Well done Mrs. DuCane!!

10/10 Strength AND Flexibility Together!
By Beth Davis / Tucson, AZ, USA

I love this video. I have found a new fitness passion.
I was doing yoga and weight training - but truth be
told - weight training had grown dull for me. Kettebells
put the spark back in pain. :-) Andrea Du Cane
is an expert at what she does and it comes through
in her perfect physical technique and smooth delivery
of precise, step-by-step instructions. I also very much
appreciate the lack of any music... so I can choose
my own. My ability to mix n' match workouts
based on my particular energy level or training needs is also
a unique and useful feature.

Keep up the great work!
By the way, I've only been using the kettlebells for a week
and there are VISIBLE changes in my muscle tone.
My husband commented on it and has begun
training with me.

7/10 Good General Introduction to Kettlebell
By Patty / Long Island, NY

This DVD was a good introduction to kettlebell, which was what I wanted. As a personal trainer, I did not need the warmup segment or to see each exercise done 3x. The menu needs to be somewhat modified to make navigating thru the exercises easier to find.

10/10 Worth a quick workout
By Lucylu / NY, USA

I had been used to doing "the art of strength, providence"; fast paced, fun music, challenging, with 2 minute interval workouts. When I did "the kettle-bell Goddess workout", I was disappointed at first. It's a good workout for women who are beginners at kettle-bell training, or women who have never exercised before. It was very slow, no music (extremely quiet), and low quantity of reps. However, it's a great workout if you just want to do something. You can break it down into 6 different workouts, all targeting different body parts. I do it when I'm just tired and not up to exercising. In 20 minutes you get a nice workout, and you don't feel like a waste of a day.

10/10 Great Workout!
By Mandy / Ottawa, ON, Canada

Wow! This DVD really gives you a great workout. I am newer to Kettlebells and wanted to be able to follow along with someone else. Being able to workout in my home is a must for me, and I hate to go anywhere to work out. This DVD will really make you sweat and work hard. I noticed that in the short time that I've been working out with this DVD and my kettlebells that the jiggly part on my underarm is noticeably less jiggly (my husband was actually the one who noticed this), and my bottom has actually lifted some. My kettlebells will be my only workout tool from now on!

8/10 SO well done!!
By Sherilyn / Littleton, CO USA

I was going to keep this link until I could consider myself a bit more knowledgeable about kettlebell-ing :). I am absolutely green, so I thought, "what could I have to say". But I have used the DVD every day for a week, and between this, and my wonderful aders, also from DD, I feel that I am starting my journey with top of the line tools! I am an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, and strongly believe in using a trainer when I begin a new method. Alas, this time, due to time-restraints, I had to jump in and HOPE the net appeared! I believe it has, in the form of this DVD. A trainer can really appreciate the way this is laid out, and the only down-side is that it makes me SO eager to "get to" all of those wonderful more advanced sessions, so I must practice delayed gratification. I will be back to report even more, once I know what I am talking about! :0D

8/10 Great Kettlebell DVD!
By Kim / Fairfax Station, VA

The quick review section is a wonderful reference for those times when you need to check a particular exercise. It is a great workout and shows variations for different levels of fitness.

10/10 Kettlebell workout smorgasbord delight!
By Nikki Beye / Sembach AB, Germany

Recently I have joined in with my husband's love of kettlebells. We're both in the AF and there is a certain look we're supposed to maitain to be 'fit to fight'and he kind of strayed away from that look for a while. He picked up kettlebells as a regular way of working out. That plus eating better has helped him loose almost 50lbs since the end of July. As a way to maintain accountability for himself, he even created a website so we could write down his daily routines and post pictures and videos of his kettlebells.

So many of our coworks have noticed the drastic changes in his body and demeanor and wanted in on some of the action. He began offering demonstrations of the types of exercises he had been using for the men around work. Then the women get interested, so I offered to show them what I do on my 18lb beauty. I started ended up naming her Sedussa, because everyone who tries her out is immediately sedused and ultimately ends up getting one for themselves. Since so many ladies fell in love, I decided to purchase the Kettlebell Goddess Workout DVD so that we could have group sessions as soon as all of their KBs arrived.

I just got the DVD and went through a few of the exercises. So far I am very impressed with the quality and understandability of how to do each. It is recommended that you start with From Russia, With Tough Love; however I think this video is easy enough to use even if you didn't have the first one. Several of the previous reviews I read indiicated that everyone liked the DVD but some didn't like the lack of music. I completely understand why Andrea chose to leave it out. The DVD is like a smorgasbord of small exercises that the user can choose at whim, each section only lasting a couple of minutes. This would have made it very difficult to get motivating workout music to play seamlessly in the background.

Great job Andrea! I can't wait until our first large group session for all the kettlebell goddesses at my work.

8/10 Great Video
By Leigh / Idaho, USA

I was really pleased with the variety of workouts presented on the video. It will be a very good way to vary my workouts without ever getting bored or repetetive. The only thing I would have liked better is if there had been some music or something of that sort since I tend to do better with something in the background. But that is truly no reflection on the quality of the information provided in the video.

10/10 I love it!
By Elisa / Montana

I have learned some new exercises to do with my KB's. The program lets me do a quick workout when I am pressed for time or do a variety of workouts back to back when I want to do more.
I can see that by using a heavier KB or using two KB's can increase the workout dramatically so I can continually increase the intensity of the workout.

6/10 A Little Dissapointed
By Gretchen Stell / Austin, TX USA

I was very excited to get the DVD. I am relatively new to kettlebells, however i have worked out with a kettlebell trainer and done many exercises to previous DVDs. According to the other reviews i felt this DVD would be fun to workout to, but on the contrary. I felt her presentation to be very dry, their was no music and little energy conveyed in the workouts which went by really fast with no time for breaks in between. Their are only a few seconds between workouts. In alot of her workouts she uses 2 kettlebells and I only have one so that cuts out alot of workouts.
It's not too bad, but I would not recommend it.

10/10 Excellent product!!!
By Stan / Nassau Bahamas

I have about 3 kettlebell dvd's and Andrea is by far the best, the variety is absolutely motivating.

10/10 Economy of Force
By Jan McGriff III / Honolulu, Hawaii United States

Andrea explains each exercise and demonstates with three views (right, left profile and head-on). The workouts are an economy of force. No music, no messing around. She just calls out the exercise and the girls move out. Keep up if you can.

10/10 They make it look soooo easy...
By Kelli / Tallahassee, FL

I really love this dvd. I really like that there is no cheesy music. I can play what I want and still hear Andrea Du Cane give instructions. The workouts are tough and the dvd is easy to use. A lot of bang for the buck.

By Chantal Gliddon / Waroona, WESTERN AUSTRALIA

A very informative dvd. I like the interactive approach which means you can tailor each workout to suit your personal needs as well as having a general workout if you want to an all over body challenge.

By Michelle C Grimes / California

As a martial artist and certified physical fitness instructor, I find that this workout is absolutely the best! Thank you for putting it together and presenting it in such an easy-to-follow manner for the rest of us to enjoy! Thanks!

10/10 AWESOME!
By C. Bowers / Virginia Beach, VA USA

Great workout! I used muscles that I hadn't used in a long time. I will recommend this to everyone.


I love my kettlebell, but I felt this video was long on repetition, slow moving and not very inspiring. I watched the "ENTER THE KETTLEBELL" video and found it to be more entertaining , more inspiring and generated more enthusiasm.

10/10 The Goddess Attacks
By Peter Stroth / Oak Park, IL USA

Greetings, Comrades.

I bought this DVD for my sixteen year old daughter. She was worried about a few extra pounds she was carrying since the swim season ended and proms were coming up.

I previewed the tape with her and she got right to it with her 18 lb. kettlebell. She loves it. Most of her previous workouts have been in a pool and she had no idea she could sweat so much.

The following week, a buddy of mine-- the guy who introduced me to Dragondoor-- gave me two 35 lb. kettlebells because he had moved on to the 53 pounders. I thanked him for his generosity. Later, I thanked him for the pain. ("Thank you, sir, may I have another!")

I'm just doing the same stuff my daughter is and now I know why I don't have to "suffer the indignity of diet and aerobics." After just one week, 5 sessions, I can feel my core firming up. My hamstrings were on fire for three days, but they've settled into the hard life.

If you think you're too much of a man to do a workout made for women, then think again, tough guy. These exercises, and the variety is great, don't separate the boys from the girls; they separate the mortals from the mutants!

10/10 Awesome workout routines in one DVD.
By Angela / West Richland, WA

This DVD not only has workout routines for you but they are also divided up into the different target areas so you can decide which body part you'd like to work on for the day. I'm so glad my husband told me about this new DVD. This will be great for getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Thank you, Andrea, for all the routines wrapped up in ONE DVD!

10/10 Practicle DVD
By Xiaoling Li / Other Australia

A easy to follow program.

8/10 media software mandatory
By Kathleen / Columbia SC

The video, and techniques and descriptions, cueing are excellent, I'm glad it was recommended to me and that I bought it.

I did not like the fact that It required that I install Interactual software to run the video. Since it did not install on all computers, I can only use the video in one place and not the place I need to use it. As if I don't have enough media software....

10/10 New to Kettlebells, loved the workout
By Janet Ashworth / Kanarraville, UT

I am new to using kettlebells. I absolutely love this workout. I've always been into fitness and love to workout. I've never gotten the definition that I've wanted. I pretty sure that with the Goddess workout and kettlebells I will.

8/10 Kettlebell Goddess workout DVD
By Celtic Lass / Sacramento Ca

I love the different work outs and the ability to make up my own routine! I love the instructor ability to teach and give direction. She keeps to the point and keeps you working out without excessive chit chat or jokes.

The only improvement I would recommend is some notation in the menu about how long each goddess routine takes so I could better work out in a known time frame.

10/10 Kick butt workouts you feel the day after
By Anne Guy / Crofton, MD

The workouts on this DVD are awesome. They are designed so that you feel like "that was not easy, but not too difficult". Then you wake up the next morning and your body tells you that you worked it much more than you thought. I love that.

My only critique is that I wish there was some sort of music on the DVD during the sets.

8/10 Goddess
By Redhead / California

This is a very good instructional DVD, however, if you are working with it there is no dialog to let you know when to change hands, etc. So, you have to be watching the screen pretty much the entire time.

The DVD definitely is a WORKOUT!

10/10 What an awsome DVD
By Brenda Sparks / Monroeville, Oh

I absolutely LOVE this DVD. I really like how interactive it is, you can pick your workout or mix and match smaller portions to make a whole. I've got my husband doing it with me I just haven't told him the name of the DVD! I like the "real people" doing the workouts, not models, which for me is always a real downer. I like the variety of workouts as well as the variety of different exercises, some I had not done before. I swear I can see a difference already, after two weeks. I love to KB, but I have a hard time thinking what to do, how much, etc. This makes it fun, and is something to work for, I can't quite keep up on everything, YET. Andrea, what size KB is that, anyway?

10/10 A must have when working with kettlebells
By Justine / Downriver MI, USA

This is the best dvd that there is. I recieved it about 2 weeks ago and I have been doing it everyday. They really can kick your butt with this dvd. It's a MUST HAVE.

10/10 Skip the health club membership and do this instead!
By DEBORAH F / DENVER, Colorado United States

I learned about KB's through a local trainer and own two 18-lb bells and a 26-lb bell. I was starting to feel "antsy" and anxious to try some new things. A friend told me to return to the source --- Dragon Door --- and check out this DVD. I HATE exercise videos but did it anyway because it had to do with KB's. Wow!!! I did the Artemis workout right off and was really surprised how much new stuff I learned in 30 minutes. I told myself that it was ok that I couldn't do 3 sets of an exercise; I'd have plenty of time to practice in the months ahead! Also, I had to do some modifications so I could participate, such as using the Swiss Ball with the Russian Twists -- NO ONE, no matter what your level, should be left out of the KB rage! Very pleased to see Andrea's bonus drills and workouts so that I can put together my own programs. I use a purchased computer application to manage my workouts and can easily grab one instead of re-inventing the wheel. My success has to do with my own creativity, and Andrea and group have encouraged me to go for it. My workouts have moved up a couple of notches. A million thanks! More, please!

10/10 Superior than any other workout tape I've purchased
By Therese R / Poolesville, MD USA

I can do Andrea Du Cane's workout or make my own from her list! And her list is organized and well thought out. 10 minutes or an hour. Change it up whenever I want without wasting time. I've never seen anything like it! I don't wait 5 minutes in between exercises for an explaination. All angles of the exercise are shown. The best part is the workout itself. After 2 weeks of kettlebell I can do other exercise tapes easily. One exercise I had a major problem with was called the "pelvic scoop". I could do about 5 before I had to stop (did the tape for 2 months every other day). Right after the 7th kettlebell workout I tried the pelvic scoop again - did 30 and could have done more. You know how great that felt??!!! And I had no idea that I could get that much stronger in such a short time. My body feels more firm. My back hasn't hurt the last 5 days - at all. I'm 52 and have 6 kids - my back hurt all the time.
Time flew by the first time I did the workout. An hour had gone by and I could have sworn it was just 20 minutes! My other tapes I would be looking at the clock constantly.
With the kettlebell workout I feel the exercises deep inside - not just right underneath the skin. Something I never experienced before and I have worked out with weights on and off for 20 years. I felt that for the first time I'm finally working out the right way. They DO make you stonger, they DO give you that energy kick and they DO melt the fat.
Combined 1 inch and 3 1/2 lbs lost in 2 weeks. Never did that with the other tapes!
Thanks for the prompt attention to my order. I received the tape 2 days after ordering.
Take care

8/10 Variety and results
By Beth / New Zealand

I am new to kettlebells, but certified in Pilates, so after reading about KB techniques I decided on this DVD. Andrea recommends in the introduction that newbies become familiar with "From Russia with Tough Love" first. With this in mind, her basic form review is brief and doesn't provide a full breakdown of each exercise (it's a good basic overview, though), and within the workouts, there is minimal cueing--and by minimal, I mean that after naming the exercise, she often is silent for the rest of the set. Andrea's breathing is audible and that helps. I felt OK with this level of instruction, combined with written instructions from elsewhere, and common sense, and I think I'm getting good form.

The "goddess" gimmick is nicely done, with a simple but attractive set featuring columns and curtains, and the two supporting athletes demonstrate good variations. I find myself watching Kristann Heinz for her excellent form and control.

The structure of the DVD, with minimal cueing, lends itself to both mix-and-matching the exercises and adding in--it's really easy to do a set of swings before or between sets of other moves and build up a longer workout or increase the cardiovascular challenge of a strength-based workourt. Finally, Dr Heinz's segment on safety and pregnancy, while not the most fascinating to watch, gives good information for women wanting to explore KB training through pregnancy.

Some more variation in warm-ups (there's only one) or some more challenging combinations of drills would have improved the workouts for me. For example, putting a few swings between sets of squats or military presses.

I expect this DVD to give me many years of challenging, fun KB workouts.

7/10 Tough Workout
By Graybeard / Cincinnati

This is an excellent workout! It is very challenging and unless you have done some lifting, I suggest you start real slow.
The strengths of the DVD are the variety of workouts, and the no nosense approach. The major weakness is instruction on how to do each move.
I think she should have a section where she not only illustrates the move, but takes the time to practice it with you. Some of the complex moves that are introduced during the workouts have caused me to stop the video just to practice.
Another thing that should be discussed is how heavy a kettlebell you should use.
My wife had these little 10 lb kettlebells that she got from GNC, and they worked well when she was just starting. Now we are waiting for her 18 pounders to come in.
Overall this is an excellent DVD, and will challenge us for many many months.

8/10 Great for women..and men too!
By Alex K. / New York City

I really like this DVD. Andrea does a good job explaining the exercises and there are various workouts. This is designed for women but make no's a butt kicking workout for men too!

10/10 Absolutely AWESOME!!!!!
By Cathy Sands / Newark, OH, USA

I purchased the Femme Fatal dvd over a year ago. I found it to be informative, however it lacked a structured workout I then purchased a kettlebell workout dvd. I like it, but it seemed to be lacking something. I purchased this and have been using for a little over a week and WOW! I love the mix and match format. I am already seeing results. I would HIGHLY recommend this to someone who needs direction when doing a workout. I love being able to choose if I want to do a Goddess workout - which are KICK BUTT. Thank you to Andrea for this GREAT WORKOUT!!!

6/10 Good reference for learning proper form,
By Elizabeth / Faribault, MN USA

By showing three women doing the workout/routines at the same time, you will better understand proper form and ways to "modify" the workout depending on your fitness & experience level.
I prefer a "time bar" to sets/counting reps as is done on this DVD. "Counting" interrupts the flow of the sequence.
There's one instance in the full body section where the second set was omitted.
Lack of a music track could be worked around but I did miss having one. I think this DVD is a good "intro" because the verbal descriptions are concise and the photography shows good form, but it drags a bit.

10/10 Awesome DVD and well worth the investment!
By CJ / Forestville, CA USA

I purchased a Kettlebell last year and only knew a few exercises. As a fitness professional teaching group choreographed aeorbics for 23 years I am excited to recieve this addition to my home workout!! It is like having my own personal professional Kettlebell trainer in my living room!! I love it.
Satisfied in CA

10/10 Kettlebell Godess Workout DVD
By judith hansen / minneapolis, Minnesota United States

This DVD is awesome. I like the way it's arranged into 6 sections. One can pick which workout to choose. It really complements my training with John Rock my Certified Personal Trainer and RKC instructor at Lifetime Fitness St. Louis Park. (Phone 952-546-5474 ext. 150307). We've recently been working on the Pistol-something I never thought I could do. The DVD helps with the technique. The constant variety of the workouts will keep it from ever getting old and boring meeting my changing needs. The bonus section will help keep things fresh.

10/10 This is motivating
By Kathie / Fair Oaks, CA

I have been swinging the bell since January, love it and am amazed at the results. Results gets me "hooked". I have a certified instructor I work under twice a week. I wanted to workout more often so would pick up the KB during the week but would swing for only ten minutes or so. I would do my favorite and easiest swings. This video gives me such a variety of workouts, has a few swings I have not seen or done and I now do some tough stuff I otherwise would pass on when I am working out alone. What a great compliment to my classes as a fill-in during the week.

10/10 Works for the Gods too
By Steve Gould, RKC / Morton, IL

Men! Don't let the "Goddess" title keep you from getting this DVD. The workouts are demanding and complete. You may follow each workout as demonstrated for some great training. The real bonus for me was the build your own workout section at the end. Any "God" can reap tremendous benetits from the Goddess workout.

10/10 This video is GREAT!!
By Anne Clare / Kansas City MO

I'm glad you sent me this request for a review because I had been thinking about sending you one anyway. I think this video is GREAT because you can move to anything you want to right away, and Andrea does a FINE job explaining and demonstrating the exercises. The fact that they are broken up into upper and lower body and cardio workouts is wonderful. I use the video everyday and I thank you for offering it. I think you're right to let people choose their own or no music. Also, it is a great buy, for $29.95 you get 2 1/2 hours!

10/10 This is perfect for what I was looking for!
By Diane / Belleville, MI USA

I am fairly new to KB training and own the "Tough Love" DVD. I was looking for some structure in my KB training when I came across this find. I am not one to 'wing it'. It is like Andrea read my mind. I have only done a few of the available 'Goddess Workouts' on the DVD and am very impressed. It was obvious that she really tried hard to accomodate so many aspects of KB training! I also appreciate the low cost associated with this excellent DVD. I am sure I could add more as I become more acclimated to this DVD, but was excited to share what I have experienced so far! If you enjoy working with KB's and are looking for some structured, short, workout routines I would highly recommend this DVD. Thanks, Andrea for taking the time and energy to put this together.

10/10 Nothing but positive feedback!!!
By Lance Mosley, RKC, CSCS / Palm Beach County, FL

This is a great DVD. I have been getting nothing but positive feedback from my clients. I tried a few of them myself and trust me guys, this DVD is not just for the Goddess' but the Gods' can also get worked on these programs as well. The different combinations and ways Andrea shows you how to come up with your own personal routine makes this a must for anyone who wants to get in shape.

10/10 Kettlebell Goddess Review
By Kerry Swick, RKC / Pittsburgh, PA

Good video - good to see the different options for the exercises. I will be starting a KB class soon, so this is a good resource for ideas.

10/10 The Kettlebell Goddess Workout
By Mariam Scudamore / Englad, London

Excellent quality, very clear demonstrations, good decore, very useful for personal use or working with clients.

I enjoyed it very much.

Thank you

9/10 Just what I wanted
By Peggy silveri / Incline Village, NV

Very informative. I like the flexibility of the workouts. I've been missing the stretching after working out with kettlebells and this got me back on track with that. Great for men or women. The only thing I would have added would be music.

9/10 content is excellent but
By marilyn eckelman / boston,ma

dvd skips sections in the goddess workout

10/10 Excellent!
By Jen / Maine

This DVD is brilliant! I love the way it is structured to either follow along with the goddess workouts or to create your own. The instruction is great and the workouts are awesome. I can never see myself getting sick of this DVD with all the variety!
I'm newly addicted to kettlebells; I have only been working out with them for a few months now and I think this DVD is excellent for beginners. I'd recommend it to both beginners and advanced kettlebellers alike. If you are looking for a serious workout DVD, this is definitely worth it! I love it! I can't thank Andrea enough!!

10/10 Become the Goddess!!
By Rae Chitwood, RKC / Mansfield, OH USA

WOW!! I purchased this DVD at the RKC in October and I am in LOVE!! I will recommend this DVD to EVERYONE!! This has to be the most kick-butt workout I've tried. My clients will love it! I love the structure of being able to design my own workout with the formulas provided, or just follow along with the workouts already created for us. Andrea - You are awesome! Thanks so much for this DVD! I feel like I'm back at the RKC. (well...almost!)

10/10 Kettlebell Goddess workout by Andrea Du Cane
By Karen / UK

This is by far the best workout DVD I've found. The exercises are clearly explained and done in real time, including the reps so you don't have to keep hitting the pause key.

There are so many drills and they are laid out in a great format - both as total workouts for cardio, upper body, legs etc, and as individual drills. There is even a list of suggested drill groups for daily and weekly workouts. Nothing is left out. A great workout DVD.

7/10 kicks butt
By Lisa / Youngstown Ohio USA

Andrea Du Cane is very informative, it is refreshing that there is no studio enhancements, you actually hear how hard they are working. My only complaint, if it is that, the instructor of the cool down/stretching segment is a bit on the bossy side. This is a cool down, not boot camp.

8/10 Kettlebell newbie
By Kelly / Oklahoma, USA

Since I am new to kettlebell workouts, I was wanting a great instructional, easy to follow workout. This is easy to follow, but definitely not easy! I did two of the workouts, one for upper and one for lower, and felt like I got a tremendous workout. The only reason I gave this an 8 was because of the fact there is no music and it can be a bit boring without it. (I LOVE my music!) But I just played my own and went with it. All in all, a fantastic DVD for those new to the bells.

10/10 Love at first sight
By Deanna mom to Aidan / Fabulous Orlando

This DVD is awesome! I think it's the best one I have ever seen. No cheesy music,strong cool women, I love it! I am also out of shape from having my baby and I am able to do most of the exercise but it's super intense! Everyone should be using kettlebells they're the best!!

10/10 It is great!
By Kelly Karls / Chicago

My husband bought the dvd for me, and I love it! I can do it at home in the morning, while my baby sleeps! I love that there are so many different workouts too! It's great!!

10/10 Versatile
By Shelli / Cincinnati, OH

This is a great DVD. Probably the best thing about it is its versatility. I've never had a workout video that was as "customizable" as this. It allows you to mix and match and create your own workout. The combinations are almost limitless, so you don't get bored. If you print out the PDF that comes with it, you get even more ideas of how to run your workout for the week. By far, the best exercise video I've ever purchased.

10/10 Awesome!
By Anna Shum / Boston, MA

I placed an order for Andrea's DVD when I was in St. Paul for the September RKC. Receiving it in the mail 2 days ago, I popped it into my computer for a mini sample workout before work and have to say that in one quick "Goddess" segment I was smoked and stoked! From the picture quality, angles at which each exercise can be viewed, as well as the concept and content packed into this user-friendly DVD, it triples as a work-along workout, a reference on proper form, as well as a workout structure guide. While I am an RKC and not a new kettlebeller, along with all other kb practictioners I'm sure, I am and should always be constantly working to refine my form. Andrea's clarity (along w/that of Kristann's and Nicole's) in explaining and displaying each exercise is worth the price of the DVD alone. One of my trouble exercises is the simple yet complex clean. Just by viewing the "quick start review" feature of the DVD, I already feel like I have a better understanding of this exercise that plagues me and things are really starting to click! it is the subtleties in form after all that makes all the difference at the end of the day as we practice this skill called strength. One complaint that I often have with predominantly female-tailored exercise guides is that they often assume its audience is beginner level; "Goddess" is for all-users (men included) and I'd even veer to say that its workouts are quite advanced, although they can be paced to any fitness level, as the 3 ladies each show a different variation on each exercise. I could go on and on but I hope you'll all be the judge and do yourselves a favor to grab a copy of your own. Great job Andrea and I look forward to working with you again!

4/10 Good Information Very Boring Delivery
By Ronnie / Wyoming

I have several DVDs on kettlebells including all of Punch Gym's and some of Mike Mahler's. The Kettlebell Goddess Workout contains very good information but it is extremely boring to watch. I hate to use the word boring because I think as long as a person has a brain, he shouldn't get bored---but I found this DVD hard to watch. I returned it directly because I knew there were better products out there. The information is very good but the delivery is poor. It would be a good DVD to learn from but it is not a work-along DVD. Even a touch of music would have enlivened it.
I do have several Dragon Door DVDs and enjoy them, but this one I would pass on.

10/10 The Kettlebell Goddess Workout
By Sandy / Richmond, KY

I really like this DVD! Seeing each exercise from different angles and with different ways of using the Kettlebells is a great help. I like that I don't have to have two Kettlebells to do the workouts. Since I am a beginner, I only ordered one Kettlebell.
Andrea is very thorough in her descriptions.
Highly recommended!!

10/10 Great workout!!
By Katie / Canda

I love this dvd. I don't think you will ever get bored as you can create your own workouts or pick from some already created.

It is an awesome workout as well.

9/10 I love kettlebells
By Getting strong / L.I. N.Y. USA

I introduced kettlebells to my wife and she liked them. Than I bought her this dvd to provide her with a routine. Excellent dvd.

2/10 Very disappointed
By C Serrano / Southern CA

I am fairly new to KB workouts, and was on a search for a good DVD. I had high hopes for this workout because of the rave reviews I'd read. I was sorely disappointed. The workout itself might be a good one, as the exercises are good basic KB exercises, but Andrea Du Cane doesn't cue, count (with one or two minor and seemingly incidental instances) or instruct during the actual exercises, and there is no music (which would have helped with the exercise count). That forces you to look at the screen constantly to make sure you are doing the movements correctly and at the same count or time. There are moments when you can sort of hear her counting under her breath, but I'm not sure as she was doing her explosive hissing exhales.

I regret spending my money on this DVD.



10/10 Great workout!
By Karen from San Diego / San Diego, CA

I recently purchased the Kettlebell Goddess Workout DVD and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! If you have an interest in incorporating Kettlebells into your daily workout, this DVD is a good introduction into how to do just that.

10/10 SUPER DVD!!
By Lani G. / Evansville, IN

There have been so many positive reviews of this DVD, that I decided to write my review to counter some of the criticism the DVD has received because of a lack of a music soundtrack.

No, there is no music in the background. To me, THAT IS A BIG PLUS!!! I have a couple of Pilates DVDs that have music backgrounds. Even if you liked the music, and it wasn't too loud, if you actually use the DVD with any regularity you quickly become absolutely SICK of hearing the same music again... and again... and again...

If you like to work out with music, turn on your stereo or clip your iPod on -- then you can choose whatever background music you feel like, be it Mozart or Steppenwolf. You can also control the volume.

I hope I have successfully dispensed with this ridiculous criticism found in some other reviews on this site.

The DVD itself is terrific. Great workouts and camera angles so you can see what is going on. You will never get bored, there are so many ways to mix and match these workouts. The best DVD I have. Good job, guys!

10/10 Best DVD in years
By Lisbeth / Denver, CO USA

This is an excellent DVD that allows you to mix and match workouts and spend as much time or as little if you don't have a lot of time and still feel like you were able to get a sweat and heart rate going. I look forward to working out each day. I just need to add the second kettlebell to increase the intensity. I would highly recommend this to everyone.

5/10 OK, but not great
By Marcia / CA

I was really excited about getting this DVD because of all the high ratings, however, after the first time watching it I haven't used it again. It was nice to see the different drills, but like others commented, it is very dry with no music. I don't have plans on ever using it for working out, but maybe I'll use it as a refresher on form or for some ideas on different drills. I prefer to use a workout I downloaded for free on line that has music and works on my Ipod.

10/10 Awesome!
By Kathy Kellmer / Cherry Hill, NJ

This is a DVD for every level of workout. If you follow the appropriate instructor, it is possible to work yourself up to the next level quite easily. One can watch this over and over and find that you are actually following the higher level instructor in a short time period. The camera captures each angle of the various positions so that you can mimic correct form at all times. Of all the DVD's for any type of workout, I think is the best one to workout to and it produces the best results.

9/10 I'm a goddess now!
By Cathy / Woodland, CA USA

This is my first kettlebell experience and I have to say that this video has a lot of options (ie workouts) to mix and match for varied workouts. At first I couldn't do some of the exercises...but keep trying and you will get the hang of it. If I can do this (I'm somewhat coordination challenged) anyone can do this!

10/10 Great DVD for complete KB workouts
By Mike Figielski / Randolph, NJ

Excellent format and plenty of complete stand alone KB workouts that are intense and challenging for men and women. Not for beginners as step by step form is not taught specifically. Once you have the basic kettle bell exercises learned this DVD gives you great combinations and sequences of exercises to build strength and cardio endurance.

9/10 This is a really good kettlebell workout for women or men.
By Hugo Endris / Mt. Pleasant, SC

This DVD workout is very well done and the workouts selected can improve your strength and cardio. I recommend this DVD for anyone wanting to take their kettlebell workout to the next level.

10/10 The Best Kettlebell Exercises Ever
By Ada / Urk, The Netherlands

When I first started with this DVD, I already did KB training for 4 months.
But this DVD has so much more different exercises, that I just have to love.
I like the way Andrea explains every exercise, and the way she demonstrates them.
I can join immediately with a particular exercise.
I also like the "warming-up and cooling-down" it's very important.
I can only say that this is the BEST KB DVD I've ever purchased.
Keep up the good work.

10/10 Kettlebell Goddess in the Making
By Jeanne / Hamilton, NJ

This DVD is very informative and a useful tool for working out on your own at home. While explanations of the different exercises are provided, I support her recommendation that a beginner work out with an RKC Instructor in person a few times before using this DVD. I like that she provides variations of the exercises. I do wish the stretches at the end weren't so rushed, but it's easy enough to continue after the segment is over. I'm very pleased with my purchase.

8/10 Great workout
By Pat / Vacaville, CA

I think this is a very good workout. My only comment would be that when you put together your own workout combination you could choose them all at one time and they would appear one after the other rather than having to stop, go back to the menu and pick your next segment.

10/10 Fantastic workout!
By Gretchen Blase / St. Louis, MO USA

I am personal trainer and was looking for a new, challenging workout. I have really enjoyed this DVD. It is very challenging and instructive. I look forward to getting more DVD's from Dragondoor.

By Jersey Guy / USA

Another high-quality product from Dragon Door! The workouts are nicely designed to challenge all areas of the body. If you need more, the interactive menu allows you to add additional drills for whatever area you are working on. This is a great feature.
I read some reviews that criticize the lack of a music soundtrack and, at first, I also thought, "Where's the music?" But after the first week of workouts, I really like it because I can hear the cadence of the breathing and I can really focus on the movement.
Gentlemen Comrades, do NOT be fooled by the title! You will be challenged and get a great workout! And besides, goddesses-in-training want to hang out with gods-in-training and not the Pillsbury Doughboy!

3/10 Very outdated, not enough of a workout
By Sarah / Provo,UT USA

I felt that this DVD was very outdated. I was expecting to be sore and have a hardcore workout, instead after stretching and a few workouts I was cooling down. I have already purchased another DVD. I would love to have a full refund.

9/10 Kettlebell Goddess is painfully good!
By CCG / Austin, Texas

The workout is quick and does the trick! I currently run and never consistently do weights, but now that I have found kettebells everything has changed!

10/10 Good excercizes, boring presentation
By Michelle / Los Angeles, CA

I really want to love the Kettlebell Goddess Workout however, it is presented in such a monotone drab way that I just can't get excited about it. There is no music, liveliness or personality. Andrea Du Cane doesn't count or give instruction during the excercise so I have to constantly look at the video to see when I should switch arms if I'm doing single arm moves. It is really monotonous to listen to someone breathing with no music and hardly motivational. Additionally it was advertised as having over 2 hours of programming which it does however a lot of it is repetitive. It is truly a let down and one of the most boring videos I've ever seen. I wish I had better feedback but my guess is I'll be returning this video.

10/10 great goddess workout
By Tereena Gary / Lafayette, La

I think this is one of the best video workouts i have ever had. I like the fact they dont spend time talking or discussing what they are doing.
They get right to the workout and that is what I needed. I hope there is another one to buy.

10/10 Experience the Goddess
By Mari / Hammond, IN

I'm new to kettlebell workouts and this DVD is more appropriate for intermediate and advanced practitioners. That said, once you're secure in the fundamentals, the Goddess Workout is fantastic. I love that the sessions are focused and serious. There's no music, no peppy babbling, the moves are not done so quickly that loss of form is a problem, and being able to hear the proper breathing is extremely helpful. Buy this one if you're serious!

8/10 Great workout
By Jennifer Clark / Appin, Ontario, Canada

These workouts have provided me with guns that I couldn't have achieved anywhere else. Excellent dvd, and if I could change anything I would incorporate longer workouts.

3/10 boring
By tammy / buffalo, NY USA

I understand proper form and the actual workout being percise....but this dvd is so boring it is hard to watch . I consider it a waste of money no matter how educated the instructor is....sorry, I would not recommend this dvd to a beginner or an advanced kettle bell user.

10/10 Totally Awesome
By Kenny Diaz / Escondido, CA USA

I bought this video for my wife, but instead I ended up using it myself. It gives you a solid foundation and teaches you how to make your own workouts. This video never gets old!!



10/10 Great training for new KB users.
By Larry Gibson / Dallas, TX

My wife and I an new K-Bell users, and have purchased K-Bell Goddess and ETK. I really like how Andrea is inspiring my wife and showing her that she can be a stong mature woman.

We are still working on learning all of the different moves, but in a few months we will have all of these excercises down, and begin using the workouts in earnest.

10/10 The Goddess Workout for the Goddess Challenge!
By Greg McNeil - CK Fitness / Albuquerque, NM

This is simply an outstanding instructional video. As a newly certified RKC this video (along with Andrea DuCane's suggestions on targeting female clients)is my top resource for Kettlebell fitness for ladies.

The training and medical information makes this DVD timeless KB instructional tool in my opinion.

Thanks again!

10/10 too challenging for a beginner
By / Los Angeles, CA

I have taken a few classes and thought that I would be comfortable doing a video. However, for many of these exercises you do need 2 kettlebells (one 16 kilo and one smaller in order to do snatches, etc.) which I dont have. And, it seems to me that the 'how to' section for each move is too brief and doesnt cover the finer points of what to do and what not to do . Very frustrating.

10/10 Great resource
By A.J. Young / Kalamazoo, MI USA

I am new to KB training and I found this dvd to be accessible and helpful. The pacing is great and there are a nice variety of workouts from which to choose. I can craft the workout to my needs and I look forward to seeing how this helps my running.

8/10 great workouts
By Walker / Rescue, CA USA

My husband and I like it so much we bought it for our friends.

10/10 Great DVD
By Susan / Dulles Virginia

The directions are very clear and the program gives you many choices. I wish that she had talked more about the swing. Thanks.

10/10 Love this DVD!
By Shishi / Bellingham, WA USA

This is a great workout, even for the beginner like myself. The workouts are easy to follow, challenging, and not tons of choreography like other workouts I have done in the past. After just two weeks I have noticed my strength improve. And since you can use one of the workouts they have created, or create your own, you can go as long or as short as you have time for.

7/10 The Kettlebell Goddes Workout
By Suzanne Duni / Cornelius, NC USA

Over all the dvd is pretty good, but was disappointed in the quality.

10/10 Great DVD!
By Stephanie / Oklahoma

I'm pretty new to Kettlebell's and was looking for some DVD's to workout to and found this one and really love it! It has a variety of workouts to choose from and it has taught me some new moves! I can see using this for a very long time, no matter what level I attain! Not having any music doesn't really bother me....I am concentrating and working so hard I don't think I would even hear the music anyway! Definitely would recommend buying!

10/10 the best kettlebells dvd Ive found!
By vanessa walters / Red Cloud, Nebr.

I have come to respect Andrea DuCane very much. This is the best dvd she has put out! There are so many ways you can use this: make up your own training, or follow along on the pre-programmed workouts. No one should ever get bored with this dvd. So many have only 1-2 workouts, or they are just teaching dvds for the kettlebell moves themselves. These are good, I own several. But for variety, mix and match and easy to follow and understand teaching, this one is the best. The music isnt so loud, that it is a distraction. Well worth the price!

10/10 Hellz Bellz Total Body Fitness Boot Camp
By Hellz Bellz Total Body Fitness Boot Camp / Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

We at Hellz Bellz Total Body Fitness purchased your Goddess DVD to give us a few extra ideas for kettlebell workouts. All of your DVD's are great. Thanks.

7/10 Good workouts, though light on instruction
By Liz / Brooklyn

I like many aspects of this dvd and will continue to use it. My main complaint is that some of the workouts rely heavily on using two kettlebells--something that I had not known when purchasing the dvd and bell. I sort of felt like the dvd should accommodate people who might only have one. I also feel like there is some instruction lacking when it comes to the more complex movements, like the Turskish Getup. Maybe this was on a different part of the dvd that I haven't gotten to, but it just seems like you get thrown in the deep end with some of the stuff.
As for the lack of music, frankly, I like that. Workout music gets cheesy and dated and annoying really fast, so I appreciate that they didn't add any in there just for kicks.
But... all that said, the sequences are pretty good, and I certainly feel like I'm getting stronger and more physically integrated from this. I'm a yoga teacher/practitioner and this kettlebell stuff is giving me that added oopmh in my practice.

1/10 Very Boring!!
By June keistler / Charlotte, usa

Terrible instructor...waste of $ for me. I was looking for a routine to workout with.

10/10 AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
By bob haubold / babylon, ny

I got this dvd for my fiancee for christmas and oh my god!! it is so great!! Andrea kicked our butts!! We are having so much fun with this dvd!! So many new things to keep us interested and definitaley challenged!! This took us to a whole new level of kettle bells, we love it!! Thanks so much!!

5/10 Don't be fooled -- this is an advanced program all the way!
By M. Bracewell / Santa Fe, NM

I took Kettlebell classes (a 2 1/2 introductory class, a private class and one group class) from a certified Kettlebell instructor and absolutely none of the moves on the DVD were in her classes that I took when I asked her advice about where to buy a kettlebell etc. She spoke highly of Dragon Door so I researched and then reported to her that I was going to buy an 18 lb. bell (as advised) with the Goddess Workout DVD. Unfortunately, there was absolutely no mention that the DVD is for "advanced only" or "not advised for beginners" either from her or the website. I'm not sure about all the advice about starting with an 18 lb. kettlebell either. With all the advanced moves on the DVD, an 18 lb. bell can be dangerous. I tried the "clean" very carefully, however I was hurting my forearm and got a huge bruise so I quit using the DVD altogether. So for me it was a bad initial purchase for $29 bucks. I was hoping it would be something I could start with as well as grow into as I got strong and more skilled. There has to be a good beginner's Kettlebell workout out there and I'm going to try to find it.

8/10 Pleasant surprise: Kettlebell Goddess Workout
By Courtenay / Seattle, WA USA

I was pleasantly surprised to see a few variations on training exercises that were unfamiliar to me (of note, the dragon walk, waiter/farmer walk, clean/overhead squat with a dumbbell/kettelbell overhead, Turkish getup) and so since "new content" is important to me I rank this as positive. However, I was disappointed at first to find there was no music, the "workouts" are extremely short, and just about every single exercise can be done with dumbbells over kettlebells (you can rank that as "positive" I suppose, if you don't own any kettlebells -- they're certainly not a requirement!) If you use this as an "examples" DVD that you then can incorporate into your own longer and more comprehensive workout, it's worth the investment, but don't expect it to be a "workout program" per se. The exercises are definitely more challenging and advanced than most mainstream exercise videos (of which I've probably viewed several hundred!)

10/10 Best Workout Ever!
By Tracey Grentz / Andover, MN

I've been doing "The Kettlebell Goddess Workout" for about 3 weeks now, and I absolutely love it! My thighs and buttocks have gotten noticeably firmer, my husband keeps commenting how good I'm looking, and I feel strong and sexy! Andrea is a great instructor, although I wish she'd count out the reps, as you can't always be looking at the television to follow her; but all in all this is my favorite workout of all time. As for the lack of music, I prefer it that way, as most often I find the music selected very annoying. Andrea is an inspiration to all women, showing how terrific you can look, and how strong you can be at any age.

10/10 IN LOVE with this DVD
By Melissa / Cassadaga, NY

I've finally found what I've been looking for. Kettlebells are a new experience for me, and this dvd has great modifications for the beginner and I will use it as I advance as well. The format of this dvd is wonderful, I couldn't believe how easy it was to design my own workout, this dvd keeps me excited and motivated about working out. I love the challenge. After just a couple of short weeks I can visibly see results.

10/10 Save your money
By Sylvia / MICHIGAN

This was the most boring kettlebell dvd ever...waste of money!!

7/10 Informative and useful
By Brenda Seith / Seattle, WA

The DVD provides a useful overview of workouts. It is methodical and informative. Good for beginners.

10/10 VERY HAPPY with my purchase
By Erika N. / Tucson, AZ

I am ecstatic over finding Andrea DuCane's Goddess Workout. It's a fantastic introduction; however, you don't need to stay a beginner, you can increase your weights and use different ones on different sides. I' m THRILLED. She shows the importance of excellent form and of breathing properly throughout the exercises. The only weak point is the lack of music WHILE exercising. In any event, a wonderful purchase and I'm quite happy and already seeing results, it's been two weeks!

10/10 Recommended
By Eric Moss RKC / Morris County NJ

I bought this for my fiance for Christmas of 08. Her and her sister both love it. Jam packed with several differnt workouts gives it a lot of bang for the buck especially when compared with other dvds. The set where they filmed really sets the proper mood for the Goddess in training. I would have to say one of the things that impressed me most was the section on training while pregnant. Now women can train properly even while pregnant without having to worry since one of the three Goddess's is both a doctor and an RKC. I recommend this to anybody who wants to be the Goddess she deserves to be.

10/10 Fabulous!!
By Linda Mertens / Minneapolis, MN USA

Andrea DuCane put together a nice video. Very easy to follow and a good explanation of all exercises with modifications...I am a personal trainer and she really help make it easy for me to explain moves to clients.

8/10 Sturdy workout
By Zoila Carroll / Flushing, NY USA

The workout is complete. Working out every part of ones body. The instruction is pretty clear and easy to follow. I wish though there was more enphasis on aerobic exercises. But this workout will definitely make you strong.

9/10 Review on Kettlebell goddess workout
By Tiffany / Anchorage, AK

This DVD really gets you sore! I like it. Its a pretty boring but it sure does get the job done!

9/10 great workout
By Dori / Seattle

Variety of workouts to choose or combine and make up your own routine.

10/10 New Kettlebeller
By Bridget / Clearwater fl.

I Love the dvd it is easy to understand and navigation is easy.
Can not say enough about what a awesome workout this is.

10/10 Efficient, Will NOT Waste Your Time
By Carol L. / St. Louis MO

Andrea, thank you so much for a thoroughly adult, no-nonsense, strictly business workout that is beautifully organized. Your DVD has more features than any fitness video I have ever seen. This is all I need for kettlebell work for the next several years. No cheesiness, no irritating music, fake smiles or chirpy chatter, just get in there, get the job done and carry on with the rest of your life. I thought your goddess concept was brilliant.

9/10 Great DVD!!!
By Gene Robbins / Atlanta, GA

I've been doing kettlebells for 2 years now and my girlfriend saw the results I was getting and became interested. I showed her the basic movements (clean, swing, snatch, etc.) and bought her a copy of the book "From Russia with Tough Love" (great book, not just for women, also greatly compliments "Enter The Kettlebell" guys!) and she finished the program in there and wanted a video to follow along with. I got her "The Kettlebell Goddess Workout" which has NUMEROUS workouts for her to follow along with and she loves it! There's so many different workouts and Mrs. Du Cane is an amazing instructor, very easy to follow and understand. With all of the workouts on the DVD and the easy to follow along format, my girlfriend never gets bored and really enjoys the workouts! Highly recommended to any women who want some great kettlebell workouts with incredible results!!!

10/10 Adaptable DVD
By Wendy Huebner / Minneapolis

I enjoy the flexability of the use of the DVD. It is great that I don't have to listen to some horrible "workout music" when I use it.

9/10 Good for men or women!
By David / Upper Darby, PA

I bought this for my wife, but we have been using it together. We are both new to kettlebell workouts. It has three people doing three different levels of difficulty. Wonderful video.

5/10 Good Basic DVD. Needs Music.
By / Maryland

The routines are simple and good for a beginner. My problem with this DVD is the lack of noise. I like music and would like of Andrea was talking to me instead of the other women on the DVD.

10/10 New to kettlebell training
By Donna C. / Houston, TX USA

I'm enjoying the Kettlebell Goddess Workout. It rounds out the two training sessions per week I have with a kettelbell trainer at my health club. I can't keep up with Andrea yet, but I follow along as best I can. I like how you can build your own workout based on what you know already. When I told my trainer I had purchased the DVD he said there was probably none better than that one for learning kettlebells and also getting a good workout.

7/10 Good workout, poor queing
By Julie / Bloomington, Indiana

This is a challenging workout and I think I'm going to learn a lot about real kettlebell work. However, some verbal cueing during the exercises would have been very helpful, especially since the exerciser is not always in a position to look at the television screen and still do the execise correctly. I don't tend to always need music during a workout, but I do need something more than absolute silence from a dvd to stay on target and stay motivated.

10/10 Samples of All Types of Workouts
By Diane / Gardnerville, NV USA

I've been looking for a source to help me improve my form and give some new options for my kettlebell workouts. This DVD was exactly that: the explanations and demonstrations were spot on. It's easy to pop this in the player and find the workout I feel like doing that day. Well done!

By Sheena / Kent - England

Extremely well put together DVD - 2.5 hours of tuition and exercise routines broken down into many sections and sub-sections for ease of use - a big plus for me was the lack of music attached to the exercise routines which can often become irritating when replaying a DVD.

All in all Andrea Du Cane is extremely professional in her approach, with concise and easy to follow tuition and the DVD has certainly assisted my entry into the world of Kettlebells!

9/10 Great choices and not a lot of time
By / New Jersey

This DVD is great, there are so many workouts to choose from. You can mix and match them and the direction given is very clear. So, depending on what part of your body you want to work on there is something for everyone... even guys!

9/10 Great for butt and thighs!
By Christie / Ontario, Canada

The DVD is great. What a workout! The butt/thighs segment was brutal but in a good way. I am enjoying the workouts and I am definitely starting to see a difference in my weight and I am more toned as well. The only thing that I would change is that there is no music, it just seems too quiet.

P.S. The DVD was great, however I was charged shipping on my credit card and then had to pay shipping again when it was delivered. So a $25 purchase cost me nearly $60, not cool.

7/10 not for the novice
By middle aged female!! / Your location here small town America

Much more advanced workout than I anticipated. The material and the instruction is good just not a beginner level.

9/10 Excellent production.
By Songwriter/Publisher/Golfer / Montecito, CA 93108

Very instructive to watch. Andrea has superb technique. We all know that strength gains won't be made if your technique is not really, really solid. Andrea's video "paints a thousand words". BTW-This video is not just for women. I'm male, 62 years old, and have been doing KBs for three years. Getting a lot out of The Kettlebell Goddess Workout. (Okay, so the title isn't exactly aimed at guys. Hide the DVD cover...) No music, that's a good thing!

10/10 Beautiful production with superb instruction
By CFT / New Hampshire

I love this DVD I think the cuing is superb and the exercises are exactly what I was looking for. Great looking set, nice production value. I like the amount of care given to instruction and you offer a lot of different workouts. Worth it.
I highly recommend this DVD.

10/10 The Kettlebell Goddess Workout
By Lucie Racine / Hawkesbury, Ontario Canada

Very good product. It work. Thank you

10/10 Super effective workout
By Theresa / Bloomfield, Michigan

I am relatively new to kettlebells, using them a few times a week for about a month now. I quickly came to LOVE them-they are the only "workouts" I can ever see myself doing from now on.

Andreas Goddess workout isn't like the standard "workout" dvds in that there is no music and it has a "serious" attitude, but I am going to tell you, they are very effective exercises.

I have noticed a big difference in my functional strength and my metabolism continues to rise, and at 45 years old, thats a big deal!

My bodyshape is changing in ways I've never experienced in years of working out with free weights and doing cardio. Kettlebells are simply the most awesome form of exercise there is, including some kind of stretching on alternate days, for me. Really good dvd-highly recommend it!

10/10 great workout
By sue / chicago, il

I love this workout. It has lots of options so it's not boring. It's a good, strenuos workout if you use heavier Kettlebells. The shipping was incredibly fast.

10/10 Outstanding Training Video!!
By Bonnie M. Benson / Bethesda, MD USA

I've only been working with the Kettlebell Goddess Workout for a month but I'm delighted with it.

Two aspects of the video make it especially helpful.

1. Each workout begins with a warmup and ends with a cooldown - parts I would be inclined to skip if I had to incorporate them on my own.

2. While Andrea does most of the talking, the exercises are done by Andrea, Kristann and Nicole. Depending on your strength and ability, you can follow along with the person at your level -- using one or two kettlebells. Kristann and Nicole also show two variations on the getup so you can do the one that works best for you.

On the video, Andrea recommends Pavel's Tough Love video. I'll be trying that one next.

p.s. thanks for the wealth of information on the Dragon Door site.

1/10 Goddess Workout
By Sue W / Nashville, TN, US

I did not like it as it was very old and they moved very slow. It was hard to watch it as it was so old. Moves were good and slow, but the surroundings, etc were ancient.

7/10 My review of Goddess Kettlebell Workout
By Karen Brusie / Woodbridge, VA, USA

I am not a big fan of this CD. The workout is fine, but what I find completely distracting about it is the lack of music of any kind. I would much rather have music in the background than to listen to the teacher breathing the entire time. Also, there is no way I would ever risk my knees by squatting almost to the ground like these women do. I just can't do it.

4/10 Just what I was looking for!
By carol parker / Los angeles, california, USA

The format of the DVD itself is extremely "user friendly".

5/10 Good form but poor cueing
By Tina Bruno / hackensack, New Jersey, United States

Likes: teacher goes over individual exercises at beginning of DVD to ensure good form, like the different focesed workout choices, like the different variations cueuing the workout, like that the workouts are relatively short.
DISLIKES: teacher basically does the workout without speaking much of the time. Forces you to keep your own count, or have to look at her always. She should be couching and cueing like a real exercise dvd. She even switches hands and doesn't say a word. Very amateur.

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