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Loaded Stretching
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Loaded Stretching
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9.3 out of 10 (20 reviews)
The long wait was worth it
Rated 10/10
By AdamMatzRKC Minneapolis, MN

I just bought this DVD yesterday at the RKC course and it's great. Pavel first introduced me to loaded stretching at a seminar in 2003 and ever since I've been hoping that he would include it in a book or video. Well, the wait's over. Worth every…
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Loaded Stretching

The Russian Technique for Instant Extra Strength

With Pavel

DVD, 20 minutes

Loaded Stretching (DVD) - $24.95
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Instantly Develop Greater Power, Intensity and Strength — by Turning Your Muscles into
Coiled Springs of Explosive Steel!

Can you easily and instantly turn yourself into a coiled steel spring — ready to burst into action and leap past your previous athletic best?

Or are you more like an overstretched rubber band — no longer capable of suddenly generating performance-busting power?
Now, for the first time in the West, Russian strength master Pavel Tsatsouline reveals the Soviet secret of Loaded Stretching — guaranteed within MINUTES of its application to have you:
  • Pulling heavier
  • Squatting more
  • Jumping higher
  • Kicking and punching harder
  • Throwing farther
  • Pressing bigger!
In the glory days of the Soviet empire a team of researchers lead by weightlifting world champion A. Vorobyev devised a special instant strength technique. Immediately after its application experienced lifters pulled their barbells more than two inches higher! Further research determined that the unique Loaded Stretching (LS) technique — unlike any other type of stretching you have seen — not only increased immediate performance but also delivered long term strength gains.
Finally, you too can take advantage of this powerful technique — and watch your athletic performance soar to new heights. Take the Loaded Stretching challenge today: perform the exact LS technique Pavel specifies for your chosen strength-skill — and see immediate, measurable gains… be it deadlift, squat, vertical jump, kicks, throws or presses.
Loaded Stretching:

"It's not about flexibility. It's about STRENGTH!"
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9.3 out of 10 (20 reviews)
Rated 10/10 The long wait was worth it
By AdamMatzRKC / Minneapolis, MN

I just bought this DVD yesterday at the RKC course and it's great. Pavel first introduced me to loaded stretching at a seminar in 2003 and ever since I've been hoping that he would include it in a book or video. Well, the wait's over. Worth every penny.

Rated 10/10 Instant Results
By Carl Sipes, RKC / Washington, IL, US

This is definitely different that any other type of stretching I've done. The application is everything. I followed the protocol on the single hip stretch and was able to perform a solid pistol on the leg that normally gives me trouble. I would highly recommend this DVD to anyone that wants an instant increase in strength.

Rated 10/10 If the devil's in the details, meet this one!
By Ken Harper / Portland, OR

I had read reviews of Pavel's stretching seminars and have RIS, FR, SJ, F&L, and Resilience, so I was curious what would be new: 20 minutes later, I met muscles I never knew existed before.

Each of the exercises is explained succinctly, but with attention to the small details that make huge differences in the effects I felt. For instance, in doing the quad bridge stretch, I was not surprised that, as Pavel instructed, turning the legs in one direction would produce one effect, whereas turning them a different direction worked a different set of muscles. What did surprise me was how great an effect those small details could have.

If you judge fighters pound for pound, then minute by minute, Loaded Stretching is one of the most cost-effective products Pavel has produced.

Ken Harper, rkc
Portland, OR

Rated 10/10 Applicable with a capital A++!!
By Dean jolly / New Zealand

With Loaded Stretching Pavel holds your attention with a very clear , concise and to the point teaching application.
A well structured program that has you receiving solutions before you finish a question.
As for applying the exercises - they DO load the muscles up like tightly wound springs and felt instant results with such controlled, powerful release unleashed on my workout.
A high quality look complements such a fine work of teaching.

Rated 9/10 "it's gonna hurt, deal with it"
By powerlifter54 / under the bar

I rate this a 9 out of 10 because as a Powerlifter I liked the Strength Stretching DVD slightly better. Still, the high end concept of "controlled strain", when applied to various movements, have demonstrated ability to improve sport performance in the short and long run and can be used by everyone. The loaded hip stretch using a box, the loaded russian twist, the loaded RKC clean stretch, and the KB loaded tricep stretch are very powerfull tools that I have put in my bag of tricks. The loaded RKC clean stretch has been a real blessing to my football and powerlifting ravaged shoulders.There is a lot more here too for every athlete. The production is well done. John does need a tan, though. Recommended.

Rated 10/10 Instant Results
By Tom Gelveles / Brightwaters, NY

The dvd presents thought provoking material concerning preloading muscles prior to performance of a lift. I immediately began to practise a few of the stretches prior to my squats, deadlifts and overhead presses with spectacular results. The performance of each lift was enhanced significantly along with an increase of control. I wish Pavel was in our country years ago to re-introduce strength training to america,

Rated 10/10 A Revolutionary strength concept that is applicable for any Athlete
By J. Sushnyk / Canada

I came across this dvd a couple years ago on a movie-rental-by-mail website. Always intrigued by new ideas I rented it and am glad to say that other then Pumping Iron, it was probably the most instrumental in shaping my thinking towards strength training and recovery. Back then I didn?t know much about kettlebells, dragon door or even Pavel, but Loaded Stretching opened my eyes to a new world of thought when it comes to elite training. A definite plus for anyone, athlete or not, with the drive to build a better you.

Rated 10/10 Excellent and unique
By Mark Orsag / Omaha, NE, USA

Bought this DVD a couple of weeks ago.Very different and surprising series of techniques. Definitely advanced-- I was able to pop into full extension right away on most of the stretches (I'm a pretty advanced rock climber), but I am still working on the one for the quads (very challenging and kind of humiliating). The Skin the Cat technique isn't easy either at first either. You can really feel the extra "space" and fluidity/connectivity in the muscles, neural pathways, and joints that these stretches create; I think that is where the extra power (which is real) comes from I think... has definitely allowed me to break through several strength plateaus already. I'm eager to see what the longer term results are going to be. If you really load up the kettlebell weight (with caution) on the Russian Twist, some amazing things are going to start happening to your spine, lower back and hips... If you are already pretty flexible, you can do that stretch w/o the hold down from a partner on the knees (more practical and leads to greater dynamism IMHO)...

Rated 10/10 Exceptional Supplemental Technique
By Scott / Tampa, FL

Loaded stretching has certainly improved my strength. The first day I incorporated these techniques I saw optimization in my exercises. Progressively(like all training should be) I have seen expedited advancements in my strength, control, and flexibility.

Rated 10/10 Striking Power
By Taikei Matsushita RKCII / Tokyo Japan

I implemented one or two stretches before kicking and punching activity.

I did a round house kick routine for one set without doing this stretch.
Before the second set, I used one of the stretching work, but revised it a little to fit in an environment without necessary equipment.
First shot of second set round house kick, it went hard and the striking pad smached into my partner's face.

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9.3 out of 10 (20 reviews)