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10/10 Sublimely effective!
By Franklin Herman, RKC / Littleton, MA

This has proven to be the perfect complement to all my resistance training including kettlebell and Olympic weightlifting. It is always my first choice on my "active rest" days and I find the movements constantly improving in smoothness and fluidity as I continually challenge myself into deeper positions.

John does an excellent job of taking his time to explain the all the subtleties of the movements including the use of fundamental visualizations for generating more power and energy. I cannot recommend this DVD enough!

10/10 Amazing
By Raj / Princeton, NJ

I am shocked, this seems to be an under-marketed DVD! Very good stuff for anyone into qigong/Taichi.

7/10 Helpful but stark
By Holly A / Mesa, AZ, USA

Great Qi Gong, but it would be more appealing with some visual and auditory aesthetics.

10/10 the best kept secret
By luis alarid / los angeles, california, usa

for many years i have kept this qigong a secret to my tai chi friends including my chen and wu masters-this qigong is fun to practice and very powerful-i easily beat and controlled my wu and chen masters-they felt like little children in my hands-i have finally decided to make this secret public--i know that many practice tai chi for the magic that suppose to come to one that practice tai chi-but the truth is that qigong must be done along side one's tai chi form.i hope everyone from now truly enjoy the magic that will come to you when you practice this qigong--shhhhhh lol

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