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10/10 Best Total Workout
By Tony Bollino / Frederick, MD, USA

I've been working with Don for about two years and I have had several memberships to so-called "fitness clubs" whose trainers have no clue what true conditioning is.
Not only is Don an excellent teacher for RKC, but he is an excellent student. He attends frequent training seminars for himself and bring that knowledge back to his classes for the benefit of his students. As the teacher sharpens his skills, the students benefit.
I had the pleasure of working out with him recently and his understanding of strength and core development enables him to plan a focused and targeted training session that really improves muscle stability, core strength, and endurance.
I highly recommend his education to anyone looking to improve their overall health and strength.

10/10 Dr. Berry helped me tremendously
By Carol C. / Frederick, United States

I had an injury to my back and could hardly walk. I began going to my GP and he gave me muscle relaxants and ibuphrofen and told me to rest. After a month and very little progress getting better, a friend recomended Dr. Berry. I called and they gave me an appointment the next day...amazing for a new patient.

After seeing Dr. Berry 4 times my pain went from a 10 to 0. He gave me exercises to do to strengthen my back and prevent future injury. I continue to see him on a maintenance schedule every 3 months to make sure no other problems arise.

He and his staff have always been very professional and the thing I most appreciate is their scheduling. I don't have to wait due to over scheduling, they see me on time. With my busy schedule that is much appreciated.

I have read some negative reviews about Dr. Berry but I have never experienced any of these things.

10/10 My Experiences with Dr. Berry
By Greg Smith / Frederick, MD

I am a current chiropractic patient of Dr. Berry and began seeing him after being referred by another Chiropractor for more advanced treatments for a bulging disc in my lumbar spine. Dr. Berry used a wide range of Chiropractic techniques to alleviate the symptoms of my injury and then we began rehabilitating my lower back by using Kettlebells and different stretches.

As someone who had powerlifted for years beforehand, it was very refreshing to have a doctor actually prescribe exercise to help fix an injury rather than the doctors and physical therapists before him that just wanted to hand me pills, stick needles in my spine, have me do crunches, or who had no faith that the injury would heal at all.

So far we have been doing familiar movements like Kettlebell Deadlifts and Goblet Squats, but have also done Turkish Get-Ups and Swings. The Swings really kicked my butt the first time I did them and have become a huge fan of them. I plan to incorporate Kettlebells into my workout routine for conditioning and muscular endurance when I begin powerlifting again.

My lumbar spine has felt great so far. I can finally sleep in any position again without waking up in agony the next morning and even split wood this past weekend without any issue.

I can't say enough good things about Dr. Berry. He is very knowledgeable and has backgrounds in many aspects of physical training and athletics, so he brings a great perspective to the treatment of injuries and how Kettlebells affect and condition the body. He has been a great Chiropractor and a great Kettlebell Instructor.

10/10 Dr. Berry has inspired to strength train again
By Luke Rinehart-Owner of Clinch Academy / Frederick, Md

I own the Clinch Mixed Martial Arts Academy in Frederick Md which gives me great exercise but I have not touched a weight in over 5 years! Doing kettle bells with Dr. Berry has motivated me again to spend the extra 20 mins four days a week strength training with kettle bells. He has reminded me of the importance of conditioning your body to prevent injury. He has shown some great pre-hab exercises to help serve this purpose. As an instructor He has a very clear understanding and expression of the kettle bells allowing you to pick up the exercises quickly and understand it yourself. I would recommend training with Dr. Berry to everyone. No matter what you do Dr. Berry can help you do it better.

10/10 Smart, caring, & knowledgable DC who uses Kettlebells for rehab & health
By Brenda O'Donnell / Frederick, MD USA

I've been very pleased with Dr. Berry as my DC.

I was having a back issue which was affecting my core and knees when I decided to seek out Dr. Berry on the recommendation of my pastor, who himself had been a patient of Dr. Berry.

Dr. Berry was described as a man who has a passion for what he does for a living, has a kind and compassionate heart for people. But more important, is that he is very knowledgable as a DC.

In the process, by way of Dr. Barry, I learned that one should never do crunches, (which I was doing), to strengthen the core if I wanted to avoid back issues. "Never a good crunch in the bunch!" is his motto. He has since shown me other exercises which are more benefical.

He laid out a plan of action for me from the get go. First to stabilize the spine, and then to strengthen the core. From there we would go into the TRX suspension program and into kettlebells.

Doing squats with the TRX suspension was necessary preparation in order to workout with the kettlebell. It helps strengthen my core, glutes, legs, and knees.

Exercises with the kettlebell provides an aerobic workout, build muscle and in addition to losing weight which is so vital for a healthy back.

Dr. Berry conscientiously watches my form while doing kettlebell taking note of proper and improper form and correcting as needed. He says, as always, safety first.

I love the exercises, the TRX Suspension, and the kettlebell.

Finally, here are exercises that I can do and live with, especially the kettlebell!

The plus side is that this program is specifically suited to my needs and will help me maintain a quaility of life for years to come.

I am very grateful to Dr. Berry for his medical expertise and his passion for helping not only me, but for all his patients.

Dr. Donald Berry is the best!

10/10 Great Full Body workout
By Amy / Frederick, Maryland

I have only known Dr. Berry for a short time but he makes me feel like we have known each other for years. He knows when to push me and when to give me a break. He is so good at making sure I have the correct technique so that I get the most out of every exercise and not injure myself. In just a few short months I was able to lose 7 pounds and 2 dress sizes, not to mention feel great.

10/10 Got my life back
By Todd Layfield / Middletown, MD USA

Working with Don Berry has relieved so much physical discomfort in such a short period of time, I am thrilled at the prospect of being able to do what I want with my body. In just 8 sessions, my daily level of discomfort has gone from a typical 7 to 8 out of 10 to just 1 or 2. I no longer dread the evening price I was likely to pay for walking my dogs or working in the garden.
Three years ago an MRI showed that I had significant stenosis. As a 40 year old, I had the spine of a 60 year old. The spaces between my vertebrae were very compressed which caused all sorts of discomfort in my back, legs, hips and pelvis. I am a landscaper, was a weightlifter and played football for years. I have lifted a lot of heavy stuff for a long time. Gravity takes its' toll on all of us but I was on an accelerated program. I was forced to make allowances for my body which really bothered me. I was having a lot less fun with constant aches and pains.
With the results from the MRI, my orthopedist sent me to his chiropractor. I saw this guy 3 times a week for a year, 53 times the next year and 30 times last year. I was desperate for the decompression machine. He certainly helped me as I could work and get through about a half day. He is a nice man and he cares about his patients, but I feel Dr. Berry has helped me a hundred times more.
With new exercises to strengthen my core, apparently, some muscles that were previously tied up have become available to help carry me around. This has made all the difference. I have stretched daily for 3 years and I know this is what keeps me going, but I have never had any gains like this. I have progressed to squatting and pressing kettle bells. I haven't been de-compressed in 3 weeks and don't really feel the need. I thought I was done I was done with any kind of weightlifting forever. Dr. Berry can and does relate his experience and knowledge of muscle mechanics to each patient's needs. He has made all the difference for me. Being able to live and work pain free is wonderful. I am having a lot more fun.

10/10 A Great Instructor--By ANY Standard--For Any Purpose
By Christopher C. / New Market, MD

I've had the privilege of training with Don Berry starting after my high school graduation, and off and on as I traveled for four years since. He is a Doctor of Chiropractics, which gives him an unparalleled level of knowledge and responsibility when it comes to the human body. He is patient and his method of teaching is custom for any need. If you are someone who is rehabilitating from injury--depending on the circumstance--his training could be instrumental in recovery, continued cardiovascular health and core strength to promote good body mechanics and prevent further injury. If you have never swung a bell in your life and are willing to learn a few simple principles and be coached--this is a man who will work generously with you step by step in learning how to use these incredible tools properly.

That being said, if you are an athlete looking to train for any type of event--this will absolutely help you. This is not an infomercial routine or a set of curls at your local gym. This can be (depending on your effort) the most grueling and beneficial high intensity interval training you'll ever encounter. The spectrum of benefits and potential for growth under his tutelage is vast.

I have studied and competed in various martial arts for the past four-five years (wing chun, jkd, bjj, greco-roman, muay thai, mma) and have trained in the past (semi-regularly) with a kettle bell and various partners--including just you-tube. Most, if not all of the high-level professional boxers and mixed martial artists have incorporated kettle bell training into their regiments. The level of tenacity, difficulty and instructor motivation when it comes to kettle bell training with Don Berry is easily comparable to--if not better than--any thing I found while in Las Vegas training mixed martial arts. What do you want as a fighter? Punching power? Grip strength? Functional core strength? More in the gas tank than your opponent? Well this training can offer all of these things and more.

Now I am training for a triathlon with my fiance. After being out of contact for almost two years, Don Berry Welcomed us both into his home and into his training facility. We were blown away. The only limit with an instructor of this caliber is the limit you put on yourself. He has been doing this for a long time and he knows what he is doing. Not only that but he knows how to get you there too. We can already see differences in our posture, physique and daily running. Furthermore, he followed up with me after a particularly difficult session to see how I was feeling. Very fatigued! But his advice was to hydrate. He wanted to know which muscle groups were most affected, again VERY responsible.

I am extremely fortunate to know a man of substance such as Don Berry. This is a tremendous, humble and giving man. As far as training with him: be clear with yourself and with him about what your intentions are, as well as open and prepared to begin the fitness journey of a lifetime.

10/10 the smal ditales are the must important
By quisa mayorga / hagerstown mariland usa:)

i have known rkc donal berry instructor for many years, he is a good friend and a great teacher i like to say that he knows what is is talking about he introdused me to kettle bell and i fell in love with it .. His way of teaching is gentle jet let you know were you are in your so called strenth hahahah trust me you dont know how weak you untill you try it ,i say that becouse he challenge me and and i realise it on the proses that am weak in many parts of my body ,any way he has made me strongre all around takes time to teach you with out hurting you and he goes out of his way to bring to you the best training that is there for you . so with all this said if any one is in terested in training and getting fit you have come to the right plase , he also practices wing chung kungfu martial arts you cant go wrong with agreat teacher that cares about his student, he also is a great chiropractor ,i say that becouse he has worked on me when i hurt my shourder he took time to care for , am greatfull and thankfull for berry and i like to say thank you very much berry for all that you have done for me you are greatly apriciated ..your friend kip :)~

10/10 New outlook on leg and core exercises
By Bob Abbamonte / Damascus, MD USA

Until visiting Dr. Berry for treatment of a chronic lower back issue, I never gave kettlebell exercises a second thought. His enthusiasm about this system and how it could improve my overall fitness made it worthwhile to give it a try. His demonstrations were thorough and frequent. His attention to my technique was constant. His corrections were both well-done and appreciated.

10/10 An Outstanding Instructor Full of Valuable Knowledge
By Barry Adamson II / Frederick, MD USA

I initially contacted Don after I was introduced to kettlebells and Pavel's book, Enter the Kettlebell, through a friend. Having already perfomed some kettlebell routines on my own, I thought about finding an instructor to make sure I was practicing proper technique, and that is where Don entered the picture. Not is Don knowledgable about kettlebell training, but he is also a great instructor who pays attention to detail when it comes to executing proper kettlebell technique. In my first class with him, he showed me where my technique was off and provided the corrective measures I needed to apply to my kettlebell form. Thanks to him, not only is my technique better, but I have also gained an edge in my power and energy in my physical training - not to mention been able to rehabilitate an old joint injury that now causes me zero pain! Great knowledge, outstanding instructor!

10/10 Don Berry - Be Happy!
By Randy Williams / Forest City, PA

I have been involved in the martial arts for over 40 years, and have used barbells and dumbells to supplement my training during most of those years. I have even published articles in international martial arts publications, as well as sports and fitness and other men's magazines through the years dealing with supplemental weight training for the martial arts. But Dr Berry has opened my eyes to a completely new avenue of strength training which targets the areas pertinent to martial arts motion and technique even more directly than traditional freeweight work, as well as to provide dynamic cardio development. Within a very short time after beginning Kettlebell training with Don, I have noticed my stances are deeper and stronger, my kicks feel better and I see a marked increase in my core strength in punching as well as grappling. I salute and thank you, Don! And my advice is, see Don Berry - Be Happy!

10/10 I thought I was his only student/patient!!!
By Chris Mattia / Frederick, MD

I clearly know that I am not his only student or patient, but he makes me feel that way each and every time I workout with him. I have chronic back pain that has taken me from on top of the world to a rather sad and depressed state. I had heard about kettle-bells, but was very (used lightly) skeptical, I hurt doing absolutely nothing, and I hurt for three days if I attempted lift a big iron bell....NO THANKS. Well, when despair finally hit, I decided to try kettle-bells as an absolute last resort, too bad I didn't do it sooner!!! I still have back pain, but I can't function at all if I have not had a workout, and now I have kettle-bells at work so that when the pain gets to be too much I do a workout, before I just went home. Each and every day has been getting better. Dr. Berry specifically, could not be a better instructor. He pushes just the right amount, and consistently adds and changes my workout based on my individual situation for that day. People at my work definitely see a difference on days I have been to see him (my own workouts-help me through the day...but I definitely get more out of working out with Dr. Berry) He is really encouraging too, just him saying "yes yes...just one more...yes yes you've got it...great job" makes you feel like doing another set. After my accident I also put on some weight, so it is nice to see some of my physique returning. The most amazing difference for me is that on days when I have thoroughly worked out I have a much more positive outlook on life, and since I stared Kettle-bells I have not stayed in bed the whole day even once. I just wish there was a way to repay that.

10/10 No more Knee pain on the tennis court
By Dan Hussey / Montgomery Village, MD

I've been going Dr. Berry (Don) for chiropractic needs for five years, and he has helped me and my wife immeasurably. I've played tennis since I was 4, but after dislocating both of my knees right after high school (soccer and frisbee), I hurt too much to continue playing serious. I took 10 years off, but found I missed the game too much. I mentioned to Don my problems with my knees and also that my hips and ankles were giving me trouble, especially after playing tennis. Don performed a functional movement screening and came up with a simple plan for me to strengthen and relieve the joint pain - using a foam roller to deactivate some hyperactive muscles and KETTLE BELLS to strengthen my legs, core, etc. With Don's training on the kettle bells, I've built muscle where I needed it. I can now play at "full strength" on the tennis court, improving my court coverage and the power behind my shots. And I can walk free and easy afterward. My knees, which always gave me trouble, are pain free.
Don is an excellent motivator and cheers you on to being better. He has a good understanding of a person's abilities, and introduces new exercises and encourages pushing you to the next level at a comfortable and safe rate.

10/10 Recovery
By Dave Macharsky / Frederick, MD

Doctor Berry introduced me to the kettle bell during physical therapy to help me strength my core to help my knees. I play a lot of basketball which requires the core strength. Others around me noticed that I was jumping higher and had more energy. I attribute this to the kettle bell workout. I have noticed great improvement in my flexibility and strength. Thank you for the workout I hope to ocntinue in this direction.

10/10 Very good instructor
By Maria / Harpers Ferry, WV

I have been working with kettlebells for about 2 months and decided to join my friend in a joint lesson with Dr. Berry. Dr. Berry is a very good teacher and clearly enjoys helping people. He is extremely friendly and puts you at ease immediately.

Dr. Berry starts with the basics to make sure you have a good foundation and then progressively moves to more complex exercises. He is very good at spotting improper techniques and gently offers advice on how to correct bad technique.

10/10 Kettelbell Training with Dr. Donald Berry
By Terri / Harpers Ferry, WV

I had no experience with kettlebells but wanted to learn and contacted Dr Berry for a lesson. It was a very positive experience and I was nervous going into it, but he made me feel at ease and is an excellent instructor. He explains things very well and helps you get the moves right. He give you homework to improve your swings and is very patient with helping you understand the moves. I am looking forward to another lesson.

10/10 Kettlebell Training with Dr. Berry
By Victoria Sansone / New Market MD

Dr. Berry has been our family chiropractor for over 10 years. This past year he introduced me to kettlebell training to help me get back into shape. I had left working out since having my triplets and had lost a lot of core body strength over the years, which were beginning to cause other issues. I found his instruction very student centered and very individualized. He does this by showing me the proper kettlebell skills to address me as a beginner, but also takes into account my current strength and health issues. I know from many years of going to health clubs and taking group classes, that the instruction has never been that personalized. Dr. Berry is also very generous with his praise that even makes a beginner like me feel motivated! I am looking forward to much more kettlebell swinging with Dr. Berry!

10/10 Awesome detail
By Khalil Gonsalves / Sterling VA

I've been kettlebell training for approximately one year on my own with a 16kg bell and felt the need to go up in weight after working with a 32kg kettlebell at a neighbors house. In my search for a heavier weight I was referred to Dr. Berry. I was instantly put to ease when Dr. Berry took the time to evaluate my mechanics prior to selling me a heavier weight. When asked what I was already working with Dr. Berry respectfully advised that I work with a lower weight as a 16kg to a 32kg would have been a huge leap. I can honestly say that listening to his advice and going with the 24kg kettlebell was to my benefit.

I was so impressed with my initial meeting with Dr. Berry I requested information about attending a class taught by him. The following week I was back with Dr. Berry and working on the details of details, he took the time to look at the overall mechanics, then drove deep into the subtle movements. I was taught a lot and a a younger age than Dr. Berry found myself playing catch up with him while working out; I'll be spending a lot more time with the good Dr. and bringing my family along. If you have a chance to please look for him, you'll learn more that you'll realize.

10/10 Donald has been a great help
By Tim / Chambersburg, PA

I've only had a chance to work with Donald once, but he has helped me imensly. He has started me with a basic set of moves and has helped me with the correct technique.

I can definitely see improvement in my strength and flexibility. I've dropped about 6 strokes from my golf game, last couple of rounds have been in the high 70's. I've noticed about 20+ yards on my tee shots and more accuracy with the driver, fairway woods and irons. I also noticed a definite increase in my strength, did some furniture rearranging for my wife a couple of weeks ago and I noticed I was able to pick up our old TV without any help from anyone (it's big old awkward tube tv and I've never been able to handle it by myself).

I look forward to working out with Donald more and extending my set of exercises.

10/10 Great Instuctor
By Don K / Frederick, MD

I had never heard about RKC until going to Dr Berry. He's been great at explaining and demonstrating the techniques involved and given me a real passion to continue on with the training.

10/10 First Time Kettle Bells
By Claudia F / Beijing, China

This was the first time I was introduced to kettle bells and thanks to Dr. Berry, I enjoyed it very much. The instructions were clear and he made sure we to correct our postures if they were incorrect. If time permits, I would like to continue to take kettle bells and incorporate it into my exercise program.
Claudia F

10/10 Kettle Bells
By Donnell Alsberry / Summit Point, WV

Don is a very kind hearted individual that will help anyone in any way possible. Don has talked about kettle bells to me for quite awhile but my mind set was not towards them leaving me disappointed; until I began noticing improvemenhts in my shoulders allowing me the ability to throw a football more than once which was very surprising due to a prior shoulder injury. My thinking focus has changed and I gained the understanding of the benefits that he has been talking about all this time for personal development and in the martial way.
Don is a great instructor in Wing Chun and with the kettle bells.
He is patient and easy to get along with.


10/10 Dr. Berry is the best!
By Kim Vaccarello / Frederick, MD

Kettle bells are amazing and so is Dr. Berry! Cliche as it may sound Dr. Berry and kettle bells have given me my life back. Diagnosed with osteoarthritis four years ago, I quickly learned what it meant to live with chronic pain: no more dance class, difficulty getting out of bed or out of a chair, painful to sit for more than 15 minutes at a time. Nothing alleviated the pain; not medication, not physical therapy, not even other chiropractors.
One year ago, I started working with Dr. Berry as my chiropractor. Dr. Berry is the best! He is compassionate, patient and empathetic. He started me with kettle bells in order to strengthen my core, which has taken pressure off my joints, alleviating virtually all of my pain! One of his best qualities is his ability to start right where your ability level is and through guidance and motivation, move you forward, at your pace. He knows when to encourage and push me, and when to switch gears so that I experience progress and success rather than pain. Dr. Berry tailors my workouts to meet my individual strengths and needs and he always lets me know why I am doing a particular exercise and where he eventually wants me to be.
Committed to improving the overall health and strength of his patients/students, Dr. Berry is continually improving his technique with kettle bells. Correct form and technique is always his focus. Now I feel strong enough to return to dance class, climb a rock wall and even try wake boarding. Thank you Dr. Berry!

10/10 The father I've never had
By A.J. Gertenbach / Frederick, MD USA

Don is like a father too me, I've only known him for about 6 years but have become very close in his family. He is a very nice, caring man which makes for one great teacher! Since I gave into the suggestions to start training with him and doing Wing Chun and additionally, KB training, I have really found myself in a new place of comfort and selfunderstanding. He has helped me grow alot, and Don I would like to thank you for accepting me into your home as if I was one of your own sons, it truly means a great deal to me and I will never forget it.

10/10 See this Instructor first!
By Jared / Northridge, CA USA

A great instructor, gives clear direction and knows how to push... when pushing is necessary for the trainee. Furthermore, he has extensive background in physiology and martial arts. He is a certified Wing Chun instructor and a licensed Chiropractor. He is very good at adapting a routine to avoid boredom. I highly recommend training with him. You will not be disappointed

Keep crackin' Dr. Berry!

10/10 Comrade Berry ROCKS!!!!!! Enough Said!
By Sean Hayes / Everett, PA USA

I have been working with DR Berry since December 2008. At that time I was still weak from an ACL amd Minescuss surgery. I was unable to hop on one leg much less run. My Martial traing had ground down to a near halt.

This was not an acceptable state of being for me. Since beginning my Kettlebell training with DR Berry. I am now able to hop on oone leg.. ( I have begun training pistols) . This is something I could not physically do a 6 months ago. I am now preparing to take my first test in the CRCA style of Wing Chun.

He has inspired me to the point that I will be taking the RKC level 1 challenge in the Spring of 2010. He has also inspired me to add kettle bell work outs in to my clients regimen.

IF some one wnat to increase their combat prowess and by default their physical fitness with a Coach that knows what he is talking about and that passion that leads one to their personal victories. I highly recommend training with DR. Berry.

10/10 super dedicated instructor!
By / Mallorca, Spain

Don is a hardcore RKC, Wing Chun, and Doctor. If you break something, he'll fix it! he works hard, trains hard and smart! I picked up my 1st KB from Don over 3 years ago after realizing the value of it, it is part of my daily martial arts class circuit for the student to work on explosiveness and core strength. Definitely go see Don if you want a taste of the RKC!

10/10 Dr. Berry Provides Student Centered Instruction for Health and Fitness
By Tony Bollino / Frederick, MD USA

Don Berry is an excellent instructor. His tailored workout sessions help the student gain confidence as they build strength and endurance. He is patient to allow students to progress at their own pace yet still pushes them to move forward with their training to improve their overall health.
His passion for the use of RK as an essential exercise tool shows by his continued self improvement of his own skills. I would highly recommend his classes to anyone who wants to improve their health.

10/10 Kettle bells with Dr. Berry
By Becky Marshall / Frederick,MD

The entire experience was positive. He was very patient with us as we tried to mimic his moves. His demos were very easy to follow and he constantly spoke to us as we practiced. He was always positve but he was quick to let us know when a routine was being done incorrectly. He was great.!!!!!

10/10 Professional, Dynamic, Knowledgeable about both Bio-mechanics and Physiology, RK training.
By Juliana Richese / Maryland, USA.

I like this Instructor he is a cut above the rest, since he brings to RK Training, his expertise in a Medical background, involving Bio Mechanics and Physiology. Which gives him an excellent perspective as the why and how to train with Kettlebells. Furthermore he has the ability to communicate his knowledge and thoughts, WELL, as a Instructor/Teacher. Dr Donald Berry DC has incredible tenacity and perseverance too, which he has demonstrated thru continuing to work with his Martial Arts even after a torn achilles (which by the way was not due to improper technique), which I have found to offer me motivation, to work safely and hard with KB training. Dr Berry is an Inspiration, and a Gifted DC and instructor and the two have gone hand in hand for persons like myself that needed one in the same, a DC and a RK Instructor for my health. I went from needing back surgery as suggested by several Neurosurgeons to swinging KBS's! That is IMPRESSIVE to say the least! If you haven't been laid up in the hospital getting morphine shots for pain, then maybe you do not understand how dramatically different it is to go from that place of pain to the freedom to swing a weight and feel strong, fit, and pain and fear free! Dr Berry too is a Gifted Instructor with Martial Arts, so he brings another aspect of Instruction to the table with his approach, balance. It has been my pleasure too have gotten to know him, as I have found him to besides the above, Compassionate, Gracious and Humble, which is a rare quality today to find in a person!

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