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10/10 One of the best coaches I know
By Tanya Weber / Essen, Germany

THANK YOU for the last months of training. Like I mentioned in my last review I learned a lot over the last months: New exercises, new training methods, more know-how about programming. It was great. If I had a problem you know how to fix it. You are one of the best coaches I know and still my role model. I hope I can continue online coaching w you in a few months. Tanya, 26, Germany

10/10 Amazing instructor
By Shari Wagner, RKC TL / Denver, United States

I can't say enough good things about Beth. Beth trained me as an online client for the PCC certification. She assessed my skill level on some basic exercises and with mobility at the start and helped me improve in both areas. I already know the importance of mobility, but Beth gave me some different exercises that really helped open me up in some stubborn areas. Her programming was smart, progressive and fun and Beth gave me great feedback along the way. I got really strong, even with kettlebell exercises that weren't part of my program. I went in to the certification feeling really prepared and confident and left having rocked the century test. I did things I never thought I could do, and I know I would not have had the same experience, had I tried to train myself for the PCC. If you've considered hiring Beth for your own training, for any goal...do it!

10/10 Awesome experience at HKC cert!!
By Jessica Dowdy / Rome, USA

This was a great experience! Beth is an awesome teacher as well as trainer. She definitely is able to take a room full of people at different levels and break each skill down so that everyone learns at their level. She didn't move on from an area until she was satisfied that everyone had a good grasp of the knowledge. She was very approachable during the day for questions and comments. She and the other assistants did a great job all day of making sure we felt confident in our skills for testing. I would attend another cert or training with Beth any day!

By Carlos Grillasca / Charlotte, USA

THANKS AGAIN,for the great training...You displayed great knowledge and command of the topics... I have recently taken some other training under a different fitness training method and approach to fitness and was very disappointed with the presentation from this other people... IT IS GREAT TO SEE PEOPLE LIKE YOURSELF THAT TAKE THE TIME TO PERFECT AND UNDERSTAND THEIR BODY THROUGH FITNESS ,BEFORE THEY EMBARK ON TEACHING OTHERS... You showed great knowledge of the matter ( Kettlebell training ) but also showed great understanding of what makes training not only effective, but also efficient, by way of safe training,economy of motion and mastering of form and EGO... THANKS AGAIN... and feel free to quote me and this e-mail to further your career... ( The only reason why I didn't give a rating of 10 is because I don't think anybody ever is a 10 , we all have something else we can learn or do better. This been said, a 9 in my book is the highest I perceive to be and MISS Beth Andrews certainly deserves the recognition in this field.... Looking forward to some day training with her again and learning from everything she has to offer.....

10/10 Fantastic teacher!
By Bill Kociaba / Hollywood, USA

I recently attended an HKC cert taught by Beth Andrews. To say this woman is an excellent teacher would be a gross understatement! She has an effective teaching style that breaks everything down to the simpelest level and if you still don't seem to get it she will come at the point from a different direction. At no point did she move forward until she was satisfied that everyone in the room was totally clear on the subject. Beth was as patient coaching a total novice as tweaking the technique of an obvious vetern KB user. She is realistic in dealing with peoples injurys and structural differences. There is no Cookie cutter approach with this lady. She finds a way to make it work for everyone. I believe the most positive aspect about her teaching style(to me anyway)was her willingness to listen to imput from the clients. Many instructors want only short answers and only when they ask a question. Our group was very diverse and Beth was very willing to allow people to offer their imput as well as ask questions. She makes it very clear that she wants you to succeed and makes you believe that she will give you her all to get you there.
If you live in the Cartersville, Ga. area and want a great trainer, she is the one. If you plan on taking the HKC or RKC and Beth is teaching, that's where you need to be. I traveled from south florida to take this workshop and don't regret the expense or time in the least...would do it again in a heartbeat. Thanks very much Beth

10/10 Top Rated Mechanic (Beth Andrews RKC)
By Ty Cheek / Atlanta, GA, United States

Personal trainers are like car mechanics. Some, due to limitations, have to work in shops where their skill set only allows them to make certain "repairs". Some will only work on high end race cars, because their talent & ego is such that working on "normal" cars isn’t good enough for them. Then there is the 3rd type of mechanic, the "Special", "Gifted", "Passionate" mechanic. One who can take a race car, blueprint the engine, clean it, tweak it, and make it faster & more powerful than thought possible. That same "mechanic" also has a passion to work on the car that just goes back & forth to work & around town. The "mechanic" appreciates the reliability & the mechanical limitations of the day-to-day car, yet understands the value it has. I am very proud to have a "mechanic" who has a broad spectrum skill set, one that can be the absolute best in both "types of repair" & all points in between. NO ONE can truly appreciate the talent & passion of this kind of "mechanic" unless you see them work on a day-to-day basis. If you could clone my "mechanic", the world would be a better, happier, healthier place. You are the very best "mechanic", Beth Andrews Rkc.

10/10 Lots of Learning
By Brian na / Birmingham, US

I attended the HKC in Atlanta that was lead by Beth Andrews. She was an excellent Instructor, very thorough with explaining the exercises and breaking them down piece by piece, and she also made sure we understood each step along the way before moving on to the next phase. I learned a great deal about myself and my teaching abilities, being exposed to what will be required to take the kettlebell to the next level. I will make every effort to further my kettlebell experiences. The Instruction and learning experience is superior to any other organization that I have attended.

10/10 HKC Cert
By Evant N/A / Charleston SC, US

I had the privilege to attend a HKC event taught by Beth Andrews. She was thorough in her explanations of all the exercises, what was required of us in order to pass, and how to apply what we learned to our everyday routines, whether a PT or just an exercise enthusiast. If you can ever attend an Dragon door event where Beth is an Instructor, do so, you won't regret it.

10/10 BJJ Strength Training
By Mike Hihg / Atlanta, USA

I'm an active Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitor and I train with Beth to improve my power and agility.

She's an outstanding instructor, who focuses on your weaknesses and makes them your strengths.

She has helped me gain arm bar defense strength with a few unique kettle bell exercises, and has improved my take down power by strengthening my legs, lower back and core.

I'm now a more formidable BJJ competitor with strength from angles that are normally awkward for others.

I can't thank her enough...

You wanna get strong? Train with this Iron Maiden!

10/10 Incredible Strength
By Russell Andrews / Cartersville, US

I have the fortunate privilege of being able to witness Beth lifting, exercising, and acquiring new levels of strength by attempting different lifts that are out of the norm for her. Recently, Beth achieved the status of Iron Maiden. That made her the 5th overall IM and the only IM in Dragon Door at the present time. Her drive to accomplish any goal of hers is contagious.

Not only has Beth claimed the IM, she has also pumped out one arm push ups, one arm one leg push ups, and can rock snatches with a 24kg for 5 minutes. I also have had the pleasure of watching her perform strict continuous muscle ups. She seems to have an extra gear that drives her to excel in her personal goals.

What I find most compelling about Beth is her passion for teaching. She has an infectious personality that spreads to those she trains. She is an excellent motivator. Her Clients and those that sit under her leadership at certifications, absorb her enthusiasm and passion for exercise and improving ones own life. She literally loves what she does.

I personally learn for her as well. She has taught me so much about losing the fear of failure. Trying things that I have long given up on due to age or fear of ripping something on my body out of socket. I can thoroughly appreciate the satisfaction of taking a cautious risk when I do something she encouraged me to try, and then see her smile at the end. That's what her Clients receive from her too. She doesn't compete with others for attention or supremacy. She encourages success.

Yep...I'm one lucky Dude.

10/10 The Total Package
By Master RKC Phil Ross / Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ, USA

I have had the pleasure to train alongside Beth Andrews at several certifications. We have also been involved in meetings, roundtable discussions and technique training. I have to say that Beth is extremely impressive! Her technique, demeanor, true dedication to helping others and strength are something to be admired and emulated.
If you find yourself lucky enough to train at her gym or be on her team at a certification, you will discover what I am speaking about and undoubtedly concur. Beth has my full endorsement not only as an incredible trainer, but concerned and dedicated person. Did I mention her extraordinary strength?

10/10 Beth IS the real deal!
By Jeremy Neufeld / Orlando, FL, USA

As an HKC I recently had the great pleasure of assisting Beth at a local HKC that she lead. What can I say?... It was off the hook! Beth was so on-point, focused, organized and knowledgeable that so much ground was covered in such a short time! Beth does everything she can to guide you to becoming an effective, safer, stronger, healthier you. Her warm-up techniques are unique and successfully help you to progress through all the movements. She made the certification process into a workout, which was awesome, so you're not going to be standing around when she leads you. Beth exhibits the professionalism, passion, confidence, and commitment it takes to be the best coach anyone could ask for. She is meticulous in every detail of instruction. Perhaps even more impressive is Beth's willingness to share her expertise and insights at the drop of a hat. Beth will take the time to address any and all questions you have about various techniques and movements in order to help you or your own clients in succeeding. She has this no-nonsense attitude while instructing, I mean she's going to make you work for it, but you know that she is there for you 100% of the way ensuring you achieve your fitness goals. I found it so refreshing that "the ego" just isn't there. She has a wealth of strength and knowledge and is more than happy to share it with you which puts you at ease while you're being put through the paces. This "Iron Maiden" is an essential asset to the strength, conditioning and health community and would be a priceless component to anyone looking to achieve their training goals.
Check out her website at http://www.maximumbodytraining.com/ to see Beth in full Beast Mode!

10/10 Beth is great!
By David Crump / Orlando, United States

Beth was the instructor for the HKC Workshop that I hosted at my facility. I found her to be very intelligent, vibrant, and passionate. She did an incredible job teaching the attendees and even as an HKC myself, I learned many useful cues. I found her instruction in the Turkish Getup to be better than any others I have experienced and I would recommend her as an instructor without any hesitation.

10/10 Extremely Knowledgeable Instructor!
By Cindy Navarro / Orlando, United States

I recently signed up for the HKC in Orlando that Beth was instructing. I had never worked too much with kettlebells before and was nervous I wouldn't pass the certification. As soon as Beth started, I could tell she had a huge passion for what she does and loves to share her expertise with other fitness professionals and students. Beth was great at leading us through the exercises, always emphasizing on technique and safety. She would go around the room to help parlticipants who were having trouble with form and was quickly able to correct it with her great cues and coaching. As a personal trainer, I found Beth's course extremely helpful for helping clients execute exercises right using different cues and drills. I highly recommend Beth for anyone looking to be better whether it's to grow as a fitness professional or help reach your fitness goals! Beth will help you with a smile and use her charm and abundance of knowledge to get you where you want to be!!

10/10 One of a kind
By Kristy Agan / Rome, US

I came to Beth off of recommendation from a friend when I was training for HKC and RKC. She helped me prepare for each certification; as well as, helped me with some technique/form issues I had. I also was able to get help with some mobility issues and have seen a lot of improvement since working with her (only 4 sessions over the past year I think). Beth is an amazing trainer. I think of her as a mentor and someone I can go to who will help me become better personally and she will also help me become a better trainer.

10/10 Beth's enthusiasm is nothing but Infectious! :-)
By D. Copeland / Atlanta, USA

Beth was recommended to me after I had been looking into calisthenics, or progressive calisthenics to be more specific, after I had spent quite a while recovering from a serious automobile accident. In that time I spent A LOT of time trying to sort out how I was going to make the most of the second chance at life I had been given and I came to the conclusion that I needed to to do everything I could do to make myself the best person I could be by changing my diet and my exercise habits by training harder and smarter with goals as opposed to just slinging weights around at the gym. :-)

After contacting Beth I knew she was the right person for me to start training with because she was very familiar with the methods I was interested in doing and she is a wealth of knowledge and truly takes, and treats, every client as individual as opposed to forcing clients to fit her training methods in a "fit the person to the mold" mentality. She works with the clients to set and reach their own goals whatever they may be. At 41 years of age I have seen many fad exercise regimens come and go as well as the trainers who espoused them as being the end all be all for working out but they passed by the way side as soon as the fad exercises themselves seemed to pass.

Beth will not be one to pass by the way side because she truly cares for her clients and their goals, as well she does whatever she needs to do to help the clients achieve those goals. She will also remain what I feel to be as one of the cutting edge trainers because she does not seem to dismiss anything but incorporates whatever she knows to work because she does it first to try it out and she seems to be always on the lookout for new and better or more efficient methods and ideas by attending seminars and really keeping abreast of what all is out there ..... all in the name of helping herself and anybody that has the privilege of meeting her to become everything they want to be and more by helping everyone to achieve those goals, not without hard work mind you but as efficiently as possible.

As I said Beth's enthusiasm is infectious and you cannot help but feel that with her help and guidance yours goals will be achieved and are definitely attainable. Her breadth of knowledge and scope of training methods is nothing short of amazing! I could not recommend any trainer I have met more highly than Beth, she is a class act and a true Southern lady!

10/10 Grateful to know Beth
By Jennifer Bledsoe / Cartersville, US

I began working out with Beth 3 years ago. Initially I could not do a push-up or a pull-up. Frankly, it wasn't even a goal because I didn't believe I would be able to do them. Six months into training, I surprised myself when I tried a push- up and I could do it! Then a few months later a pull-up followed! Then came "pistols" or one-leg squats. Beth has inspired me to do many things I wasn't sure I could do (including clean eating).Training with Beth and learning from her is a joy. Working out is fun. She creates a totally different atmosphere in her gym that focuses on strength, movement and skills whether with kettle bells, bar bells or body weight exercises. She has inspired me to get my HKC and RKC. I also want to pursue Primal Move and the PCC. I had no idea how my life would change for the better when I entered her gym 3 years ago. Beth encourages everyone to learn and grow as she learns and grows. It is a fun adventure! Thanks Beth! Looking forward to the next three years and more after that.

10/10 A Life Changer
By Holly Jackson / Taylorsville, USA

I started working out at MBT with Beth Andrews about 4 months ago. I have worked out on and off much of my adult life. I had been in a rut for the last year, with no real direction or goal in my training. I needed something different. A friend took me to a workout with Beth and I was hooked. She was fun, engaging, passionate, encouraging, confident, and full of energy. I wanted more!! It's been 4 months now and I am in the best shape of my life:) There were so many things that I never thought that I would be doing at my age (51). With Beth, that type of thinking is NOT allowed:) Anything is possible! Beth is such a natural teacher. She encourages you every step of the way. Even when there are others working out, it is like you are her only focus. She doesn't miss a thing! She is uncompromising regarding form and progression, two things which were sorely lacking in my workouts. She has helped me to continue to work out through an injury and not allowed me to let it discourage me. She lives the lifestyle, she lives out her goals and dreams, works hard and passionately for them, all of which make her an example that commands respect! She is confident yet humble, knowledgeable yet teachable, honest about her strengths, weaknesses and struggles and a passionate encourager to all who cross her path and want to become the best that they can be! Thank you Beth. You have changed my life and my way of looking at and approaching fitness forever!

10/10 B.A. is the best!
By Ty Cheek / Cartersville, GA, USA

To say that she has a love for her craft, isn't fair to Beth. To say that she can train a beginner with the same enthusiasm and interest as an elite athlete is an understatement. To go to MBT and know that she will always be there giving you her best is a fact! To see how humble she is, yet glow with confidence of the disciplines she teaches doesn't do her justice.

She practices (and perfects) what she preaches!!

Beth has the trait that the truly great ones do...............................PASSION for what she does!

10/10 The Best!
By January Shiflett / Cartersville, GA, US

Beth Andrews is a smart, talented, and devoted trainer. On paper, Beth may seem intimidating- given all of her professional accomplishments and accolades. However- she is incredibly approachable, kind, crazy-smart, patient, and funny. The culture that Beth has created at her gym is unlike anything I have experienced before… She will not allow you to drift along through your workout without coaching, guiding, and urging you to pay attention to what you are doing and push you a little harder than last time. I don’t feel like I am performing a chore when I go to train with her, I feel like I am showing up to see what my body can do. She has taught me so much about not only sheer strength, but also how to *move* better. She doesn’t just throw challenges and crazy workouts at you- she is very strategic about getting you closer to your goals.

Finally- Beth has absolutely NO EGO… that’s probably what I like about her the most. She’s open and honest about her own set backs, and will share them with you in order to teach you something. She’s the best!

10/10 Excellant Instruction
By Jennifer Patch / Rome, USA

I needed something more in my workouts. I've watched Beth train in her home, from afar, so I called to ask if I could train with her at Maximum Body Training. So sweet & patient. Beth works with your level of ability to progression to master your full potential of strength , mobility, flexiblity to bring together a whole new you both physically and mentally. I drive from Rome to Cartersville for a torturous workout with Beth and I am never disappointed. I feel great and I can see a difference in the way I look and feel. I thank Beth for all she has done for me I appreciate and Love her . And she is an awesome sister in law. :)

10/10 Bringing back my youth
By John Lay / Maryville, United States

I found kettlebells several years ago after a patient recommended them to me. I had been opposed to working out for about 20 years. I hated it! Hated gyms, the atmosphere, and it honestly just bored me to death. But, kettlebells sounded pretty cool, I needed to get healthier, so I decided to give them a try. I bought a couple, found some workouts and started using them. My form improved some and I did get stronger, but I wasn't reaching the levels that I thought I could. I wanted to be able to work with an rkc but there are none around me. Enter Beth.

Somehow, Beth and I connected through Facebook. Her husband is a Chiropractor, as I am, and we had gone to the same school so that was the connection, I think. I drive several times per year to Atlanta for seminars. When I found out she was in Cartersville, which is on the way, I knew I was going to at least ask her to help me with form and some tips. She was extremely helpful and, like has been mentioned in several reviews, explained things very well. That was January 2013. Since then she has been training me online. I set my goals, she sets the workouts, and I updated her after each day on how they went and what I was able to accomplish. Every now and then, she will have me video an exercise so she can see the progress. I workout alone at my house so this gives me the accountability that I need. I have seen tremendous progress over the last 5 months. I'm 45 yrs old and have always thought of myself as 18. She is helping me get closer to that young body again. I feel better than I have in years. I hope she will continue to work with me for a long time to come, I still have goals to reach.

10/10 kettlebells who knew
By cindy basford / cartersville, United States

I have been a personal trainer for 5 years and i thought i was strong.Till i met Beth Andrews !!!!!I have never in my wildest dreams thought i can do a pull up and get any stronger.she showed me diffrent.I have trained at many gyms but never have i seen my body transform and be as strong as i am now.what i love most about beth she is not only a awesome instructor she truly cares about her clients.Beth has opened my eyes to a whole new world.I am so honored to have her as my instructor and trainer.

10/10 Beth is the epitome of hard work pays off ...
By Deska Brown / Cartersville, Bartow

I don't know what to say about Beth that wouldn't sound cliche? I had watched Beth from afar back in the days when she trained clients at her home. At first I thought "these people are insane! flipping tires, slinging ropes, etc?" The more I saw them out there, the more I saw their bodies changing ... quickly ... the more intrigued I was. I began training with Beth in Feb of 2010. It was AMAZING! I, like Debbie, had been programmed into thinking you had to do certain muscle groups on certain days, and cardio, cardio, cardio. I learned really quickly, that kettlebells gave me a total body workout like no other! I dropped inches faster than I ever had in the past. Beth is simply amazing.
She is so very patient with all of her clients. She works hard to seek out their goals/desires. She works hard to figure out their nutrition and try to get them on an eating plan that works for them. She can motivate people like no one I've ever seen before. I think it's her sweet spirit that makes the difference. Beth actually CARES about her clients. Their goals, in a sense, become her own personal goals. She's right there beside them (me included) pushing them, encouraging them, teaching them, sometimes even having to start all over and begin again fresh and new with a different plan. I've never met anyone more knowledgeable about fitness, kettlebells, movement, flexibility, nutrition, or as goal oriented as Beth. Whatever your goal is, she will work just as hard, if not harder than you, to make that goal attainable! She has what a lot of other trainers don't have. Not only does she have an unreal amount of knowledge, dedication, drive, passion, etc. but she has a HEART for her clients. She doesn't ask anything of anyone that she's not willing to do or that she hasn't already done herself. She's great about modifying exercises for clients who have issues (whether medical or physical). If she doesn't know the answer right away, she will research it and do everything possible to find a solution that will get results. I should know! I had to have open heart surgery and ankle surgery during my training with Beth. When I wanted to lay down and give up the most, she was my biggest fan telling me that we'd find a way for me to be able to do something to stay active! She is my hero and often times was my sanity! She's more like a therapist to some of her clients -- haha! She did push us hard, but it wasn't in a militant, in your face and yell, kind of way. She made you want to be better and improve in a very motivating, positive way.
She was always watching for proper form. If she saw something that wasn't quite right, she'd back us up and make us start over ... go slower ... and make sure we corrected the form before we went forward, or added weight. It would often times surprise me, because she might be across the room, in the middle of a conversation with a new client, and spot someone that was off in the corner and notice someone's form was off and make sure they corrected it, and then jump right back into her new client consultation.
She has impressed me more times than I can count. She is more than just a trainer ... she becomes everyone's friend. I just love her! I think the RKC world will only see positive things from Beth and all of her clients!

10/10 Best in the business
By Nicole Hughes / Cartersville, USA

Beth Andrews is highly skilled, dedicated & very motivated to kettlebells and her clients. MBT is not a frou frou gym that you join and never see results. Beth will push you to give it everything you have. Kettlebells is unlike any other training I have ever experienced. Beth Andrews is without a doubt the best in the business.

10/10 She is the Real Deal!
By Sean Baxter / Cartersville, U.S.A.

I had the privilege of joining Beth's (MBT) GA Tough Mudder 2013 Team. From the very beginning, I was blown away by her knowledge and her ability to motivate people. For three months, I was fortunate enough to learn from her and train with her, in preparation for the Mudder. When the day finally came, she had me convinced that I would "Kill It." I knew it would be no sweat. Thanks to Beth and the MBT Team, the Tough Mudder was a piece of cake.
You know; it's one thing to push people to reach their physical goals. However, It's far more special to have a gift that inspires people to want to be better.
Beth is an amazing coach and trainer. I consider myself very lucky to know her and to have the opportunity to learn from her.

10/10 I see it every day...
By Russell Andrews / Cartersville, US

I have the privilege of being able to watch Beth train clients, interact with them, and of course, I watch her train. Beth has a unique ability to explain exercises, corrections to faulty movement, and she has a very sharp eye on picking up physical issues a Client may have that hinders movement or function throughout a lift. She is simple in her approach, yet that simplicity has complex results, and the Clients sense the ease of explanations and realize the results it produces as they progress through a workout and through training. Beth is an excellent Trainer, she cares for those under her training and is constantly encouraging them to strive for excellence.

As for Beth the exerciser, I'm not sure I have ever witnessed the drive, the determination, and the energy she possess. When she sets her mind to a goal, failure isn't an option. Her strength is almost unbelievable. Kind of crazy strong, not in every lift, but in lifts that Females might not typically possess.

I'm just a lucky Guy that gets to witness Beth daily, I highly recommend her.

10/10 Beth can fix you!
By Larry Wachs / Johns Creek, USA

I've had a few trainers, but none, in my experience, listen as well, and understand an individual's particular needs as Beth does. She's gotten tremendous results by customizing for me a program that targeted my weak areas and made them better. My hips were locked up and now that's a thing of the past. Beth is also quite helpful in nutritional guidance. Very positive and inspiring. I really like the way she tries things out on herself before dispensing advice. I am 52 and feel as if I am 51. Kidding. More like 21. Great job, Beth. If you can train with her. DO IT!!

10/10 Crazy Strong
By Bryan Ward / Acworth, USA

I had been lifting weights at a gym for 3 years before I started working out with Beth. I thought I was strong and in good shape. Well she proved me wrong. After a few months working with Beth my bench press went up and my all around strength. Even my endurance has went up. I have been with MBT for 2 years now and it has been the best thing I have done.

10/10 "Kettlebells? You can't be serious."
By Brandon Haney - USAF / Cartersville, Ga

I'd like to start out with my story - and how it reached me out to Beth.

I have had the "sedentary lifestyle" all of my life, eating fast food every chance I could get and relaxing 24/7. This all changed when I decided to join the Air Force. It's hard to break someone of being a couch potato - especially since I am a procrastinator too.

I stopped eating fast food and began eating healthy and drinking water, a few months in advance before shipping out; yet I still put off working out. My Step-Mom knew I wanted to get into shape, so she invited me to go to a place she was trying out. I respectfully declined.

A month before I shipped out - I told her, to let me try out this place you keep talking about, I have to do something to improve my performance; even if just by a little. This is where I met Beth, and the kettlebell.

I came specifically to Beth with certain goals that I wanted to be met before I shipped out within a little less than a month. She was able to actually personal train me with her RKC, while maintaining a program to use for her other clients attending too. I was glad she was able to meet my needs and make my own program for me to follow, it helped 100% rather than going to a gym and doing it on my own time and thought.

I was fooled the first day, saying that this was not going to do anything for me and that it was too easy (yet so hard from not being active.) She also tested my goals each week to see where I stood, and I wasn't too far off from the strength goals - but the run time I had to knock out on my own.

Beth was a great instructor and mentor to me while I was trying to reach my goals - she knew it was not all on her though, and that I had to put in some work while not in her presence. The kettlebell itself helped improve my strength and my cardio faster than I thought.. AND at the same time; to which had me really excited. I trained almost every day for that month under her supervision.

Beth definitely knows what she is talking about. You can tell she takes pride in her work, and I could really see it when she trained me. When I felt like I wasn't going anywhere, she saw the progress and kept pushing me. She answered every problem or question I had with a real answer, and explained the reasoning behind it.

Upon arriving at BMT; the first PT days (especially the run days) I noticed people not doing so hot, either not able to do a lot of push-ups and sit-ups.. or run for 5 seconds without being winded. I was amazed that from one month of training with Beth I was able to run 3 miles nonstop, and was able to not hyperventilate, just by controlling my breathing as she helped me work on; I definitely was in a lot better shape than half of the people there..

I have reached my goals and now am officially a part of the United States Air Force. I honestly can say that Beth had a huge part of that, she helped not only prepare me physically - but mentally.. and I believe that's what is best about her. She is a motivator, and not like these corporate gyms with personal trainers just to make money. She has her heart and soul in this game, and will forever change the lives she comes in contact with through it.

I absolutely recommend Beth if you're in the Cartersville area, give it a go by working out with her, or if you aren't close get a chance to work out during one of the RKC events that she attends/instructs - you won't regret it. You'll have a blast with her around.

Thanks so much Beth! I couldn't have done nearly as much without your help and I am truly grateful you could help me on my journey, because you knew how bad I wanted it.

10/10 Skilled motivator & trainer
By Kimberly Haney / CARTERSVILLE, United States

Beth is dedicated to training each client with safety first. She is constantly updating her training skills and educating herself on proper form and balance in order to be the best instructor and trainer. Beth is an inspiration and I look forward to each session with her. Each milestone is applauded and I always feel like she's my biggest cheerleader!

10/10 Changes Lives
By Lori Hough / Cartersville, United States

Beth is such a great instructor that you feel so lucky to have meant her. She teaching you to workout right and the results are amazing.Beth is such a caring person and loves to see people change their life for the better.

10/10 whip u into shape. .. she will.
By nicole broom / csrtersville, united states

Beth is very open and honest. When u walk into her gym u know immediately its not an ordinary gym. In fact, its not a gym at all. Beth gave me so many tools and pushed me to work on my own. She expects u to take control of yourself and go for ur goal. I really enjoyed working out with beth and the people that work with her. She's an amazing instructor and I can't wait to get back to burpees!

10/10 Do not pass on opportunity to learn from Beth....
By Alan Heddings / Monroe, WA, USA

As a fellow RKC, I had the opportunity to assist Beth at a 3 day RKC Certification in which she served as Team Leader. Beth has a wealth of knowledge extending well beyond kettlebells that serves to enhance her pedigree as a rising star in the fields of fitness and strength. Her presence commands respect and inspires both students and fellow instructors to bring out their best. Her positive attitude and supportive nature enhanced my experience as well as that of her students. Despite her incredible personal achievements, Beth's humble nature and approachability allowed her team members to thrive despite the extreme pressure of the RKC certification. As one of her assistant instructors, I felt supported and empowered to share my personal skill and knowledge with her and our students. Having a leader who trusts and supports you in this environment is invaluable to the Dragon Door community and is a win-win for fellow RKCs and the future of the organization. Beth is a strong athlete, a great leader and one of the most selfless and generous people that I have had the pleasure to teach with. She is an outstanding instructor and a great human being.

Alan Heddings, RKC, CK-FMS

10/10 Kettlebells are awesome
By Teresa Gill / Rome, GA

When I first saw Beth training clients in Rome I was interested in this new thing called Kettlebells. Beth brought me from through all the basic exercises and taught me correct form. I have been training with kettlebells for about seven years and the results are amazing. Cardio and weightlifting at the same time, awesome!! I admire Beth's you verus you attitude. We all have to strive to better than the time before and she will push you to achieve it. She wil believe in you:)

10/10 Most awesome workout ever!
By Stacy Barnes / Cartersville

Beth Andrews is an awesome trainer. I have been going to her for 1.5 years. I have health issues one being Lupus and others that go with it. I'm 45 years old. Beth has worked with me and tailored some of the exercises to work with my condition. I can do things I thought weren't possible because of her knowledge and training. When I first started, I would look at the other women in the class and wish I could do what they were doing. I can now. It is an amazing accomplishment to me to be able to do things I can do and feel the way I feel. I look at before pictures and after pictures and there is a huge difference. I also look younger and my doctors are amazed at my health and how it has improved! I appreciate and thank Beth, with Maximum Body Training for what she has done for me!

10/10 Unbelievable Results
By Ruth / Canton

Beth makes training fun and rewarding for clients of all ages and fitness levels. She was able to get me to a level of fitness and strength that I never imagined possible.

10/10 No sissy workouts here...
By Debbie / Rome, GA

When I started training with Beth, who introduced me to kettlebells, I was stuck in a mindset of body split weightlifting and 45 minutes of mind-numbing cardio. I will never forget the exhilaration after my first kettlebell workout, feeling like I couldn't have done more. Beth is an extremely creative and focused trainer. She creates many of the workouts herself and we rarely do the same workout twice. She pushes me to try new weights and exercises, including doing pullups..when I started I couldn't do even one, now I can do 10 dead hang! It is not unusual to see women snatching 20kg kettlebells. No sissy workouts at Maximum Body Training. The benefits have came not only in physical (lower body fat and greater functional strength)but in mental as well. I can more readily face any challenge that comes my way.

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