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Beth Andrews


Phone: 678-773-7290
Cartersville, GA
United States 30121
9.97 out of 10 (38 reviews)

Beth is a Senior Instructor, PCC Team Leader, Primal Move Certified, Primal Sprint Certified, CK-FMS, She leads and certifies HKC and RKC certifications, Assists at PPC. She became the 5th Iron Maiden in 2013, by completing a Press, Pistol, and a Pull up with a 24kg bell. Click here:

Beth was one of only two Females to pass the 1st Naked Warrior Certification at the cert by completing a One arm push up. She soon afterwards achieved a One arm-One leg push up.

Check it out here:

In personal 5min. Snatch testing, she has snatched the 24kg 100x’s and the 20kg for 208x’s in the 10min. SSST. View here:

Beth attained level 4 in the Long Cycle Girevoy Sport Competition. Beth also competed in the Tactical Strength Championship achieving 11 weighted pull ups with 5kg, 115 snatches with a 20kg, and dead lift of 240lbs.

Beth is about strength. While she involves every aspect of athletic development, Strong is her battle cry. There is a certain motivation that drives Beth to go beyond the limits. Whether that is doing muscle-ups on the rings, handstand push ups, snatching, weighted pull ups, or attempting dead lifts, she pushes her limits.

Beth is the Owner of Train Strong Gym in Cartersville Georgia. Her training in centered around strength and movement utilizing kettlebells, barbells, body weight, TRX and Primal Move. Beth is passionate about training her clients. She enjoys when they overcome obstacles and reach new limits. She encourages others to get strong, leave their comfort zone, and try new lifts. Her Clients seem to feed off her strength and inspiration. For many achieve PR’s they never thought possible. She also has a very popular and successful on-line training following. If interested in on-line training, check out the website and click the link.

Youtube: Beth Andrews RKC

Facebook: Beth Andrews RKC, Train Strong Gym,  Strong Gurlz Be One

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10/10 One of the best coaches I know
By Tanya Weber / Essen, Germany

THANK YOU for the last months of training. Like I mentioned in my last review I learned a lot over the last months: New exercises, new training methods, more know-how about programming. It was great. If I had a problem you know how to fix it. You are one of the best coaches I know and still my role model. I hope I can continue online coaching w you in a few months. Tanya, 26, Germany

10/10 Amazing instructor
By Shari Wagner, RKC TL / Denver, United States

I can't say enough good things about Beth. Beth trained me as an online client for the PCC certification. She assessed my skill level on some basic exercises and with mobility at the start and helped me improve in both areas. I already know the importance of mobility, but Beth gave me some different exercises that really helped open me up in some stubborn areas. Her programming was smart, progressive and fun and Beth gave me great feedback along the way. I got really strong, even with kettlebell exercises that weren't part of my program. I went in to the certification feeling really prepared and confident and left having rocked the century test. I did things I never thought I could do, and I know I would not have had the same experience, had I tried to train myself for the PCC. If you've considered hiring Beth for your own training, for any it!

10/10 Awesome experience at HKC cert!!
By Jessica Dowdy / Rome, USA

This was a great experience! Beth is an awesome teacher as well as trainer. She definitely is able to take a room full of people at different levels and break each skill down so that everyone learns at their level. She didn't move on from an area until she was satisfied that everyone had a good grasp of the knowledge. She was very approachable during the day for questions and comments. She and the other assistants did a great job all day of making sure we felt confident in our skills for testing. I would attend another cert or training with Beth any day!

By Carlos Grillasca / Charlotte, USA

THANKS AGAIN,for the great training...You displayed great knowledge and command of the topics... I have recently taken some other training under a different fitness training method and approach to fitness and was very disappointed with the presentation from this other people... IT IS GREAT TO SEE PEOPLE LIKE YOURSELF THAT TAKE THE TIME TO PERFECT AND UNDERSTAND THEIR BODY THROUGH FITNESS ,BEFORE THEY EMBARK ON TEACHING OTHERS... You showed great knowledge of the matter ( Kettlebell training ) but also showed great understanding of what makes training not only effective, but also efficient, by way of safe training,economy of motion and mastering of form and EGO... THANKS AGAIN... and feel free to quote me and this e-mail to further your career... ( The only reason why I didn't give a rating of 10 is because I don't think anybody ever is a 10 , we all have something else we can learn or do better. This been said, a 9 in my book is the highest I perceive to be and MISS Beth Andrews certainly deserves the recognition in this field.... Looking forward to some day training with her again and learning from everything she has to offer.....

10/10 Fantastic teacher!
By Bill Kociaba / Hollywood, USA

I recently attended an HKC cert taught by Beth Andrews. To say this woman is an excellent teacher would be a gross understatement! She has an effective teaching style that breaks everything down to the simpelest level and if you still don't seem to get it she will come at the point from a different direction. At no point did she move forward until she was satisfied that everyone in the room was totally clear on the subject. Beth was as patient coaching a total novice as tweaking the technique of an obvious vetern KB user. She is realistic in dealing with peoples injurys and structural differences. There is no Cookie cutter approach with this lady. She finds a way to make it work for everyone. I believe the most positive aspect about her teaching style(to me anyway)was her willingness to listen to imput from the clients. Many instructors want only short answers and only when they ask a question. Our group was very diverse and Beth was very willing to allow people to offer their imput as well as ask questions. She makes it very clear that she wants you to succeed and makes you believe that she will give you her all to get you there.
If you live in the Cartersville, Ga. area and want a great trainer, she is the one. If you plan on taking the HKC or RKC and Beth is teaching, that's where you need to be. I traveled from south florida to take this workshop and don't regret the expense or time in the least...would do it again in a heartbeat. Thanks very much Beth

10/10 Top Rated Mechanic (Beth Andrews RKC)
By Ty Cheek / Atlanta, GA, United States

Personal trainers are like car mechanics. Some, due to limitations, have to work in shops where their skill set only allows them to make certain "repairs". Some will only work on high end race cars, because their talent & ego is such that working on "normal" cars isn’t good enough for them. Then there is the 3rd type of mechanic, the "Special", "Gifted", "Passionate" mechanic. One who can take a race car, blueprint the engine, clean it, tweak it, and make it faster & more powerful than thought possible. That same "mechanic" also has a passion to work on the car that just goes back & forth to work & around town. The "mechanic" appreciates the reliability & the mechanical limitations of the day-to-day car, yet understands the value it has. I am very proud to have a "mechanic" who has a broad spectrum skill set, one that can be the absolute best in both "types of repair" & all points in between. NO ONE can truly appreciate the talent & passion of this kind of "mechanic" unless you see them work on a day-to-day basis. If you could clone my "mechanic", the world would be a better, happier, healthier place. You are the very best "mechanic", Beth Andrews Rkc.

10/10 Lots of Learning
By Brian na / Birmingham, US

I attended the HKC in Atlanta that was lead by Beth Andrews. She was an excellent Instructor, very thorough with explaining the exercises and breaking them down piece by piece, and she also made sure we understood each step along the way before moving on to the next phase. I learned a great deal about myself and my teaching abilities, being exposed to what will be required to take the kettlebell to the next level. I will make every effort to further my kettlebell experiences. The Instruction and learning experience is superior to any other organization that I have attended.

10/10 HKC Cert
By Evant N/A / Charleston SC, US

I had the privilege to attend a HKC event taught by Beth Andrews. She was thorough in her explanations of all the exercises, what was required of us in order to pass, and how to apply what we learned to our everyday routines, whether a PT or just an exercise enthusiast. If you can ever attend an Dragon door event where Beth is an Instructor, do so, you won't regret it.

10/10 BJJ Strength Training
By Mike Hihg / Atlanta, USA

I'm an active Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitor and I train with Beth to improve my power and agility.

She's an outstanding instructor, who focuses on your weaknesses and makes them your strengths.

She has helped me gain arm bar defense strength with a few unique kettle bell exercises, and has improved my take down power by strengthening my legs, lower back and core.

I'm now a more formidable BJJ competitor with strength from angles that are normally awkward for others.

I can't thank her enough...

You wanna get strong? Train with this Iron Maiden!

10/10 Incredible Strength
By Russell Andrews / Cartersville, US

I have the fortunate privilege of being able to witness Beth lifting, exercising, and acquiring new levels of strength by attempting different lifts that are out of the norm for her. Recently, Beth achieved the status of Iron Maiden. That made her the 5th overall IM and the only IM in Dragon Door at the present time. Her drive to accomplish any goal of hers is contagious.

Not only has Beth claimed the IM, she has also pumped out one arm push ups, one arm one leg push ups, and can rock snatches with a 24kg for 5 minutes. I also have had the pleasure of watching her perform strict continuous muscle ups. She seems to have an extra gear that drives her to excel in her personal goals.

What I find most compelling about Beth is her passion for teaching. She has an infectious personality that spreads to those she trains. She is an excellent motivator. Her Clients and those that sit under her leadership at certifications, absorb her enthusiasm and passion for exercise and improving ones own life. She literally loves what she does.

I personally learn for her as well. She has taught me so much about losing the fear of failure. Trying things that I have long given up on due to age or fear of ripping something on my body out of socket. I can thoroughly appreciate the satisfaction of taking a cautious risk when I do something she encouraged me to try, and then see her smile at the end. That's what her Clients receive from her too. She doesn't compete with others for attention or supremacy. She encourages success.

Yep...I'm one lucky Dude.

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Senior RKC and Iron Maiden Beth Andrews Demonstrates a pistol one leg squat with a 24kg kettlebell

Dragon Door Interviews Iron Maiden Beth Andrews, Senior RKC and PCC Instructor

Jul 19, 2013 03:30 PM

Beth Andrews: Quality movement must be established first, before you can truly unleash your strength. My advice is to build a solid strength base first, be patient with the progressions, and don’t try to mix the Iron Maiden goal with other goals. I gave up everything that didn't feed into the three lifts, and added FMS corrective/mobility drills. The PCC was amazing. I thought it set the stage for a new direction for the RKC too. The new RKC has community, support, and great energy.

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