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Why Personalized Nutrition Testing is Crucial for Optimal Health

September 24, 2002 10:36 AM

This topic may stimulate a fit of prolonged laughter for those of you who have read For Your Body Only, and I'm sorry for this, although as they say, laughter is good for the soul. So, maybe, I'm not sorry. But for those of you who aren't tuned in to the final megatrend of nutrition exploding in THE media this year, let's get into the greatest wellness and fitness phenomenon of all time.

First, let's define what a nutrition test is:

Any direct measurement of a mineral, vitamin, amino acid, fatty acid, vitamin-like substance (like CoQ10), phytonutrient (like Indole), enzyme intermediate (like HMG which is the metabolic precursor for cholesterol), toxin (such as Mercury or Pthalates), nutrient ratio (such as Calcium/Magnesium or Omega 6/Omega 3), nutrition-related allergy, hormone pattern, specific gene direct tests which demonstrate nutrient usage patterns, metabolic rate classifications, and balascopic overviews (nutrient-related disease tendencies).

Whew! It sounds complicated ?- but it's not anymore thanks to explosive technological advances which make all of the above a "lead pipe" cinch ? a pushbutton, easy to use, lab generated, computer analoged, super simplified, non-doctor-essential, inexpensive arsenal of tests that facilitate the most powerful nutrition approach ever seen.

This is not an exaggeration in the least. At-home hair, saliva, urine, blood spots, and even fecal tests reveal all. Unfortunately, conventional medical tests don't even scratch the surface of this hidden domain.

To test or not to test ?- that is the question! From a simple logic standpoint, it makes absolute sense to know whenever possible exactly what foods and supplements your body truly needs, from gene, to enzyme, to toxin ?- before you indulge yourself. Any other approach is just pure guesswork, especially when "no two people are alike" and therefore have very differing nutritional needs from person to person.

This uniqueness phenomenon is known as biochemical individuality and is based upon 640 nutrient chemicals and 400 toxins that we can accurately measure and precisely repair. In fact, using this type of nutrition information in regards to Arizonian Biosphere II researchers, UCLA predicts for them 166 years of disease-free life if they stay on their uniquely perfect diets in a clean environment.

Furthermore, the government research document entitled "An Evaluation of Research in the U.S. on Human Nutrition: Report #2 Benefits From Nutrition Research" states that "major health problems are diet-related" and "the solution to illness can be found in nutrition" and further recommends testing to sort this out for individuals.

Heck, we've been testing everything from soil to produce to livestock to virtually product on the shelf in the supermarket. This information is on their labels. So why not test people ? it only makes sense. By the way, this government study was conducted 52 years ago before these new nutrition tests really became as precise and remedially foolproof as they are today. This is thanks to studies on literally millions of people where again these tests reveal that at every level that no two people are alike and require personalized nutrition intervention for best results.

So, if you don't test, what's your alternative:

  1. One-size-fits-all diet practices where you just eat whatever everyone else says you should eat, but, then again would you feed an Eskimo whose traditional diet is 90% animal and fish an East Pakistani's traditional vego-vegetarian diet, or feed a ballerina like a Sumo wrestler, or a newborn infant like an 85 year old? Hopefully not.
  2. One-size-fits-all supplement practices where you just follow the Daily Values (DV's) or RDA's and take A-Z multivitamins/minerals, etc. and whatever a relative, a friend, or the clerk at the health food store says you need. But, would you continue to do this if you knew that the U.S. Food and Nutrition Board who created the MDR's, RDA's, DV's, etc. recently stated that "these recommendations have nothing to do with the specific needs of an individual"? Would you continue one-size-fits-all supplementation if you knew that the Clayton Biochemical Institute at the University of Texas recommends that "each person should be tested and an individualized nutrition repletion initiated" and that Harvard University further backs this up by withdrawing its support for the "indiscriminate use of diet and supplements" (aka guessing). Plus, there is no such thing as an all in one A?Z multivitamin/mineral that really works.

  3. You can practice Symptom Questionnaires, Blood Type, Zone, Muscle Testing, or Atkins Diet and Supplemental formats. Follow these seemingly more personalized programs and you'll automatically be individualizing nutrition -? right? Wrong! These nutritional formats are still one-size-fits-all theory and not the scientifically derived directly measured nutrition "facts of your body". And, symptoms have no direct correlation with specific nutrient needs anyway, plus questionnaires are basically useless because they don't measure your body's biochemicals directly. The "straw that breaks the camels back" can be seen when people are nutritionally tested who are on these one-size-fits-all programs, taking their respective supplements and even with medical supervision. Anywhere from 81 to 94% (depending on which study) of these people nutritionally evaluated who haven't ever been tested before show across-the-board, often profound, deficiencies, excesses, and hidden surprises like toxins and hidden allergies. And, of course, 223 nutrition related diseases, fatness, fatigue, and endless symptoms are the result of these measurable imbalances, easily avoided in the first place with the right testing information from the start.

Those who have used nutrition tests as their diet and supplement guide to eliminate nutritional and toxic disorders eventually test out perfectly time and time again with no more imbalances. So, why waste any more valuable time and health on one-size-fits-all rhetoric and theories ?- take the test(s) to be your best!