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Exploding the Myths:
Revealing the Truth About What it Takes to Build and Maintain a Powerful, Disease-Free Heart

October 4, 2004 12:56 PM

For decades, we've worked to follow the advice of the American Heart Association for heart health. We've sacrificed taste, given up simple pleasures, pounded out the miles jogging and swallowed millions of doses of dangerous heart drugs ? but to no avail.

Heart disease continues to rank as both the number one disease and the number one cause of death.1 This is because the heart health advice we've tried to follow for 40 years is just plain wrong.

Cardiovascular disease will kill a record 950,000 Americans this year.2 Why? Because giving up meat and eggs, jogging, eating low-fat foods and taking cholesterol-lowering drugs will not cure your heart.

The Doctor's Heart Cure blasts through long-standing myths about heart disease and shows you how to reach the best physical condition of your life.
Myth #1: Fat makes you fat. The American Heart Association links dietary fat to heart disease and recommends that you eat a low-fat diet. But dietary fat isn't to blame. In fact, low-fat diets only make the problem worse.
Myth #2: You need to exercise an hour every day. The governments Institutes of Medicine tells us we need 60 minutes of exercise every day. But this type of prolonged cardiovascular exercise mimics stress and breaks down vital heart muscle. Long cardio workouts are not only a waste of your time, they actually cause additional health problems.
Myth #3: You need to keep your cholesterol below 200 points. The current strategy of monitoring cholesterol to manage heart health is ineffective. The drugs are dangerous and only distract us from the real path to heart health.

In The Doctor's Heart Cure, you'll learn a completely different model for eating and exercising. You'll discover special nutrients our hearts need that are lacking in our modern diets. And, you'll have an action plan to put it all into place, and use for life.

Use a New Model for Heart Health
You can reverse serious heart disease and avoid this killer disease at any age ? by following advice directly opposite of the standard recommendations. In as little as a few months, the men and women in Dr Sears's clinic have used an easy-to-follow new strategy to cure their heart disease. This book will show you the simple steps to real heart health. It is much easier than following the unnatural recommendations of the American Heart Association. It's time to discard the old assumptions that failed us and re-examine the facts.

A Fresh Look Leads to a Startling Conclusion
During the time when the World War II generation feasted on a breakfast of steak and eggs, obesity was relatively constant in America, hovering around 10 percent. Diabetes was relatively uncommon with about one case of adult diabetes for each case of childhood diabetes. All of this was about to change.

In 1957, the American Heart Association linked dietary fat to heart disease, and recommended that Americans cut the fat in their diets. We swapped cereals for the protein-based breakfasts of our grandparents' generation. This marked the beginning of our struggling with low-fat diets.

Food producers developed a wide variety of low-fat foods. Over the next couple of decades, we gobbled down these "healthy" foods, expecting to lower our risk of heart disease as we lowered our weight. But we didn't lose weight. In fact, the rate of obesity tripled. The number of Americans either obese or overweight has exploded to 2 out of 3 ? levels never seen anywhere in history. Also during this time, adult diabetes has risen 900%. We now see a ratio of nine patients with diet-induced diabetes for every case of genetic.

These recommendations only led us further away from our natural protein-based diet. And, the low-fat approach failed in its primary goal: Heart disease continues to kill more American's than any other disease.

Discard Failed Beliefs and Use Strategies That Work
The widely accepted theory that the amount of fat we American's ate causes modern heart disease turns out to be false. The effective way to beat heart disease is to root out the real underlying cause. People of all ages have rebuilt youthful hearts and blood vessels. Instead of sacrifice, denial, and unwanted side effects, a natural heart health plan gives you more energy.

For 16 years, patients at the Center for Health and Wellness are feeling better, aging better, performing better, and living longer. And they do it without worry or time-consuming daily regimens. You don't have to eat food you don't like. You don't have to become a vegetarian. No confusing double-talk, no counting calories or fat and no toxic drugs.

A New Model for Heart Health
The Doctor's Heart Cure creates a new paradigm for achieving heart health. This book provides a detailed program that flies in the face of conventional guidelines. Extensive scientific research and experience with thousands of patients supports this approach. Patients who have improved their cardiac health and overall physical condition by using strategies that work.

In addition, The Doctor's Heart Cure Program is much easier to follow than the American Heart Association guidelines. We have an instinct for foods that are naturally fatty, salty or sweet. With a few adaptations to our modern world, these natural preferences can serve you well. The low-fat diet is unnatural. And, the chronic denial of enjoyable food with its constant guilt is unnecessary. The Doctor's Heart Cure's key principles for heart-healthy eating is that you like its taste and it's part of our natural diet, unmodified, rather than processed.

Similarly, few people enjoy pounding away on a treadmill for thirty minutes to an hour at a time. For many people trying to build this as a habit, their instincts cry out for them to stop. Many have difficulty finding the time to exercise that long. When they do, they unwittingly produce unwanted changes in their bodies such as the loss of muscle, bone density, and internal organ weight. They also often wind up with overuse injuries. Patients don't complain when they discover that the core of The Doctor's Heart Cure exercise program is workouts that last no more than 20 minutes and can be completed in as little as six minutes.

Lastly, the popular strategy of monitoring cholesterol is ineffective and the prescribed medications are unnecessary toxic burdens. Most patients who use cholesterol-lowering drugs don't know that the medications are making them weak and tired and cause their muscles to ache if they try to exercise. They are delighted to enjoy increased energy and well-being with effective natural alternatives.

In addition, compelling evidence indicates that the best blood predictor of heart disease risk is not cholesterol at all but homocysteine. This turns out to be great news: It's much easier and less toxic to your body to lower homocysteine levels than to lower cholesterol levels.

How to Build the Heart of a Warrior
"The Doctor's Heart Cure" leads you through a two-Step process to build heart health. In Step One: "How Medicine Missed the Boat," you'll see and come to understand why researchers and physicians went astray in their approach to heart disease.

Chapter 1: Modern Nutrition and the Diet Disaster shows how the ever-increasing adulteration of our food supply has made the problems with cardiovascular health progressively worse. The problem turned into a crisis in the last generation when the so-called "heart healthy diet" became popular.

Chapter 2: Sidestep the Cardio Exercise Myth examines how long-duration cardiovascular exercise robs your heart and lungs of capacity, zaps your body of strength and muscle, and accelerates several unhealthy aspects of aging.

Chapter 3: Cholesterol the Great Red Herring tells why cholesterol testing is all wrong, and what markers doctors should be checking.

Chapter 4: America's Heart Drug Problem gives you the lowdown on how cholesterol-lowering drugs deplete energy reserves, lower sexual vigor, and interfere with one of your cardiovascular systems most important antioxidant systems. You'll see how blood pressure medications de-condition your heart and interfere with effective exercise.

Chapter 5: Measure Your Real Heart Health give you effective screening tests ? which most doctors don't do ? to assess heart health. Five blood test ? levels of coenzyme Q10, homocysteine, C-reactive protein, insulin, and essential fats ? can reveal an abundance of useful information about your heart health. You'll also find several measures you can do yourself.

Step Two: "Take Action to Build Heart Health" is your plan to prevent or reverse heart disease.

In Chapter 6: Enjoy Real Food Again, you'll learn about a surprising plan that deviates in important ways from both the American Heart Association's low-fat recommendations and the Atkins-like low-carbohydrate group of diets. You'll see how easy it is to look beyond counting grams of fat or carbs to return to our natural habits of enjoying quality fat, protein and carbohydrate again.

In Chapter 7: Build a Strong Heart; Get More for Less, you'll discover a new system for exercising less with much better results! You'll use a clinically proven program to improve your cardiac, pulmonary, and blood vessel response to exertion. Not only will this program improve your cardiovascular health, you will also transform your body, as you burn fat and build muscle and strength.

One nutrient, coenzyme Q10, is so important; it merits a chapter of its own. Find out how to use it to regain vital heart power and efficiency in Chapter 8: Energize Your Heart, The Miracle of CoQ10.

By the time you complete Chapter 9: Give Your Heart Four Nutrients it Needs, you'll know how to supplement your diet with the heart fuel every heart needs ? which most people are not getting in sufficient quantities. Doctors often ignore this crucial area. You will see why these supplements are important, how to get them, and how much to take.

Learn how to reduce inflammation and control oxidation of blood vessels in Chapter 10: Control the Fire in Your Heart. This key component of your heart-healthy program tells you how you can use antioxidants to reduce oxidative damage, and how to lower your homocysteine safely and effectively.

If you suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes, loss of muscle or obesity ? problems that often accompany cardiovascular disease ? you can customize your own program using Chapter 11: Individualize Your Heart Cure to guide you.

The final Chapter 12: Heart Health Now helps you put it all together with an action plan of how to implement your Doctor's Heart Cure for life.