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Aaron Pierson


Phone: 970-219-2011
Fort Collins, CO
United States 80525
10 out of 10 (54 reviews)
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10/10 Awesome class, awesome instructor!
By Elise Gingrich / Fort Collins, USA

I have taking kettlebell classes with Aaron for 3 years now. I initially started taking the classes because I wanted to try something different and I am so glad I did! It has improved my overall strength and flexibility that I notice in all aspects of my life.
Aaron is a great instructor who takes the time to make sure each student is using correct form and performing exercises safely, no matter how long it takes you get there. He helps students modify exercises as they need to if they are dealing with injuries or other limitations - he even helped me modify my exercises when I was 8 months pregnant so I could safely stay active! Aaron truly enjoys teaching and it shows!

10/10 Individual Training with Aaron
By Michael G / Fort Collins, USA

I've been doing individual training with Aaron for nearly 3 years. While training with Aaron my blood pressure dropped from 140/190 to 120/70; I have lost 8 pants sizes, my mobility and flexibility have improved significantly, and I am a much more fit, conditioned person than I have ever been in my life. I also feel a lot better with the lean muscle I have added to my body.

I will say though that these improvements have not been quick or easy. Picking up a KB in a gym for the first time was intimidating. Learning the TGU was a struggle that took me 9 months to perform correctly. Even today, I am still working to improve my goblet squat and find doing it correctly a challenge. In addition to learning the skills for using KBs safely and constructively, I have had to do a lot on my own outside of training: using a foam roller, lacrosse ball, resistance bands to improve mobility, and stretching almost daily, changing my eating and improving my sleeping habits. To improve my conditioning, I've been running now for 2 months (with Aaron's guidance), and riding a bicycle several times per week. I was in junior high the last time I did any running or bike riding, about 38 years ago.

What kind of trainer is Aaron? The best kind: patient, encouraging, knowledgeable, and flexible. Aaron brings a lot of variety to our training sessions and that has kept this work engaging, fresh, and challenging. You can change your life and health for the better training with Aaron. If you are starting off from a place where you are not very fit (or even if you are very fit) give Aaron a try for at least 3 months and be willing to commit to improving your overall health outside of your training and you will be glad and proud of yourself that you did.

10/10 High level instruction
By Pete Conovitz / Fort Collins, CO, USA

Aaron is a guide to a new level of fitness and health. You can absolutely tell right away that this is not just a job for him but a true passion. In addition to being able to clearly, effectively and patiently teach the technical skills and movements, he recognizes and teaches all aspects of fitness - strength, power, endurance, durability, athleticism. Another outstanding quality is his attention to detail and form - which I am convinced has helped me avoid many of the recurring injuries I've experienced from weight training in the past. He is the real deal.

10/10 Great teacher
By Ashley Houston / fort collins, USA

Aaron has been great teaching me a variety of exercises. He always emphasizes doing what you can rather than pushing yourself to injury. I've appreciated the slow progression into working with kettlebells since I have never worked with them before. Great instructor. Great classes.

10/10 Top Notch Conditioning
By Hal Massey / Fort Collins, USA

Aaron is exceptionally well versed at all aspects of physical conditioning and physical education. He is professional and able to improve strength and conditioning for his students. He is caring and attentive able to work through students weak areas. He builds a program that is custom suited to you and then works tirelessly with you to help you meet your objectives. I highly recommend him and his company.

10/10 Aaron Pierson teaching kettlebells
By Sonnie Graves / Lakeland, USA

I am over 70 years old and was starting to loose my balance and strength. I was lifting weights in a group for about 2 years. I felt I was no longer improving in what I needed. I have been receiving lessons with Aaron for over 2 years. I work hard and Aaron has helped me to have the strength and balance I need. I am no longer at risk of falling like I was before I started lessons with Aaron. I love kettle bells and am proud of what Aaron has helped me improve in both strength and balance. He works with me in standing straighter, being able to get up off the floor without any help. He is patient and see's what I need in the way of exercises I have to work on in order to reach goals I have set for myself. Simple things like crawling and being able to balance on one leg sounds simple but not when you haven't done this type of exercise for a long time. I can do this and have advanced to where it seems simple now. He has the knowledge and the patience as an instructor to make it exciting to learn how to make my body strong and to continue working.
I started working out with Aaron around 2 years ago and I have moved from Colorado to Florida so he continues working with me through Skype.

10/10 Best of the Best
By Charis Cook / Fort Collins, CO, USA

I played around with kettlebells before and loved them, so as soon as I moved to Fort Collins, I wanted to find someone who was RKC to help me become certified. The universe was giving me a big high-five by leading me to Aaron. He responded to my email inquiry almost immediately and then took about an hour out of his day to call me and answer questions I had and help me figure out what I needed to know. When I started working with him I learned almost immediately that I had no idea what I was doing, but because he was so patient and easy to follow, I didn't feel defeated but quite the opposite... I could do this and do it right! It's been over a year now since I've been coached by him and every time I learn something new; moves I do all the time get better and better because his way of approaching it is enthusiastic and respectful. I'm also stronger and a better trainer because of him and his methods. His excitement and passion is contagious. Also as a female, it amazes me how well he coaches both men and women of all ages and sizes. To go to his evening class is to see some shamelessly strong women slinging around some serious weight with precision and confidence is an amazing sight. He truly has a way of making strength appealing and accessible to everyone. I am so grateful to have met him and the city of Fort Collins is fortunate to have such a skilled, gifted teacher.

10/10 Great instructor!
By Sarah Mannschreck / Fort Collins, USA

I just started kettlebell training at Fundamental Strength and I am really enjoying it. I needed to shake up my workouts and try something new to challenge my body. The focus is on building strength with proper form. Safety is a big priority. Aaron is a terrific instructor and he really spends some time with you to be sure you are being challenged and performing the exercises correctly. He is patient and knowledgable. I am really enjoying my workouts and have found some muscles that I didn't know I had :) .

10/10 A great leader
By Shari Wagner, RKC II / Denver, USA

There’s a reason why Aaron was selected as a Team Leader. He’s a patient and calm instructor who makes the RKC technique easy to understand for any level of trainee. I have known Aaron for a few years and most recently he helped me with some technique prior to attending our level 2 workshop together. Aaron has been helpful, supportive and encouraging before, during and after our certification, both as a coach and as a friend. Colorado is lucky to have such a great leader.

10/10 Dealifts, Presses, and Squats, Oh MY!
By A. De Jager / Fort Collins, USA

I saw a Living Social deal for Fundamental Strength, and decided to give it a shot. I had started a journey of getting in shape, (since round is not the shape I wanted to be forever), and decided to try something new. I started classes in September of 2013, and have never looked back. From the moment I walked into the gym, I was hooked. Under the watchful eye of Aaron and the other coaches, I have lost weight, (going on 70 pounds), gained massive muscle definition, and learned that I am stronger than I could ever believe. I can deadlift 245lbs, and single arm press a 24k bell. Prior to coming here, there was always a stigma that I felt about being the "fat girl" at the gym, and was very hesitant about going to big box gyms. I was welcomed here with open arms, and have truly felt like I found my second family. Aaron is always watchful of technique and safety, all the while pushing you to your limits. He is mindful of making modifications when needed, and genuinely makes class a pleasure to come to. I never used to want to workout, but now, if I don't get to workout for a couple days, I start to get anxious. I recommend Aaron and Fundamental Strength to EVERYONE I talk to, and have brought several friends into the gym with me, since I love it so much.

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Dragon Door Interviews RKC Team Leader Aaron Pierson

I’m 38 and have been in the EMS field for ten years and into kettlebells for about five years. I don't have the back issues that many of the EMS guys have. Kettlebells have allowed me to put on healthy weight. The combination of barbell and kettlebell training has also increased my fitness level considerably.​

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