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Instructor Profiles

Sharon Portrait 3835

Sharon Nelson


Phone: 952-457-0874
St. Louis Park, MN
United States 55416
9.94 out of 10 (68 reviews)
Sharon is co-owner of Total Body Power located in St. Louis Park, MN  Receiving her first certification in 2006, Sharon has been working with students in both private lessons and classes with an emphasis on combining movement with proper nutrition.  Sharon is not only an RKC but is an Instiute of Integrative Nutrition Certified Health Coach who as developed a nutrition/weight loss program  with a whole person approach to success.

To learn more about Sharon's programs, dates and times, go to  or email Sharon:
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10/10 Life-Changing Nutrition & Body Toning Coach
By Jill Knight / Minnetonka, United States

It may seem bold, but it’s true, Sharon has changed my life! Her kettlebell class has toned my body like I have never seen it (and I turned 40 this year!). Combined with her nutrition program, my body literally changed within two weeks. Just today, someone I haven’t seen in a year told me I looked like I was aging in reverse! Sharon inspires me to be an all-around better person. I share her wisdom with everyone I meet and hope that by working with her, you too will become inspired to begin a life-changing journey!

10/10 I have kept the weight off!
By Karen Kleinman / Eden Prairie, Mn, USA

I started a cleansing program with Sharon on March 1 of this year. With Sharon's guidance I was given a list of foods to eat each week, i stayed on the program for one month. In that time, i learned about food sensitivities and how better i felt when i eliminated them from my diet. I charted each day and checked in with her about every 3-4 days with my food list. It was important to me to be honest and stick with the program. Even though I am not checking in with her now, i am continuing to be mindful of the foods I eat and because of that I have kept my weight off and have felt better. I think its a very valuable program and would encourage others to try it.

10/10 Eating well, feeling great!
By Elaine Love / Shorewood, USA

I began working with Sharon on a nutrition plan on Feb. 28. I am nailing my goals of greater strength, better digestive health and weight loss! No more digestive distress, keeping the weight off and enjoying a satisfying and healthy way of eating. Sharon helped me lose the cravings for sugar, identify food triggers that had negative results on my body and choose a delicious and satisfying way to eat.

10/10 Kettlebells changed my life! Sharon shaped my life
By Andrea Dale / Minnetonka, MN, USA

I started kettlebell training with Sharon a year ago, 30 pounds overweight and out of shape. She was able to "meet me were I was" and to provide the support needed to help me to "push myself" back to health, strength and more confidence. In a few weeks my clothes were looser and in a few months 20 lbs. After a year of training, I suffered an injury from a fall and was out of commission for several months. Sharon worked with me back to strength training and introduced me to her custom nutrition counseling and cleanse. I lost 5 lbs in both the first and second weeks. I have more energy and am more mindful of my eating. I owe a great deal to Sharon and her exceptional coaching and could only give her the highest praise as a kettlebell instructor.

10/10 Nutrition and exercise coaching -- thanks Sharon!
By Debbie B. / Minnetonka, USA

In addition to being a fabulous kettlebell instructor, Sharon offers
individual coaching on diet, nutrition and supplements. Over the
years I had put on extra weight and my body ached. Pounds and pain,
not a great combination. In my educational consults with Sharon I
learned to increase my protein and vegetables while decreasing, if not
at times eliminating dairy, wheat and sugar. Through this combination
of eating, I lost the bloat and inflammation in addition to losing 30
pounds. The body aches and pains all but disappeared and I am now
able to move my body in class with much more fluidity, flexibility and
strength. I sleep better as well. I was also guided on certain
supplements like chia seeds, magnesium and fish oil to improve my
overall health and well being. I am grateful to Sharon for her wisdom
and interest in helping me.

10/10 Feeling Great!!
By Kolleen C / St. Louis Park, USA

I have only been taking Sharon's class for about 4 months and have already noticed signficant changes. I am stronger, my clothes fit better and my posture has improved. Sharon is amazing and so is her class. She pushes us to to our limits but always makes sure we are using proper form. Sharon is always upbeat and encouraging. We have students at all levels and she is able to give each of us the attention we need. Taking her class is one of the best things I have done for myself. I would recommend her class to anyone at any age. Thank you Sharon!!!

10/10 Super Private Sessions!
By Peggy Wolfe / Minnetonka, USA

I'm an 82-year-old woman, but no weakling after working with Sharon as an individual private student for two years. Not only do I carry suitcases for much younger friends, but that hanging flabby skin on on my arms is now toned muscle-- as Sharon exclaimed the first time she saw me in a tank top. I feel great, have tons of energy, am slim and trim, and I have a wonderful teacher and friend in Sharon. Every lesson includes lots of laughs even as she challenges me to routines that seem impossible until I try them and succeed. What a wonderful feeling of accomplishment Sharon has given me! I'm blessed to have her in my life in many different ways. If you are considering private kettlebell lessons, Sharon is your teacher!

10/10 Very Impressed with Sharon's Instruction
By Greg H / Minnetonka, USA

I have just finished my second year of Kettlebells instruction in Sharon's class and want to share the great experience I've had. I was 56 years old when I started and felt I needed a regular exercise program to improve my strength and flexibility. I had heard that Kettlebells is a good exercise program so I thought I would give it a try. When you first meet Sharon, you can't help but be inspired by her own personal success with using Kettlebells. She's in fabulous shape and is an inspiration to everyone in the class. The evening class I joined is about as diverse a group of exercisers as you could imagine. The class is about twenty students and includes adults of all ages and abilities and has slightly more women than men. The class diversity is a testament to Sharon's inclusive teaching philosophy that everyone can improve their fitness and we can all celebrate each others' successes. We all start at different points, some working to do their first pushup in decades or hold the plank position for 30 seconds. As the months and years have gone by, the improvement in the group has been fantastic. Some student have lost substantial weight, others have increased their flexibility and improved their posture. We have all gotten stronger and improve our core body strength. Sharon is always there leading the class in a way that motivates people to try something new and even more challenging. Sharon is a very knowledgeable instructor and is focused on teaching the proper form for all the Kettlebells moves and she is constantly reviewing and correcting our technique. She is always concerned about safety and eliminating injuries. As a result, I've haven't had any injuries from the class and actually the Kettlebells exercises have greatly reduced my previous knee and back problems. The inclusiveness and friendliness of the class is a direct result of Sharon's infectious personality and her willingness to poke fun at herself. I just signed up for her class starting in January and can't wait to get back to my regular Kettlebells workouts and start my third year of improved fitness.

10/10 Can't wait for the next class
By Jodi Johnston / St Louis Park, USA

I have never been one to routinely exercise on an ongoing basis. Sharon's class has changed my mind set. I look forward to Mondays and Thursdays because I know that I am going to leave class with a feeling of accomplishment. I had never done a plank for more than a minute. Sharon has me doing 3 minutes. My goal is 5 minutes and I firmly believe that I can do that with Sharon's encouragement. She is a gentle giant. As much as I want to be stronger for myself, I also want to do better for her. I have only been working with her for 2 months and can't wait until I earn the "advanced" status. Sharon stresses quality over quantity. While it may be tempting to do 50 swings for numbers sake, she would rather we do 10 correctly. I am so thankful that I have joined her "kettle family" at Hopkins.

10/10 Stealthy Sharon gets THE RKC done
By Jonathan Bischof RKC / Jamaica, United States

Sharon was a big help to me while going for my RKC certification this past April 2011.

It seemed whenever I turned around she was there. Her observations, corrections and advice were well needed and greatly appreciated.

Her quiet demeanor hides her wealth of knowledge that is amazing.

I highly suggest you use her as a teacher and prepare to be blown away.

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Sharon Nelson