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The Certified Kettlebell-Functional Movement Specialist (CK-FMS) Home Study Course
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The Certified Kettlebell-Functional Movement Specialist (CK-FMS) Home Study Course
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9.79 out of 10 (14 reviews)
great investment
Rated 10/10
By dave-pt west bloomfield, mi usa

Awesome dvd set! Definitely one of the best dvd's that I have purchased. I do wish this set came with a workbook like the people in the workshop get though... Overall completely worth every dime…
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The Certified Kettlebell-Functional Movement Specialist (CK-FMS) Home Study Course

With Gray Cook, RKC and Brett Jones, Master RKC

15-DVD set


About the Authors

The CK-FMS Home Study Course is for those athletes, trainers and coaches who want to:

Dramatically improve their own and others' functional and athletic performance

Significantly reduce the potential of training and sports injuries for themselves and their clients

Significantly reduce the recovery time from prior sports injuries for themselves and their clients

Exponentially increase their potential income as a winning athlete or as a coach and trainer

Significantly upgrade their own personal strength, conditioning and resilience
The Certified Kettlebell-Functional Movement Specialist (CK-FMS) Home Study Course (DVD) - $97.77
One-Year, 100% Money Back Guarantee

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How sure are we that The Certified Kettlebell-Functional Movement Specialist (CK-FMS) Home Study Course (DVD) will work for you? Simply fill out the form below and put The Certified Kettlebell-Functional Movement Specialist (CK-FMS) Home Study Course (DVD) to work for you right now.

If you are not 100% absolutely thrilled with your purchase, Dragon Door Publications will refund of your entire purchase price for up to a FULL YEAR.

That's how sure we are!

Obviously, we would go out of business if The Certified Kettlebell-Functional Movement Specialist (CK-FMS) Home Study Course (DVD) didn't work, the way we said, right?

With the promise of a full refund if you're unsatisfied, you have nothing to lose by trying The Certified Kettlebell-Functional Movement Specialist (CK-FMS) Home Study Course (DVD). Go ahead and try it today.

Imagine a GPS system that not only shows you the fastest way to reach your goal—but magically zooms in on, eliminates and fixes every obstacle, pothole, speed bump and detour currently slowing you down.

Oh, and the same GPS system does double-duty again by acting as a warning and instant-fix-it system for your vehicle!

Well, that's what you get when you combine the very best of RKC with the very best of FMS:

a "Movement-GPS System" that kills ten birds with one stone—spotting the deficiencies, fixing them and fast-tracking you forward —so you can leap into action and perform at the very highest level, NOW…

So say hello to your new "little friend"—Gray Cook and Brett Jones's Certified Kettlebell-Functional Movement Specialist (CK-FMS) Home Study Course—the shoot-first, take-no-prisoners battle-pack for the ultimate in enhanced performance systems.

The FMS protocols are considered an essential part of training in many of the NFL's best teams, including four out of the last five Super Bowl champions. Numerous other competitive athletes and their coaches swear in similar fashion to the power of FMS for not only keeping them at play, but performing at the highest possible level—safely. Branches of the military, including many elite units have welcomed FMS as a superb addition to their combat-readiness training procedures.

Pavel's HardStyle RKC protocols have received similar acclaim from an equally broad range of athletes, martial artists and military personnel.

Gray Cook has strongly endorsed HardStyle RKC. Pavel has strongly endorsed FMS…

Only natural then that Pavel and Gray Cook should join forces to offer RKCs a special program that integrates the best of RKC with the best of FMS.

When word first got about the CK-FMS, Dragon Door's top RKCs rushed to sign up. The result was an event that had hands-down the highest quality group of coaches and trainers ever mustered together at one time in one place for one workshop. And the results were of course beyond spectacular….

Here's what participants at the August 2008 CK-FMS had to say about their experience:

Kenneth Jay, Master RKC Instructor, Slangerup, Denmark

Absolutely Magnificent! I made the choice of skipping the Olympics to come to this and there is not a single part of me that has any regrets about that. This system will do more for my personal as well as professional goals than any other training out there.

Amazing presenters. Not something you see very often with high-level material. Believe me… I have listened to about 100 different professors speak and Gray Cook and Brett Jones rank at the top.

I have a degree in Exercise Physiology, which does not even come close to the value of this. Only the HardStyle RKC matches it. Which makes the two systems perfect for each other.

The Viking gives the CK-FMS two thumbs up! AWESOME!

Thomas Phillips, RKC Team Leader, Gym owner and special education teacher; Marlboro, New Jersey

I had already been through the FMS certification... the CK-FMS was heads and shoulders above anything I had expected. The instruction was brilliant and most importantly practical. I can't recommend this workshop highly enough for everyone in the industry.

I have heard Brett and Gray speak multiple times either in person or on DVDs. This weekend I was blown away by the brilliance of these two individuals. Until you experience them in person, with your own questions and hear them field other people's questions it is difficult to appreciate all they have to offer.

This material is exactly what I needed at this point in my career. The quality, scope and practical use of this material is easily the most impressive I have ever experienced.

Mark Reifkind, Master RKC Instructor; San Jose, California

The most comprehensive, detailed, standardized and intelligent approach to corrective exercise I have ever seen. Takes screening and corrective exercise to another dimension. Must-have training for the state of the art training professional. Gray Cook is the Pavel of corrective exercise.

Amazing, incredible, outstanding. My brain hurts from trying to wrap it around the unreal amount of incredible useful and pertinent data. It will take numerous readings and screenings to understand just how natural this course really is. But, as detailed as the data is, the simplicity of the system provides such a simple step by step guide as to make it foolproof. Fantastic!

Will Williams, Senior RKC, Hard Style Strength Instructor; Philadelphia. Pennsylvania

I cannot imagine any organization claiming the ability to teach "fitness" concepts and applications offering a more sophisticated, simplex, and effective system than what we just created. VIVA!

Zar Horton, RKC Team Leader, Firefighter; Albuquerque, New Mexico

A fantastic experience that gave me the "missing link" in kettlebell training. This course sowed the importance of assessment in training people and how as a practitioner and trainer one must not ass fitness to dysfunction. With being the underlying theme Gray and Brett give you the toolbox and the confidence to improve performance and health through the use of kettlebells.

Thank you guys so much for sharing and developing this course. Incredible. I liked the progression of the course I felt lost but came full circle on Day 3 with the reps/labs — and consistency in teaching. Amazing instruction and depth of knowledge. There is absolutely no training available like this.

Charanjit "Chuzzy" Mauji, RKC, Personal Trainer; Nottingham, United Kingdom

It changed the way I think towards training. I now understand why my clients have movement and kettlebell problems. And the best thing I can now change it.

Gray Cook is God. Well maybe? LOL. His presentation was some of the best I have seen and heard. Brett Jones, very good. Helped me to understand a lot of things I've been questioning for a longtime.

FMS is out there on it's own. Really leading the way in physical education.

Franz Snideman, RKC Team Leader, Business Owner; La Jolla, California

The most comprehensive and results providing certification I have ever taken. I saw huge changes and results within minutes of trying the corrective exercises. I am so excited to use this information with my clients. Gray and Brett have condensed a lifetime of experience into this certification and it shows. Your movement will improve immediately with this information.

Both Gray and Brett taught brilliantly. Simple, effective and results producing methods.

Gray has a way of stating complex themes into understandable and applicable methods.

Brett understands the body and movement so well that he's able to cut down to the essential basics.

Better than any corrective exercise certification I have ever taken. Better than CHEK Certifications.

When you feel ready to take action on this, to take your personal training and coaching to new levels of success CLICK HERE NOW

Matt Seki, RKC, Personal Trainer; Los Angeles, California

What I have been looking for my entire career. Truly a perfect tool for anyone interested in human movement patterns. As well as understanding dysfunctions that arise as a result of dysfunctional patterns.

Both superior knowledge experts in their fields. Completely in line with what I have learned from Dr.'s and PhD's in their isolated fields. Both good at explaining technical as well as common terms. Good info in clinical talk, related FMS to Clinical.

Superior to any seminars taken besides RKC. So much technical knowledge, makes sense, easy to achieve results. Really applicable to life.

I loved this course, it is what I have been looking for my whole career. Understood technical aspects and layman's terms to reinforce. I think a lot of technical stuff went over many people's heads. But for us that get it, golden!!! I feel like I have something to teach/how even Dr.'s/PT's/PhD's and they will love it and benefit from it too.

Perfect course, beat my expectations. Accomplished exactly what it said it would and more. Anyone with complaints either didn't get it or had a massive ego of their own to deal with.

I loved it.

Yet again Dragon Door provided a memorable weekend in my entire life.

THANK YOU so much!!!

Jeff O'Connor, Senior RKC; Talala, Oklahoma

The natural progression of the RKC community. The future of athletic performance and longevity.

The best of the best. A beautiful integration of the two best systems, by the two best people.

Second only (and a very close second) to the RKC.

Unbelievable workshop. Thank you to everyone that made it happen.

Rolando Garcia, III, RKC II, Trainer; Guttenberg, New Jersey

Educational, in depth, and engaging without being dry and intimidating. The course puts RKC's at the forefront of fitness industry.

I cannot say enough great things about the knowledge and teaching ability of these two gentlemen. Approachable and friendly, yet possessing knowledge that puts them above the rest. They carry their genius with humility — an RKC trademark

Great Job!!!

Phil Scarito, RKC, Owner - DV8Fitness LLC, Wayne, Pennsylvania

It was an eye-opening experience, that I will utilize in my kettlebell classes and PT clients. My clients will only benefit from this. I can't make them worse, only better.

Unbelievable, they both work very well together. Cook was able to give me easy understandable reason why we need to apply FMS. And Jones really gave us the background on Kettlebells and FMS. Each one had their expertise.

RKC and FMS are the best certs out there. There is really no reason to go anywhere else. RKC sets the standard in the fitness arena.

Dustin Rippetoe, RKC, Small Business Owner; Guthrie, Oklahoma

Simply the best in the world at what they know and do!

It is the best training in terms of training that I have ever been to!

Andrea Du Cane, Master RKC Instructor; St. Paul, Minnesota

My experience; broadened my knowledge in area of corrective use of known drills. Added new drills to my toolbox along with the "why" and "how" of them. I feel comfortable performing the screen and picking drills to use with a given problem.

Gray is obviously very talented and intelligent PT/RKC. He is a fantastic speaker, entertaining while sharing complex information. He keeps things interesting. He has a tremendous amount of knowledge he has put together into a great system.

Brett — what can I say! I love you big boy! Good job - thoroughly great. You always come from a place of sincerity.

As good as our RKC — in line in Z-Health — in other words top notch!

Sara Cheatham, Senior RKC Instructor; Ft. Bragg, North Carolina

The CK-FMS is the 'why' behind the 'how' of the RKC

Complementary to Z-health yet easily digestible by the general population (plus, they offered adequate positive neural chunking through funny stories and slides, making it memorable and easily accessible for future reference in the field)

Don't Leave Your Fortune to Your Memory!

Now one of the problems, of course, was the sheer wealth of information Gray and Brett revealed over the three days of the CK-FMS. How on earth could the trainees be expected to remember it all?

The solution was to record the whole training—every little detail and gem of it—so that the CK-FMS instructors could go back and refer over and over to the goldmine of tips and strategies they had been exposed to.

And the CK-FMS is so valuable, so performance-enhancing we wanted to make sure all future CK-FMS instructors had the same materials to rely on in the future for refining their skills to the same dizzy heights.

However, the CK-FMS certification workshop was a "closed-door" training—limited strictly to RKCs only. Could we in all honor share the CK-FMS treasury with those "outside the door"?

After all, the fortunate few at CK-FMS had earned the right to attend big time—by first qualifying as RKCs and by investing often several thousand dollars in workshop tuitions, travel and hotel expenses.

We thought long and hard about this, but finally decided it was more important to ensure our instructors had the resources they needed to fully succeed, than to worry about our secrets falling into the "wrong" hands.

As one of my great mentors used to warn: "Don't leave your fortune to your memory!" In other words, our instructors would be leaving way too much on the table if they had to rely only on their memory of the training itself.

Plus, the CK-FMS Home Study Course would prove to be an invaluable tool for those preparing to attend a live certification training.

And nothing finally ever takes the place of that live, hands-on experience, as all who attended the first CK-FMS will be the first to attest!

Attendance in person at the CK-FMS certification workshop is absolutely essential if you wish to attain the full range of competencies expected of a certified specialist. Dragon Door offers the CK-FMS Home Study Course for those who wish to optimize their skills before, during and after their certification process.

Is the CK-FMS Home Study Course
right for you?

The CK-FMS Home Study Course is for those athletes, trainers and coaches who want to (check all that apply):

Dramatically improve their own and others' functional and athletic performance

Significantly reduce the potential of training and sports injuries for themselves and their clients

Significantly reduce the recovery time from prior sports injuries for themselves and their clients

Exponentially increase their potential income as a winning athlete or as a coach and trainer

Significantly upgrade their own personal strength, conditioning and resilience

Did you qualify? Then read on now:

The first section of the CK-FMS Home Study Course teaches you the entire fundamentals of the Functional Movement Screen system, combining lecture with invaluable examples of hands-on lab work.

This program is a product of years of innovation and current research. The philosophy starts with a system that monitors fundamental movement. Armed with this crucial knowledge, you can successfully develop corrective exercise programs based on individual movement patterns. FMS is equally effective in fitness and sports conditioning because it targets the "weak link in movement".


"Working on any other part of the chain will not change the strength of the chain." You're only going to be a good as your weakest link. If you insist on using band-aids and duct tape, don't be surprised when things start to rip and tear!

Or, to put it another way, what use is a stronger, more powerful engine, if your wheel is going to fly off at 80 mph?

Specifically, the Functional Movement Screen is a ranking and grading system scientifically created to document movement patterns that are key to normal function.

By screening these patterns, you can successfully and quickly identify functional limitations and asymmetries. Basic movement pattern limitations can reduce the effects of functional training, physical conditioning, and distort proprioception (body awareness).

At the heart of the system is the Functional Movement Screen Score, which helps you target the real problem for yourself or any other individual and track progress with real precision. The scoring system is directly linked to the most beneficial corrective exercises to restore mechanically sound movement patterns.

When you feel ready to take action on this, to take your personal training and coaching to new levels of success CLICK HERE NOW

Could you be flying blind, making these mistakes without even knowing it—and often be harming yourself or your clients more than helping them?

After this part of the Course you can confidently:

– Identify physical imbalances or weaknesses and strengthen them with simple corrective exercises

– Teach the difference between movement quality and movement quantity—so your clients themselves understand how they can achieve better results with less apparent effort

– Identify current injury trends and stats as they relate to the prevention of non-contact injuries

– Understand how "primitive" movement can hold the keys to unlocking your physical restrictions

– Use hands on/passive stretching – to help you become more comfortable touching clients and start to understand the CNS communication between yourself and the client.

– Eliminate poor movement and quickly, effectively, and efficiently replace it with good movement

– Establish a personal benchmark for your own movement patterns with a clear direction and path to help you be more mobile.

How Valuable and Successful Do You Really Want to Be as an Athlete, a Coach or a Trainer?

The Key 12 Advantages You'll Gain When You Master The Functional Movement Screen Fundamentals:

Mastery Advantage # 1: Instantly cut through the clutter—and zero in with uncanny accuracy on what really works to enhance your own and your client's movement.

Mastery Advantage # 2: End the wild guessing and vagueness about your clients' progress—with a scientific, functional baseline to confidently mark their improvements.

Mastery Advantage # 3: Own a "Done-For-You", dummy-proof screen that gives you reliable, specific and above all reproducible specific markers for your clients' movement problems.

Mastery Advantage # 4: Quickly and reliably improve your client's functional fitness and athletic performance—and earn their undying gratitude.

Mastery Advantage # 5: Be a long-term hero for an ever-increasing group of devoted clients—as you significantly reduce their potential for training and sports injuries.

Mastery Advantage # 6: Possess a simple, yet amazingly effective grading system to assess movement patterns—and immediately spot the lurking problems.

Mastery Advantage # 7: Confidently assess and easily enhance physical performance for the widest range of client—from the athletic to the average fitness buff.

Mastery Advantage # 8: Scientifically identify your clients' physical imbalances, limitations, and weaknesses—then be able to offer a rack of trench-tested solutions to those vulnerabilities.

Mastery Advantage # 9: Enhance your clients' fundamental movement patterns with simple corrective exercises—an immediate "take-home" that will have some of your clients wonder if you practice magic on the side.

Mastery Advantage # 10: Proudly toss out the "one-size-fits-all" nonsense that often masquerades as training—now that you can scientifically individualize your clients' programs for specific results.

Mastery Advantage # 11: Understand how to identify potential cause and effect relationships of micro-trauma as well as chronic injuries in relation to movement asymmetries and weakness—this one skill will set you apart from 98% of all trainers out there!

Mastery Advantage # 12: Understand how to give your client that all-important "Ah-Hah!" moment—that creates utter belief in your ability to identify and fix their weaknesses.

When you feel ready to take action on this, to take your personal training and coaching to new levels of success CLICK HERE NOW

Armed with the FMS Fundamentals, You'll Then Discover How to Merge FMS with the Immense Power of the RKC System:

  • How to properly interpret the results of the FMS and address the "weakest links" first—for maximum immediate impact with your clients
  • How to address the lowest scores and asymmetries to "clear" people for Kettlebell training—helping your clients avoid unnecessary injuries and making you look darn good in the process.
  • How to employ the Red/Yellow/Green checklist—so you can be absolutely sure what kettlebell and weight lifting drills are okay and which ones to absolutely avoid when you have spotted an asymmetry.
  • How to employ the kettlebell as a preferred tool in the Corrective "toolbox"—for far faster, more effective results.
  • How to optimize movement patterns with kettlebells, once the FMS minimum is reached.
  • How to integrate Screening, Assessment, and Client Management—the complete package of when to do what, and why.
  • How to implement Static and Dynamic Assessment and Corrections for the Upper and Lower Body.
  • How to implement the FMS System to continually reevaluate and progress your clients.

Here's more praise from participants at the August 2008 CK-FMS:

Pavel Tsatsouline, RKC Chief Instructor, Santa Monica, California

Great many "Aha moments". Old dogs learning many new tricks — while staying consistent with the RKC philosophy.

The FMS screen has brought an atmosphere of healthy competition to corrective exercise — what a way to motivate selves and clients to get healthy!

High-end professionals. Honored to work with them. Top of the line.

Seana Willis, RKC, Massage Therapist; La Jolla, California

Absolutely amazing. It was phenomenal, very educational, informative, well-structured, practical and just gosh darn good.

Quite a few individuals have tremendous knowledge, talent and skill. It is rare to find these individuals with the ability to effectively teach what they know. Brett and Gray both share this rare quality to teach their knowledge and skill with passion and humor in a way that people can thoroughly understand and use.

Much higher quality and concise material and the practical use is beyond measure. After attending the workshop any attendee can go right out and put this training into effect immediately.

Kori Bliffert, RKC, Respiratory Therapist, Personal Trainer; Frisco, Texas

After all of the certs/workshops I have gone to, I really thought I knew how the body moves… I was wrong!!

Also, besides my first RKC, this has been the most fantastic workshop I have ever been to. The information, the knowledge and teaching of the instructors, and the work of everyone put in was incredible.

One word… phenomenal!

This workshop has to be in my top 2 workshops I have been to. The amount of information we got over the weekend was worth 10 times what we paid.

Jon Engum, Senior RKC Brainerd, Minnesota

An amazing, mind-blowing experience with lots of info to go back and digest and put into practice.

They are clearly experts and on the cutting edge of movement science. Both are great entertaining speakers with a wealth of knowledge. I gained a huge amount of info.

Outstanding – another quality Dragon Door production.

Doug Nepodal, Senior RKC; Ventura, California

As hard as the RKC but from the mental side.

As always we are spoiled by the level of instruction we have at any Dragon Door event. This course is no exception and goes hand in hand with the other courses we have taken.

Top quality with real world application.

David Whitley, Senior RKC Instructor; Nashville, Tennessee

The CK-FMS was an eye-opener, an enlightening experience that has given me more tools to provide service to my existing clients, improve my own abilities and open doors to a potential new population of clients for me.

Absorbing knowledge from Gray is like drinking from a fire hose. He has a lot to say and does a great job presenting complex subject matter in an easy to understand way and provides practical hands-on strategies to apply the knowledge.

Brett consistently demonstrates that he truly is a Master Instructor.

It meets the standards I expect from the RKC organization.

Dave Randolph, RKC II, Fitness Coach; Louisville, Kentucky

A very eye-opening experience. It was an excellent workshop and I will start implementing the corrective strategies right away.

Gray and Brett showed thorough knowledge of all aspects of FMS. They both are excellent, entertaining presenters and did a great job conveying complex information in a way that made it easily understandable.

When you feel ready to take action on this, to take your personal training and coaching to new levels of success CLICK HERE NOW

Daniel Wilson, RKC, Military; Honolulu, Hawaii

Radically changed the way I approach training. Before the seminar, I always charged right to the performance aspect of fitness. Now, I will start with ensuring fundamental movement patterns are sound before progressing to enhancing performance.

Outstanding. The screen and correction system we were given is a tremendous tool that even non-physiologists like me can understand and use.

In conjunction with the RKC, probably the best foundation of knowledge I could ask for. Now I have tools to identify and correct fundamental movement dysfunction and then progress on to cutting edge performance enhancement.

Jason Marshall, RKC, Trainer, Lubbock, Texas

The CK-FMS workshop was one of the most purposeful and influential education opportunities that I've been exposed to. The fact that this was a "first" put me on the forefront of what will become a standard of every gym in the world. I can't say enough about how pleased I am with my decision to participate in this event.

Gray and Brett are excellent speakers, presenters, trainers, coaches and people. Their knowledge of movement and the human body and ability to tie it together with familiar kettlebell drills is unparalleled.

Above and beyond anything I've been exposed to before. Excellent!

Paul Daniels, RKC Team Leader, Personal Trainer; Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

The most revolutionary training experience since my RKC. Continuing to keep us on the forefront of the industry.

I can only say I feel very privileged to have had this opportunity.

As with all Dragon Door courses I have completed, the scope and quality of the material is light years ahead of what I thought I knew. It is like having some time warp from the future and giving you information that will forever change the way you see the world.

Andrea U-Shi Chang, RKC, Seattle, Washington

What an incredible workshop – I was given a complete system that will help me look at all my clients/students and evaluate their movement patterns in order to make corrective changes. I was already familiar with Gray Cook's, "A Body in Balance" and was utilizing some of the exercises, but this adds a huge amount of information, screening tactics, and way to measure compensatory movement and how to fix them for better, safer performance.

Both Gray and Brett have a very high level of training, impeccable thoroughness and eye for detail – combined with an enjoyable conversational style of communication that keeps you connected, interested and eager to learn and do more. Kudos to an incredible new DD program!

I've really enjoyed the high level of participation, and involvement of fellow RKCs – this has been another life changing experience, not only in my future abilities to help others, but in my own personal path of better mobility, balance and performance. Thanks.

Cole Summers, RKC, Strength and Conditioning Coach; Winnipeg, Canada

A tremendous learning experience. A huge amount of information to explore, to learn and come back to time and again. Instantly accessible, practical and illuminating. Great skills to use in my own training and with my students, clients, and athletes. Be they weekend warriors or an international elite.

World-class state of the art. Exciting to be on the cutting edge.

Excellent. A perfect complement to the RKC. Exceeds the highest expectations.

When you feel ready to take action on this, to take your personal training and coaching to new levels of success CLICK HERE NOW

Pamela MacElree, RKC Team Leader; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

It truly is an eye opening experience that will benefit my own training and those I work with ten fold.

Gray Cook was able to break down the complex into simple and applicable applications. Every question was answered with thought and knowledge. The lecture was never dull or boring. Very enjoyable and informative. It also clarified some questions I was having with my graduate studies. Great job to both!

Great quality as with the RKC program. As far as hands on training this program and RKC are great.

I know that when I start applying this to my own training I will see huge improvements.

Rick Huse, RKC, Fitness Consultant; Indianapolis, Indiana

Professionally, the program expanded my ability to be of service to my clients and of greater value to the fitness world. Personally, the CK-FMS helped me address and provided a system to correct my own fitness or health issues.

I rate them on the same level with Stewart McGill.

More usable information than most programs I've attended including Gray's Perform Better FMS.

Karen Hamilton, RKC, Software Engineer; Forest Lake, Minnesota

I am so grateful for this training to help prevent injuries for my clients outside of KBs, and to help ensure that I don't injure them in the course of kb training.

Jule Albretsen, RKC II, Mechanical Engineer; Colorado Springs, Colorado

I love it! After the RKC I felt like I knew how to teach KBs, but I was not sure how to screen clients and how to work around their limitations. FMS gave me a well-defined blueprint to work with.

Awesome! They both had a talent for using down to earth terms while delivering a huge volume of information.

Os Aponte, RKC; San Diego, California

There is nothing better out there. Money well spent.

I would go to the moon to learn from these guys. The most influential conditioning coaches in my humble career.

Dan Peven, RKC, Fitness Professional, Retirement Consultant Berkeley, California

Crucial components of the jigsaw puzzle were provided. Practice will allow the pieces to be placed correctly.

Understandable and immediately useful practical application presented complex concepts broken down into understandable and logical action.

Eric Stiegman, RKC, Owner and Operator of Winning Edge Training, Inc.; Nashville, Illinois

The merger of the RKC and the FMS is revolutionary. This is the path to human excellence!

Undeniably Elite! Both present in a clear, understandable fashion and always willing to answer any questions!

This was by far the most cutting edge information that I have been exposed to. I definitely feel that I am part of an elite group.

Anton Iskerskiy, RKC, Personal Fitness Trainer; Lakeville, New Jersey

Outstanding. It is obvious that both men possess great knowledge of the subject matter and able to convey it in engaging and easy to understand manner.

It is as good as RKC and RKC is the best.

When you feel ready to take action on this, to take your personal training and coaching to new levels of success CLICK HERE NOW

Shawn Manning, RKC, Personal Trainer; Wilmington, North Carolina

CK FMS training should be integrated into every trainer's program in order to prevent and address dysfunction. This course gave me the education necessary to feel confident screening my clients and designing a program that not only helps them, but does not hurt them.

Very thorough. No question went unanswered. They have obviously taken this program to the trenches and that showed in the presentation.

First class. Just like RKC, this has been some of the most helpful education that I can actually utilize as a trainer.

Renee Sliviak, RKC, Farm Manager, Sandy Lake, Pennsylvania

All aspects were very good. Although I do not train people – this information will help me in my own sports and to help me recover from old injuries.

Ricardo Nieves, M.D., RKC II, Physician; Carlsbad, New Mexico

Excellent complementary evaluating method for me to use together with McKenzie Mechanical Evaluation in order to better evaluate my patients not only mechanically but also functionally.

Excellent method to screen and evaluate functional movements dysfunctions.

Very well presented information in a concise but comprehensive format.

Jason C. Brown, RKC Team Leader, Roslyn, Pennsylvania

Outstanding. Great group of instructors.

Much deeper, much warmer feel and atmosphere that is extremely conducive to learning. Very deep science with direct application. Able to use something on Monday, that's not always possible with other seminars, workshops.

Franklin B. Herman, RKC, Principal Software Engineer; Acton, Massachusetts

Both presenters are at the top of their craft! The information is delivered in a very engaging down to earth style.

This was comparable to the very high quality of my RKC certification.

Mark Toomey, RKC Team Leader, Reno, Nevada

Another life-changing experience. I will be a more valuable asset to my clients and a better resource.

Gray has a very easy going and disarming way of making difficult concepts simple and keeps simple concepts clear.

It's great having a Master RKC bridging the use of KB's with CK FMS.

Brian Sternberg, RKC, PE Teacher and Personal Trainer; Scottsdale, Arizona

It has given me a very crucial and necessary tool for "screening". New people beginning or already involved in a training program can see if they have any red flags that may need to be taken care of to prevent future injuries.

Very detailed which really makes me feel confident that was taught to me was very clear, concise and appropriate.

Phenomenal course and I can't wait to practice what I learned and then apply it to my victims.

Tom Nunn, RKC, Capoeira Instructor & Web Site Developer; Oxford, United Kingdom

Provided a simple, foolproof system for understanding a client's movement problems.

A revelation!

Dr. Courtney Mizuhara-Cheng, RKC II, Osteopathic Physician; Los Angeles, California

CK FMS training should be introduced to all clinicians who work with and treat injuries because it not only helps to identify potential injury risk factors but provides corrective strategies once an asymmetry or dysfunctional movement pattern is identified.

Gray Cook and Brett Jones are both dynamic instructors with an incredible amount of experience who are so open to sharing their knowledge in a down to earth manner that it is an honor to be able to listen them.

CK FMS training shares many similar concepts that I have learned through my osteopathic training of looking beyond the pain to the whole body, identifying functional movement pattern asymmetries and restriction of motion. The quality of the material is at such a high level that I wish similar courses were offered in my medical school training. The information is very practical for anyone in the health care profession and working with injuries or prevention.

Thank you for blending these two wonderful systems.

Darlene McCaffrey, RKC, Personal Trainer/Sales; Medina, Ohio

The coming together of such talented individuals always amazes me. Always well organized and professional. Dragon Door quality comes through.

As always the knowledge base of Dragon Door organized events/speakers is exponential. With Gray's extensive knowledge (clinical), he is still able to communicate clearly and in layman's terms. Excellent presentation and knowledge base by Brett as well.

The practical application of the movement screen in conjunction with the correction will separate all of us from the typical trainer/instructor that will move clients through a dysfunction without making a simple correction.

In return clients will experience a more beneficial exercise regimen that will allow them to more to the next level with more confidence.

When you feel ready to take action on this, to take your personal training and coaching to new levels of success CLICK HERE NOW

Kirsten Farrell, RKC, Athletic Trainer; Playa Del Ray, California

"Awesome!" This is a brilliant course! All RKCs should take it – this will make them a better instructor both in teaching technique as well as overall body balance. I did not want this weekend to end.

Two of the most outstanding instructors around. Wish I had this kind of instruction and passion when I went to school. A wonderful mix of humor and personal stories.

The RKC is one thing on a physical level – this takes you mentally to a whole different plane. I am not sure all of us truly understand the unique and special opportunity we have had to enjoy this kind of access to Brett and Gray.

As a new RKC the chance to meet so many team leaders, Masters and Sr. RKCs was a wonderful experience. You have a great group of folks that are a part of Dragon Door and the RKC – so glad to be a part of it ?

Dan Cenidoza, RKC, Kettlebell Instructor/Strength & Conditioning Specialist; Baltimore, Maryland

I can only echo the reputation that precedes Gray Cook…. He is a genius!

Gary and Brett complement each other nicely. Good people, with a great sense of humor and intimate knowledge of the human body.

The CK-FMS material was presented on par with the other RKC workshops I have attended, which is excellent. The philosophy underlying FMS is revolutionary and effective like nothing I have ever seen before.

Ken Froese, RKC II, Trainer; New York, New York

I attended an FMS seminar with Gray and Lee back in Feb/Mar and the CK-FMS was a lot more detailed. It gave me a better understanding of how to make corrections and help my clients as well as my own training.

The hands on concept is what sets DD seminars/workshops apart from the rest in the industry.

Gray and Brett are both great speakers and keep things entertaining as they pass on their knowledge. They both really know their stuff.

Steve Freides, RKC II, Musician and Trainer; Ridgewood, New Jersey

We were the beneficiaries of years of world-class experience, distilled into a simple system that demonstrably delivers consistent results. I will use what I have learned here immediately for years to come.

Equal to other Pavel/Dragon Door workshops, and that is the highest praise. Nothing else comes even close.

Scott Matsuura, RKC, Physical Therapy; San Jose, California

Exceptional! Combining the FMS with RKC is a winning combination.

The instructors are definitely at the top of their fields in regards to knowledge and training. But they are also top presenters and speakers. Also Danielle and Mark are exceptional in their knowledge and training.

This course by far has been the most useful in showing how to implement an exercise program safely by promoting proper movement patterns first.

Dragon Door has always put on first class workshops and certifications.

BJ Bliffert, RKC II, Fitness Professional; Frisco, Texas

Easily one of the most informative workshops I've ever been to. This will instantly help my clients and athletes and exponentially raise the value of my services.

Second to none.

Gabi Katschthaler, RKC, – Fitness Trainer; Debrecen, Hungary

One AHA moment after the other. An overwhelming experience in every sense. A great wealth of information and insight, with lots of tips on putting it all into practice. Just plain outstanding, Brett, Gray and all assistants did a wonderful job, as well as the organizers.

I couldn't be more impressed. I was expecting the best but it was ever better! Huge knowledge, great wisdom and understanding of the human body. Outstanding lecture and teaching skills, too.

We have covered a lot more material than at level 1, still I'm confident I can put the pieces that are a bit confusing now together with time and some screening-correcting ways.

Jennifer Morey, RKC, Massage Therapist; Boulder, Colorado

The CK FMS was an extremely exciting and motivating experience. The depth of Gray's knowledge and foolproof screen were overwhelming yet simple. Coupling the FMS with kettlebells clearly exhibits immediate positive change, something many people want.

Gray and Brett's combined amount of knowledge is utterly unbelievable. Both of these "Gods of fitness and movement" had immediate as well as multiple answers for each and every question that arose. People involved in kettlebells in general (RKC etc) have an exorbitant amount of expertise. These two dudes surpassed all I could have expected.

The CK FMS by far exceeds any other training I have received. Although, it does run parallel to other trainings like RKC in many ways, it is so easily broken down and user friendly.

Bobbie Kelm, RKC II, Personal Trainer; Georgetown, Texas

CK FMS training together with RKC and kettlebells – WOW! I was very excited to attend this workshop and it met my expectations above and beyond.

Complete and very consistent presentation that constantly reminded you of the purpose of quality functional movement.

When you feel ready to take action on this, to take your personal training and coaching to new levels of success CLICK HERE NOW

John Bruno, RKC, Strength & Conditioning Professional; Erie, Pennsylvania

It was exceedingly informative. However, it makes me humble to see how much more I have to learn about S&C and evaluation of clients needs. I will leave knowing how much more I need to practice and familiarize myself with the information to become proficient with it. I look at this as a beginning not an end.

Outstanding world-class training, I will continue to work with Brett as he is geographically close to me. You can tell they have a good synergy and open mindedness with each other and that is a good example in a room full of "experts"!

Keira Newton, RKC II, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Exceptional. Both Gray and Brett have a clear base knowledge that they have used in the development of FMS.

Gray and Brett were clear, direct and easy to understand. Also very good as lecturers, funny and interesting.

Heidi Rothenberg, RKC II, Russian Kettlebell Instructor/ Massage Therapist; Albuquerque, New Mexico

Both Gray and Brett did a phenomenal job sharing their expertise in a way that not only was easy to grasp but kept me completely receptive even if overwhelmed by the absolute volume of information being delivered.

CK FMS training is most likely going to be the most effective tool I have for building my client base and making healthy, strong, stronger kettlebellers. I am blown away by how simple and even easy the corrective strategies are and how absolutely effective the CK FMS system is!

Jeff Larson, RKC II, – Personal Trainer; Napa, California

The CK FMS was an invaluable experience. It will cause a paradigm shift in my approach to programming.

Quality of training and knowledge are excellent. What more need be said? It would be excellent to have an internship with the gentlemen!!

The CK FMS rates right up there with RKC I and II. The systems of training are and will be invaluable as business owner/trainer/massage therapist to reach out and help others, this will in turn help my business and my level of expertise flourish.

Katherine Hawbaker, RKC II, Teacher; Louisville, Kentucky

This is exactly what I have been looking for to combine a screen or test so I am better informed in designing practices for each client. The CK FMS comes at a perfect time for me just a year after RKC, and several weeks of RKC II and with an official year under my belt working with clients. I have kept annotated notes on my clients and will apply this new knowledge immediately.

Excellent, Gray is so knowledgeable, yet despite any formal training on my part, I was able to follow his lectures. His stream of thought is very clear, and he articulates his knowledge easily without sounding "lofty".

Brett's delivery and interaction was priceless. It was super cool to see him share his knowledge with the RKC community with confidence, humor and professionalism.

Excellent and above and beyond what I anticipated in terms of knowledge gained, delivery of instruction and sincere desire of Gray, Brett and Danielle for us to really go out there with this screen and use it to improve our client's movements and our own ability to be creative.

Stefan Madsen, RKC II, Copenhagen, Denmark

Great to have a system of screens allowing me to retest my clients. Hands on practice is invaluable.

Joseph Thimmesh, RKC, Landscaper/KB trainer; St. Paul, Minnesota

The FMS workshop was extremely informative, and will definitely help one become a better trainer.

They explained things very well and tried to keep everyone at ease, even though there was a ton of information presented.

It was very good, my only other experience was RKC. The CK FMS had a much larger source base of information therefore there was a lot to digest.

When you feel ready to take action on this, to take your personal training and coaching to new levels of success CLICK HERE NOW

George Gomola, RKC, - Asst. Chief Fairfield Fire Dept., Strength Coach SHU; Fairfield, Connecticut

This training has made me responsible and more importantly – accountable for correcting my client's movement. Any training can train to failure, we must train to success.

Gray and Brett are both exceptionally gifted. Their styles compliment each other. Gray is big picture, Brett is by the book together they appeal to all aspects of a very diverse audience.

Michael Johnson, RKC; Police Officer / Personal Trainer; Highland, Maryland

This training is a must for anyone who is serious about personal training and providing the best possible service to their clients.

Absolutely phenomenal instruction and knowledge in body mechanics and movement. Gray and Brett break everything down into easy to follow steps that can be used by any trainer.

Pat Henderson, RKC, Bloomington, Minnesota

CK FMS training is the simplest yet more comprehensive way of making minor seemingly unimportant corrections to make enormous change to the whole picture of knowing where, how and why you are in a certain place at a certain time with a recipe that helps you make discoveries which bring about not only small changes but also miracle changes in movement.

Their knowledge is such a meld of much that is known and much more which is either not known or recognized. They are incredible at putting the pieces together. Thank you so much. YOU ARE THE BOMB!

Definitely one of the tops! Especially like I said because of how I learn.

Gavin Van Vlack, RKC, – Strength & Conditioning Coach; Brooklyn, New York

I find it invaluable as a fitness professional, to help my clients.

Everything is top notch, typical Dragon Door production.

Lynda Angelis, RKC, Artist, karate and kettlebell instructor, Minneapolis, Minnesota

It was a year's work of information presented clearly and concisely in 3 days. My experience was both enlightened and overwhelmed.

It is just extraordinary. There are no better.

Quality was excellent. Scope of material was vast. Practical use is invaluable. Most of my recent physical exercises training has been RKC – this exceeds the standard set.

Chuck Mutschler, RKC, Physical Therapist; Pasadena, California

Day one it was stated "FMS is a system" and I believe CKFMS workshop delivered that message. As a physical therapist this system will greatly enhance my ability to deliver more comprehensive care to my pts and athletes.

Brett and Gray's chemistry and knowledge of movement pattern and corrective example is a statement to their commitment to strength and conditioning. Thank you!!

Steve Gould, RKC II, Fitness Center Owner; Morton, Illinois

Enlightening. Definitely improved instruction and evaluation of clients.

Both Gray and Brett communicate their knowledge and principles clearly and in a clean progression making the information immediately applicable when returning to work with clients.

Practical use stands out. Principles and strategies presented can be implemented immediately.

When you feel ready to take action on this, to take your personal training and coaching to new levels of success CLICK HERE NOW

How many blunders are you making in your training right now that could be costing you a virtual fortune in lost clients—not to mention your own loss of athletic ability and success?

Just one key secret you glean from ONE of these CK-FMS DVDs could save your hide big time!

Why take the risk of living in painful, if not debilitating ignorance when it's so easy to have the world's best training information at your fingertips?

REMEMBER: Gray Cook and Brett Jones actually SHOW YOU the protocols and secrets that World champions have used to conquer all before them!

So what will Gray Cook and Brett Jones's CK-FMS HOME STUDY COURSE be worth to you?

What will it be worth to own these champion-level secrets? How much faster will you achieve the results you deserve?

Now, I don't know about you but…

in my case I have willingly plunked down $150.00 for a one-hour private lesson with the right teacher/trainer. Make that $1,500.00 for a set of ten lessons. I've traveled half way across the country and spent over $3,000 all told for two days of GROUP instruction from the right teacher.

It's normal for me to spend AT LEAST $100.00 per month attending some type of class to improve my physical movement.

And on another tack I've spent my own personal fortune on getting everything from chiropractic to ART to Rolfing, to Shiatsu to Tuina, to CranioSacral to get my body "fixed" for some past foolishness I've perpetrated on it. I've cheerfully handed over $150.00 for a single bodywork session in the past and felt it was worth it!

Hey, my daily newspaper costs me 50 cents a day or around $170.00 a year and it scares me to think how little I really get from it, when all the ranting and raving subsides.

And finally, I'm constantly walking into some health food store or other and leaving with a month supply of supplements that set me back another couple a hundred bucks! (That's another five bucks or so a day in little pills that you can often never be sure you really needed…)

I don't know about you… If you're like me you have these crazy passions where you'll pay whatever it takes for what you think is worth it.

And pay even more to avoid being given often downright dangerous advice:

After all, one mediocre session with a half-baked personal trainer or coach can empty your wallet of eighty or more hard-earned bucks—and you're as likely to end up injured or going backwards with the so-called "training" they give you…

And if your passion is all about getting stronger, faster and more powerful—and getting the same remarkable results for your clients—then what would the CK-FMS treasure trove be worth to you?

As I mentioned earlier, those who attended this landmark CK-FMS certification workshop invested in most cases several thousands dollars to gain access to such clearly cutting-edge knowledge…

We figured that getting Gray Cook and Brett Jones's expertise handed to us on a plate like this had got to be worth at least a couple of thousand dollars. Especially, given that this was a PRIVATE, "closed-door" event that you couldn't buy your way into, if you weren't already an RKC…

Based on all these estimates, we originally considered charging roughly the same for the CK-FMS Home Study Course as the tuition fee for the original workshop itself—or $2,495.00…

But, we do want to make sure this prized cutting-edge training information IS within the reach of all who deserve it. And we believe there are deserving folk out there who would genuinely have difficulty coming up with this investment—however incredible the information.

So, we slashed that figure to ONLY $577—a fragment of the information's real worth but putting it within reach of all those who are truly serious about their training and coaching careers.

Just click the ORDER button below, take a few seconds to fill out the simple order form, and you will be on your way to an immensely more efficient, productive and effective life of greater strength, speed and power.

In short, Gray Cook and Brett Jones will go to work for you, helping you reach all the training and coaches goals that may currently be eluding you.

What's the Value of a Single Great Idea?

We all know that a single great idea can completely change the way you train and the results you get.

Gray Cook and Brett Jones are living proof of it and so are the hundreds of super-strong, high-energy performers who have already achieved the mastery you dream about—thanks to their protocols.

And if you aren't blown away by the results you get from the CK-FMS Home Study course, simply return the whole program to us within one year and we will promptly refund you a 100% of your original investment.

Rather order by phone? It's easy! Just call TOLL-FREE 1-800-899-5111 Our Customer Care Reps will be thrilled to take your credit card over the phone and make sure your CK-FMS Home Study Course is sent out to you immediately!

Go for it!

Read Reviews For: The Certified Kettlebell-Functional Movement Specialist (CK-FMS) Home Study Course (DVD)
9.79 out of 10 (14 reviews)
Rated 10/10 great investment
By dave-pt / west bloomfield, mi usa

Awesome dvd set! Definitely one of the best dvd's that I have purchased. I do wish this set came with a workbook like the people in the workshop get though... Overall completely worth every dime though.

Rated 10/10 PRICELESS
By Herb Pike PT / Cortez, USA

I've been a physical therapist since 1985, and have been actively learning as much as I could ever since. This was one of the most immediately useful trainings ever. So much useful info on every video. So good I HAD to order the FMS test kit. I used to get excited when I would learn a new technique or have an amazing manual therapy treatment which eased my chronic pains along with improving my movement. My wife would wearily say " It always comes back". now it is obvious why. Thank you Gray, Brett, and everyone else that made this available .

Rated 10/10 A must-have for RKCs
By Carrie Dale, RKC / Exton, PA, USA

I haven't been able to take the CK-FMS course yet, so I was thrilled to see the home study course available. These DVDs are absolutely packed with practical information that will help my clients and me. I will be watching the DVDs repeatedly because there is so much information to absorb. I am still looking forward to attending the CK-FMS, but thanks to the home study course at least my clients won't be missing out on this knowledge in the meantime.

Rated 10/10 That's not supposed to happen!
By Jacob Eggleton / Ashville, AL USA

I was recently put through a movement screen by David Whitley and found I had an imbalance in my in-line lunge. After a little more testing it was found that my right hip flexor didn't fire at all! If I tried to raise my knee straight up, a muscle on the outside of my thigh fired instead. Needless to say, this is something I would not have found on my own. Most movement is initiated by the hips and when they don't function correctly you are only asking for injury.

The FMS is the perfect companion for the RKC system. These DVDs will improve you understanding of functional training down to the finest detail. I highly recommend them.

Rated 10/10 A necessity if you are serious about your clients
By Dave Clancy, RKC, CSCS*D / Columbus, Ohio

The information contained in this DVD set is critical to anyone who is serious about actually helping their clients. The information is presented clearly, and in a manner that is not the same old boring lecture home study DVD.

While the seven tests are relatively simple, the actual implementation of the movement screen to better your kettlebell clients can be tricky. Gray and Brett break it down so that it is easy to follow, entertaining to learn, while challenging you to better yourself to being more than simply a trainer.

By far the best home study material I have used to help further my career. It will help separate the average from the elite trainers.

Rated 10/10 you it agian pavel

this course one of it kind i wish you had it 2002 when you (pavel)
was starting working with dradon door.but before that iwas reading your articles in any mag.8 years iam training with pavel this course is calling to be a power tools for people PAVEL WE LOVE MAN

Rated 10/10 Do not ignore this DVD set
By GB Personal Training / London, UK

Gray Cook has turned our approach to personal training upside down. Now we not only have a structure for our personal training sessions but we know we're giving the client exactly what they functionally need too. We used to take a kettlebell to every session but now we take along a functional movement screen too.

Rated 10/10 Well worth the investment
By Marchant Training Method / Orange, CA USA

The simple complexities of the kettlebell and FMS system, link the past with the future. As the "ancient" tool, the kettlebell, has be re-discovered by the masses, the FMS takes it into the "new world" of where training is ultimately going. If you are not using the FMS approach with your kettlebell training/teaching (or any exercise tool for that matter), then you are truly losing out on the fitness attributes that could be yours.
Matt Marchant
Marchant Training Method

Rated 8/10 excellent
By majella ryan / Limerick Junction, ireland

Fantastic set, provides clear and accurate explanation of all points of benefit whether instructor or trainee. excellent value for contents. Would benefit from having a woorkbook to accompany set, but that a minor gripe.

Rated 10/10 Much needed knowledge
By Brett Hamilton / Petersburg, USA

This series is one of the greatest opportunities to hit the personal training world. We can use this and assist our clients with many years of great health and happy living. Thank you Gray and Brett and of course Pavel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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