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10/10 Jose Figueroa's Chen Style DVDs are exceptional
By Walt G. / Pittsburgh, United States

José Figueroa's Chen Style Tai Chi Progressive Silk Reeling DVDs are exceptional. Mr. Figueroa presents the very core aspects of Tai Chi which reveal how and why it is a true, powerful martial art and not just a method of gentle exercise as is so often depicted in the west. Indeed it does provide a great deal of gentle stretching and joint mobility but it also provides fantastic power from full body-mind engagement which will make you a more powerful and more efficient person via training your body and mind to function together. You do not need to be a martial artist to use these DVDs although you might become one with them!

Mr. Figueroa's warm up routine, meditation, and breathing instructions (Fa Jing and the Secrets of Explosive Power) are just about worth the price of admission alone.

The production quality is excellent. I have never seen any martial arts video with this level of visual quality. Also, every Tai Chi exercise is demonstrated fully with a front, back, and side view. This is extremely helpful.

Thanks to Mr. Figueroa and Dragondoor for finally bringing true Tai Chi to the west.

- Walt

3/10 Fa Jing
By Peter Seow / Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Chen Xiaowang's fajing uses only body mechanics not chi.

If one cannot use chi alone to fajing or develop chi in taichi then it's not taichi.

2/10 misleading
By Ted Adams / Albuquerque, USA

Fa jing is as you know discharging energy. Silk reeling is body coordination and is essential but on dvds it is normally listed as a tape on silk reeling not fajing. There was nothing on issuing energy on the DVD. Nothing about rooting and taking it to the ground.
I was very disappointed in the tape. You didn't talk about open and closing the kua. Sorry but true and find it less than helpful.

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