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Instructor Profiles

Primal Fire Gym Final OL

Doug Descant


Houston, TX
United States 77040
10 out of 10 (11 reviews)

My name is Doug Descant and I am the lead instructor/owner at Primal Fire Gym. I am a certified RKC Kettlebell Instructor, Firefighter Paramedic for the Houston Fire Dept, and a Certified Kettlebell Functional Movement Specialists.

 I have spent roughly 12 yrs in the health and fitness industry both as a student and instructor. My experiences include being an assistant instructor at a mixed martial arts academy, personal fitness instruction, group instruction, and event preparation.In my opinion, experience, knowledge, and certification come second to how you treat people. 

"People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care."


 I carry this philosophy with me every where I go be it in the gym,  on an emergency run, or at home. In regards to health and fitness, my #1 passion is helping you learn how to incorporate physical and nutritional fitness into your daily life. #2 is learning the best ways to achieve #1. Even though I know my certifications are from the two best systems of strength and quality movement, how I present their principles and methods will make the difference in you achieving your goals FASTER! 

What's the difference between a RKC Instructor and  your typical personal trainer? The Russian Kettlebell Challenge program is not just a trainer certification, but a school of strength. A school proud of what it stands for: the gold standard of instruction, integrity, and quiet professionalism.

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10/10 Attention to Detail
By Chris Lohman / Pasadena, TX, USA

It was evident right away that Doug knew what he was talking about and had a genuine concern for your ability. I have never meant a trainer who paid more attention to detail stressing the importance of proper form.

10/10 Doug is the real deal
By Marcus Gill / Houston, USA

Had a great session with this guy. Doug knew his stuff and genuinely cares about your results. Very proactive in our session and followed up with me by phone just to leave the door open if I had questions. In the traditional fitness world of high pressure sales and big egos I gotta say its been a relief to meet RKC guys like Doug and Jay Armstrong. They are really setting a great example for what RKC is all about.

10/10 sharing knowledge comes naturally
By Mark Limbaga / Manila, Philippines

I've only had the chance to interact with Doug online but he has helped me a lot in helping me see the small details I've missed out in my training. Anyone who gets a chance to train with him in person should not let that opportunity pass

10/10 Effective Training is here at Primal Fire Gym
By Daniel Lackey / Humble, United States

I took an introduction kettlebell workshop with Doug to prepare for an upcoming HKC and I must say that my time was spent very wisely training with Doug. He takes the time to explain what practicing with kettlebells is all about and how it will affect your life in the long run. Doug also has a great sense of humor that lightens the "workout blues" people sometimes suffer from.

I had specific questions on my technique with the swing as well and Doug took the time to make sure I was doing it right. There also was another student in the workshop who had a hard time with the Turkish Get Ups. Without hesitation, Doug stopped what he was doing and personally walked him through each step making sure he was doing it right.

Doug's focus on quality movement and focused tension for strength makes him a valuable instructor for the RKC family. Do yourself a favor and pay Doug a visit if you are in the Houston area!

By Shelly / Cypress, TX

Doug's primary concern is very clear and is reflected every day in his training: QUALITY OF MOVEMENT. He has great fluency with the terminology and movements which he translates to us by means of primal movements we're already familiar with. His focus is 100% on his class before we start until after we end. He has a very gentle way about him and yet he's a very effective motivator. He is very innovative in his methods which keeps it interesting! I've been doing this for about a month and I've already seen an increase in my strength and stamina. Having an athletic background, I've done a variety of things over the years, but this doesn't compare to anything else. The class targets everything in a short amount of time. He makes me WANT to work hard and improve my quality of life... I could go on and on... I LOVE the class and Doug is AMAZING!

10/10 So lucky to train with Doug!
By Kristie / Cypress, TX

I cannot say enough good things about Doug, Primal Fire Gym and training with kettle bells. Doug is firm, but not mean. He makes me not want to disappoint him. He takes fundamental kettle bell skills and combines them into a fun, effective workout. He cares about his students and just wants everyone to succeed. If you live within 50 miles of Houston, come train with this guy!

10/10 Doug Rocks!
By Krissa / Houston, TX

I have known Doug for 25 years and he has always been the nicest guy. As a Kettlebell instructor, Doug is highly knowledgeable and invested in his clients. I didn't know a thing about KB's but I have learned so much in the last few weeks and have seen a big difference in my strength. I look forward to each training session. Thanks Doug! Keep up the great work!

10/10 Dedicated and Passionate
By Deez / Mendocino, CA

I've worked with Doug on a few one-on-one sessions. He gracefully communicated to me the fine points of both the swing and the get up. He is patient, understanding and a gentle soul, but has the capacity to get people moving and an enthusiasm for breaking down common American stereotypes about health and fitness.

When I moved away, Doug was happy to receive some videos that I made of me doing the kettlebells and offered some good advice that was as well. He's a great trainer, and he has greatly helped me to rediscover my strength!

By Sandy Hickey / Houston, TX

Training with Doug was the most intense training I have ever experienced. I developed strength and stamina I never knew was possible. From flipping the huge tire, to working the firehoses, this training has made me on strong grand mofo! And I am a 56 year old woman!!

10/10 Very Motivating, Cares About Your Goals
By Chris / Houston, TX

First, Doug is a really nice guy but that's just a bonus.

He's such a great motivator - partly, I think because he's so passionate about kettlebells (and fitness) and partly because he really cares your personal goals and helping you achieve them.

He also supports you with regular updates on his site, emails, and even occasional text messages.

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Doug Descant